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July 2012 cyber attacks timeline part I


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List of Main Cyber Attacks from 1 to 15 July 2012. More @

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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July 2012 cyber attacks timeline part I

  1. 1. Target Attack Date Author Target Description Attack Category Category The University of Southern California (USC) warns staff members, faculty, students and visitors regarding a securityJuly 1 ? Unknown Education Cyber Crime breach as a result of which credit card numbers may have 1 been exposed. Unknown hackers delete the websites of Amit Agarwal, WallJuly 1 ? Street Journal India tech columnist and founder of the Unknown News Cyber Crime 2 Digital Inspiration ( blog. .c0mrade (AKA @OfficialComrade) claims to have hacked Industry: the well-known Security Company Trend Micro and dumpsJuly 1 Unknown Information Cyber Crime 158 mb of compressed data claimed to belong to the same 3 4 Security company. In any case firm denies claims. The same archive contains data belonging to Sykes Industry:July 1 (, a company providing contact center services Unknown Cyber Crime 3 Contact Center for Trend Micro. A report on the Indian Express reveals that Hackers were able to break into sensitive naval computer systems in CyberJuly 1 Visakhapatnam, the headquarters of the Eastern Naval APT Military Espionage Command, and planted bugs that relayed confidential data 5 to IP addresses in China. An Anonymous-affiliated hacker that goes by the name of Antidote (@AnonAntidote) takes credit for defacing the @Anon website of the Oak Creek Ranch School (, Arizona.July 1 Defacement Education Hacktivism Antidote The breach is part of #OpLiberation, a campaign that aims to protest abuses that take place against teenagers in 6 certain educational institutions. Unidentified hackers, allegedly coming from a remote location in Southeast Asia, leave a rogue spam application Law CyberJuly 2 ? Spam that could completely compromise the India Central Bureau Enforcement Warfare 7 Of Intelligence ( server and website. In name of #ProjectDragonFly and #ProjectGhostShell, @TeamGhostShell hacks several Chinese websites and Different DifferentJuly 3 Hacktivism dumps 200,000 accounts and 300,000 records containing Vulnerabilities targets 8 other types of information. Hacktivists part of the RedHack collective once again protest against Turkey’s government. This time, the target is a subdomain hosted on the website of the country’s ForeignJuly 3 Unknown Government Hacktivism Ministry ( The group also reveals the identities of foreign diplomatic personnel working in 9 Turkey. Lemont Police suspects that someone hacked into theJuly 3 ? village’s tornado siren system, causing all seven sirens to Unknown Government Cyber Crime 10 sound for about 30 minutes. Several electronic road construction signs around Industry:July 5 ? Anchorage (Alaska) are hacked. Signs are changed to read Uknown Road Cyber Crime 11 “Impeach Obama.” Construction Members of Japanese hacker organization, StaticNinja AKA @Stat1cN1nja which is associated with Anonymous, publish Industry: 1.2 Gigabyte of internal data from IT-service companyJuly 10 Unknown Information Cyber Crime Innodata Isogen. As stated by the attackers, data were Technology stolen from Innodata its sister company Philippine 12 Information Analyst. Anonymous hacks the anti-piracy group Copyright Labs (, but instead of taking the site down, they Industry:July 6 Unknown Hacktivism alter the message sent to torrent website owners by their Copyright 13 automated takedown tool. The official website of the Presidency of ParaguayJuly 7 ( is breached by Paraguay Unlocker Defacement Government Hacktivism 14 Security, a group of Anonymous-affiliated hackers. After the alleged breach to Trend Micro and Sykes, Several Different DifferentJuly 7 .c0mrade dumps 6 Gb of emails belonging to several Cyber Crime Companies 15 Vulnerabilities targets companies all over the world.
  2. 2. Industry: Entertainment Tibit AKA @TibitXimer, a member of the @Wikiboat crew Industry: takes down several sites belonging to famous music artists Entertainment and other targets. The following web sites fall under his fists: 16 Organization: Political  Organization: PoliticalJuly 7  DDoS Industry:  Professional  Services  Industry:  Professional  Services Organization: Pedophile @GoogleSWE hacks and dumps 385 names, emailJuly 7 addresses, user names and passwords dumped on the SQLi Industry: Toys Cyber Crime 17 Internet. Unknown Islamic hackers reveal 1,300 Israeli email Anonymous addresses and their passwords on the website of CyberJuly 8 Arab Anonymous Arab. According to Avnet Security Systems, Unknown Unknown Hackers Warfare most of the addresses and passwords listed are active 18 accounts. An online community of Android fans Phandroids is breached using "a known exploit", “KnownJuly 9 ? and data including usernames, hashed passwords and so Online Forum Cyber Crime Exploit” forth were accessed. The forum has over one million of 19 registered users. Formspring CEO announces that the passwords of all 28July 10 ? million users have been disabled after 420,000 have been ? Social Network Cyber Crime 20 posted on the net. @TeamSt34m AKA Encrypted hacks and dumpsJuly 10 more than 2,500 accounts including names, emails and SQLi Online Games Cyber Crime 21 hashed passwords. Hackers belonging to a collective called D33Ds Company post what appear to be login credentials for 453,491 user accounts that they said they retrieved in plaintext from an 22 unidentified service on Yahoo. In a statement, Yahoo D33DsJuly 11 Company representatives confirm the breach that hit the sites SQLi Online Services Cyber Crime Contributor Network (previously Associated Content). According to Yahoo the stolen data was contained in an "older file," and only about 5 percent of the exposed 23 credentials were still valid. Members of the NullCrew collective claim to have hacked the website of the Public Broadcasting Service ( and Organization:July 11 Unknown Cyber Crime dump database information, and nearly 1,000 email Broadcasting 24 addresses and associated clear text passwords. Another action by the members of NullCrew. This time the victim is the World Health Organization (, whose Organization:July 11 Unknown Cyber Crime around 550 records sets comprised usernames, passwords United Nations 24 (encrypted) and email addresses. NVIDIA suspends operations of the NVIDIA Developer Zone ( in response to attacks on the site by The unauthorized third parties who may have gained access toJuly 12 Apollo 25 Unknown Online Forum Cyber Crime hashed passwords. A group of hackers called “Apollo Project Project”. Up to 400.000 records may have been 26 compromised. The website of the sportswear and casual clothing manufacturer Billabong has been hacked by the WikiBoat Industry:July 13 collective as part of its WikiBoatWednesday operation. The SQLi? Cyber Crime Clothing hackers published the email addresses, users IDs and clear 27 text passwords of 20,000 to 35,000 users.
  3. 3. CyberZeist AKA @le4ky enters phase 2 of Operation 28 #SaveTheArctic and hacks:  A Pakistan Shell domain ( leaking 25 emails and encrypted passwords;  A BP subdomain (, leaking 450July 14 SQLi Industry: Oil Hacktivism accounts in the format of emails and encrypted passwords;  (a leader of Russia’s oil industry) leaking 80 emails and encrypted passwords; , leaking 191 accounts in the format of emails and encrypted passwords. The Apollo Project takes credit for another data breach The targeting Nvidia, and, to demonstrate it, they publish Industry:July 14 Apollo around 800 records sets. The information posted on Unknown Cyber Crime Technology Project Pastebin includes user IDs, names, password hashes, email 29 addresses and other data. @RedHack_EN announces a huge leak (77 Mb) of personal LawJuly 14 information coming from the Turkish police. The data Unknown Hacktivism 30 Enforcement leaked belong to Informant Files. A hacker called @ligatthacker hacks High Tech Crime Solutions Inc. ( and leaks 32,000+ Industry:July 15 @ligatthacker SQLi Cyber Crime private messages including 8,900 names and phone Security 31 numbers. @Zer0Pwn of #NullCrew hacks the ASUS US Store ( and dumps administration login Industry:July 15 Unknown Cyber Crime credentails in the format of usernames and hashed Technology 32 passwords. Anonymous hacks and defaces the website of the localJuly 15 government of Queensland Sunshine Coast Area Defacement Government Hacktivism 33 ( A hacker collective called Grey Security (@gsec_) claims to have breached the official website of the Palm Springs LawJuly 15 Unknown Hacktivism Police Officer Association ( as a form of protest Enforcement 34 against law enforcement. Special mention of the (first half of the) month for Pedophile @TheAnon0ne and his operation #OpPedoChat targeting Organization: July Unknown Hacktivism Sites pedophile sites. The list of the attacks is too long to insert in Pedophile 35 a single chart.1!/article/36414/notice-of-credit-card-security-breach-at-some-usc-food-outlets/2
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