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App campus overview_20120929


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App campus overview_20120929

  1. 1. Paolo Borella 29.9.2012
  2. 2. AppCampus• A three year project, based in Aalto university: a fusion of engineering + business + design• Funded with 21M€ by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University.• A new kind of accelerator for next generation of mobile experience We think AppCampus is the most exciting innovation project EVER! 3
  3. 3. A Go-To-Market slingshotA Unique Accelerator • No Equity Dilution • No Revenue Share required • IPRs remain property of developersThree key facets • Award Platform • Coaching Program • Marketing SupportOur only demand: 6-month Mobile Patform exclusivity 4
  4. 4. New Ecosystem Advantage• Windows Phone defines the new paradigm for UX• Pool of 500 million Nokia devices in the market• Virgin territory for developers to differentiate by creating exciting never-before-possible apps• New monetization opportunities via the Windows and Nokia distribution networksWindows Phone together with Nokia will lead developers andusers into a new era of mobile computing 5
  5. 5. Who You Are• A developer with world class skill and ambition potential. You breathe mobile and love to deliver great UX.• An entrepreneur with world class management and monetization capability. You are aggressively seeking the next big opportunity in mobile.• A finessed facilitator, a connector of opportunities to ideas and people. 7
  6. 6. How you can Accelerate with AppCampus• Awards: 20-50-70.000 euro / App• Coaching & Education, Product-oriented• Professional SW-Dev. Process & Quality Assurance• Network & Marketing Support, Marketplace & Nokia Store• Co-working spaceOnline submission: 8
  7. 7. Awards – Weve set a high barApplication should meet some* combination of these criteria:• Innovative, first-to-market app-concepts.• Differentiated, unique apps, not already available on competing operating system.• Support for platform key features & APIs as they become available.• Demonstrated design elegance and technical quality.• Potential to drive momentum of the new ecosystem.(*) not necessarily all. 10
  8. 8. Award CategoriesLevel 1 (e.g. 20kEUR)•Relatively simple (standalone) applications.Level 2 (e.g. 50kEUR)•Application which requires interfacing with some existing network (cloud) based service/media/information.Level 3 (e.g. 70kEUR)•App includes development of network (cloud) service back-end, and interfacing with it. 11
  9. 9. Acceleration Process 12
  10. 10. AppCampus Core TeamPekka Sivonen, Head of AppCampus Paolo Borella, Director AppCampusTapio Siik, Evangelist Alina Kangasluoma, Marketing Zaira Mammadova, Communications Chris Bouret, Operations Tiina Muttilainen, Quality Julio Castillo, OperationsTeemu Tapanila, Coordinator 13
  11. 11. Submission Status 17.9.2012
  12. 12. Get Funded Now! Do you have a great idea, a great team? Here are the 3 steps to success:1. Speak to us Now! Our experts are ready for feedback and suggestions.2. Submit your proposal: appcampus.fi3. Rock the world! 15
  13. 13. ContactsAppCampusMetallimiehenkuja 10, 2nd floorP.O. Box 17600, FI-00076 mobile +358504132462Web appcampus.fiTwitter @appcampusfiFacebook 16