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The 4 C's of education

The 4 C's of education. here we define the four C's of education

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The 4 C's of education

  1. 1. Bianca P. Castro Mills
  2. 2. The four Cs are: 1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2. Communication 3. Collaboration 4. Creativity and Innovation 5. The four are very important and all students should have them
  3. 3. Critical Thinking
  4. 4.  It is the use of your reasoning appropriate for he situation.  Evaluate and analyze all the evidence and opinions to make a conclusion about something.  Get the solution of different kind of problem.
  5. 5. Communication
  6. 6.  Communicate Clearly with others.  Articulate clearly your ideas or though.  Use communication for a range of purposes (e.g. to inform, instruct, motivate, and persuade).
  7. 7. Collaboration
  8. 8.  Is the ability to work effectively with others in a respectful way.  Willingness to help others.  Shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value every member's contribution in the group.
  9. 9. Creativity
  10. 10.  Use a wide range of idea creation techniques.  Create new thing and ideas.  Innovative things.  Be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives.
  11. 11. Video
  12. 12. Tools that can help you Collaboration Creativity Critical thinking communication Channel Thirteen Web English Teacher Reading A-Z Channel Thirteen ESL Connect La Biblioteca Infantil Earobics ESL Connect Lazy Readers’ Book Club Word World Achieve 3000 Lazy Readers’ Book Club Teaching math to ESL students Spelling City Everything ESL Teaching math to ESL students
  13. 13. Development of students after implementing technology 32% 24% 20% 24% skills development creativity critical thinking collaboration communication
  14. 14. 4 Cs Critical thinking Collaborati on Communic ation Creativity For more information click here Importance of the four Cs
  15. 15. You must have paid attention

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The 4 C's of education. here we define the four C's of education


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