Spanish furniture trade - 2012 January-September report

  2.  JANUARY – SEPTEMBER 2012: SPANISH FURNITURE EXPORTS, IMPORTS AND SECTORIAL BALANCE According to ESTACOM statistics, from January On the import side, figures to September 2012, Spanish furniture exports indicate that at the end of the amounted to 1,054.5 million euros, which third trimester Spain’s furniture represents an encouraging growth of 5.1%, if compared to last year’s results for the same imports decreased sharply by period. 13.7%, amounting to 1,505.8 2011 2012 % 12/11 euros against 1,744.1 million euros of previous year. January 87.8 94.9 8.1% February 102.3 108.2 5.8% March 128.6 133.9 4.1% Import and export figures April 104.4 109.0 4.4% reveal that the deficit of the May 121.1 134.8 11.4% Spanish trade balance for this June 107.4 122.1 13.6% July 116.5 130.6 12.2% period amounts to -451.3 August 118.8 108.2 -9.0% million euros, while the September 116.2 112.8 -2.9% import/export coverage ratio January- 1,003.1 1,054.5 5.1% makes up 70.0%. September in million euros Source: ESTACOM ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  3.  MAIN MARKETS FOR SPANISH FURNITURE France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom are the main Spain’s furniture purchasers in the period January-September 2012. Although almost all European markets have recorded a sharp setback due to the general decline of their domestic consumer demand, EU countries maintain their leading position among major Spain’s furniture purchasers. Furniture sales to top five importers made up 55.1% of total exports. Looking at major markets, France, whose furniture purchases from Spain amounted to 293.6 million euros, stands out as the top importer of Spanish furniture. With a share of 27.8% of Spanish exports, France consumes as much Spanish products as Portugal, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom altogether (27.2%). A country where Spain is doing particularly well is Russia, that ranks now 7th among main Spain’s clients – just behind 5 EU countries and Mexico- with a +37.8% increase in furniture purchases from Spain. ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  4.  Ranking of main destination markets for Spanish furniture exports Countries JAN-SEP % OF TOTAL % VARIATION 2012 EXPORTS 12-11 France 293.5 27.8% 11.1% Portugal 125.8 11.9% -20.1% Germany 73.5 7.0% -0.2% Italy 45.6 4.3% -11.9% United Kingdom 42.2 4.0% -14.5% Morocco 35.1 3.3% 4.9% Russia 34.0 3.2% 37.8% USA 30.7 2.9% -0.6% Mexico 21.6 2.1% 1.4% The Netherlands 21.1 2.0% 19.3% Saudi Arabia 20.7 2.0% 24.1% Belgium 20.0 1.9% -1.7% Poland 13.5 1.3% -2.7% Switzerland 11.5 1.1% 5.6% United Arab Emirates 11.4 1.1% 2.8% in million euros Source: ESTACOM ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  5.  MAIN TRENDS IN SPANISH FURNITURE EXPORTS On the whole, it should be pointed out that Spanish furniture sales have shown an upward trend during 2012 first nine months. Encouraging results have been registered above all in some African and Latin American emerging markets. If Morocco, that ranks 6th among main markets, has increased its furniture purchases only by 4.9%, in other African countries Spain has registered better performances with exports to Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Algeria having increased by +35.6%, +82.2% and +48.8%, respectively. Spain’s furniture exports have picked up also in some Latin American countries, such as Venezuela (+175.5%), the Dominican Republic (+39.5%) and Brasil (+116.3%), due to the growth of the real estate and hospitality sectors in these countries. To compensate the decrease of sales to most EU main markets, Spain’s furniture exports have gained positions in Northern and Eastern Europe. Exports to Netherlands and Switzerland have risen sharply by +19.3% and 5.6%. Having increased its purchases by 37.8%, Russia confirms itself as a promising market for Spanish furnishing products, ranking now 7th among main destinations. Spain’s furniture is also highly appreciated in the Middle East, where exports to Saudi Arabia, that ranks 11th, have grown by 24.1%. Purchases from EAU and Qatar have increased by +2.8 and + 15.2%. On the other hand, between January and September 2012, exports to United States (-0.6%), Belgium (-1.7%), Poland (-2.7%) and Turkey (-22.8%) have registered the most significant negative results. ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  6.  IMPORTS As far as the main furniture supplier countries are concerned, China, whose furniture purchases from Spain amounted to 358.7 million euros (-14.8%), consolidates itself as the main origin market, concentrating almost the 24% of Spain’s imports of furniture. Four countries of the EU (Portugal, Germany, Italy and France) rank 2nd to 5th just behind China, representing 42.4% of total imports. As it can be observed, all Spain’s furniture suppliers have registered negative results, due to the drop of Spain’s domestic demand. ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  7.  Main furniture trading partners: origin of furniture imports Countries JAN-SEP % OF TOTAL % VAR. 12-11 2012 IMPORTS China 358.7 23.8% -14.8% Portugal 195.6 13.0% -17.7% Germany 179.5 11.9% -10.5% Italy 151.7 10.1% -11.7% France 111.2 7.4% -6.5% Poland 87.2 5.8% -24.2% Romania 34.7 2.3% -16.6% Czech Republic 33.5 2.2% -25.8% Morocco 30.8 2.0% 22.9% Lithuania 24.7 1.6% -3.7% in million euros Source: ESTACOM ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  8.  RESULTS BY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES (REGIONS) Looking at results by Autonomous Communities (Regions), Catalonia (+3.6%) keeps on playing a leading role in the national furniture exports. The Valencia Community, that ranks second, is gaining positions with furniture exports registering an encouraging +14.6% increase. It is worth to point out that both Communities represent 51.8% of the national furniture exports, showing that sales to foreign markets are largely concentrated in only two regions. With exports amounting to 31.9 million euros, Murcia, one of the main Spain’s furniture producer cluster, ranks now ninth. ANIEME - Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters