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Ejemplo de estudiante


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Ejemplo de estudiante

  1. 1. Persuading your ReaderIGUAZU FALLS
  2. 2. HAVE YOU EVER VISITED THE IGUAZU FALLS? A visit to Iguazu falls is an experience you will treasure for many years. Check our information and recommendations to enjoy this wonderful land.
  3. 3. LOCATION
  4. 4. HOW TO GET THEREThe main access by landis the National Route N°12 that communicates tothe south with LibertadPort, El dorado, Posadasand Buenos Aires. To theeast the National Route n°101 with pavement to theaccess to the Iguazú Falls,as from therein there is asoil road untilComandante Andresito.The Tancredo NevesInternational Bridgerepresents an accessentrance from Brazil andParaguay to the East.
  5. 5. THE CITYPort Iguazú City islocated at the northeast ofthe Argentine Republic, inthe Misiones Province. Itlimits with Brazil andParaguay in theconfluence of the Paranáand Iguazú rivers.Tourism is the maineconomic activity and itis 18 km/ 11miles fromone of the Seven NaturalWonders in the World, theIguazú Falls has beendeclared Natural Heritageto the Humanity” by theUNESCO
  6. 6. LANDMARK OF THE TREE FRONTIERSOther tourist attractions,besides the Iguazú Falls,are the Landmark of theThree Frontiers, thecraft fair, the Port, theForest Images Museum,the Mbororé Museum,the Güira Oga’s rehabcenter for birds and anassortment of activitiesfor a pleasant visitorsstay.
  7. 7. The Falls An Unforgettable ExperienceAn unforgetableexperience and aspectacle of nature, thefalls are considered awonder of the world.They originated 200thousand years ago inthe place that is knowntoday as “the 3frontiers” marked withstone pillars, where theIguazu river and theParaná river meet.
  8. 8. The Iguazú Park Flora And FaunaThe importance of the areapreservation lies in that thespecies protected there in arein extinction risk, forexample the yaguareté(Panther onca), ocelot (Felispardalis), the yacutinga(Aburria jacuntinga), macuco(Tinamus solitarius) toucans,magpies, tero birds, parrotsand the incredible vencejos(apus apus), yacarés(crocodiles), turtles andherons which feed on smallfish, just to mention a fewwhich still find suitablesurvival conditions at theIguazú National Park.
  9. 9. FLORA A native flora withmore than 2000 species:luxuriant ferns,bromelias (Guzmaniahibrida), orchids, palmand gigantic treesholding a great varietyof climbing plants thatpermanently providefruits and attractmonkeys, coaties, deers,toucans, just to mentiona few.