Cnvc It Overview Plan April 09


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Cnvc It Overview Plan April 09

  1. 1. Status April 2009 and Roadmap
  2. 2. CNVC strives to serve people all over the world in at least four languages We want to help people interested in learning NVC find each other We want to support groups all over the world We want to support people who share our mission of teaching NVC We want to use our web site to help people learn NVC We want to keep track of it all
  3. 3. Accounting Bookstore   Fund Raising Personalized Content   Members Personalized   Communication Groups  Document Sharing Events   Social Networking Trainers   Team Support Class Registration  
  4. 4. Current and Under Development Contact Databases  Drupal Web Site  Office Network  Affordable Tele - Conference System  Training Registration  Scheduler Application  NVC Instant Messaging 
  5. 5. Key Contact Data in multiple locations  Quick Books Customers (18,000 people) 1. A-Webber Newsletter database 10,800 people) 2. Various e-Groups (Yahoo and Google) 3. CNVC.ORG web site users 2,000 people) 4. Newly Discovered Database (25,000 people) 5. Databases on single user computers 6. Project: Consolidate databases and synchronize with each other. (No easy sync with QB)
  6. 6. Trainer Visibility Vision Mission Aim  Some, but not many  Training on the Information Profile  Importance of correct contact information  Useful requests to training and connection bounce  back because trainer email information is out of date When people are registering for training courses this  will become even more important
  7. 7. Provide online registration for trainings  Support trainers without merchant accounts  Allow multiple trainers to co-lead a training  Provide roster and payment information to the  trainer with places to record communication Allow the students to see trainings for which  they have registered Import online transaction information into  QuickBooks Projected Launch date October 2009, or sooner. 
  8. 8. Working e-mail address in both e-mail fields  Change user name to full name so people will  connect with a person, not a number Vision, Mission and Aim statements  Public Location Information  The location section complete with postal code  information
  9. 9. Management tool for requests to CNVC for  trainings Replacing current system, bringing it in house  Providing for many trainers and many  schedulers to work together. Providing ease for all involved. 
  10. 10. Good news:  Performance concerns addressed in Drupal 6 by dropping offending parts (modules). A lot of the things that don’t quite work in  Drupal 5 work better in Drupal 6. Bad news:  Our site is built with the discontinued modules and will require careful analysis and planning to replace functionality.
  11. 11. •It will cost in the neighborhood of $6,000 to upgrade, and things will get a lot better allowing us to go forward. •New hosting will allow superior management. •We have a new Drupal support relationship from within the NVC Community.
  12. 12. Thanks to Microsoft and Tech Soup, we now  have $6,000 worth of software we acquired for less than $600. Small Business Server provides world class  tools to aid our mission and overcome current stress in our operation. Currently planning to install and test tools to:  Maintain knowledge in e-mail Intranet Services to organize and Ease maintenance of on site manage projects and information computers Set the stage for integrated databases
  13. 13. World-Wide Affordable Voice to Voice Connection system  providing better service and less cost is now available Blogging is now open to all on the web site.  Being used to ask questions and share experiences.  It is an opportunity for trainers to create relationships with web  site visitors NVC Messenger Instant Messaging is in development and  welcoming test users People can see each other  Engage in conversations  Form groups  Participate in ongoing group discussions. 
  14. 14. CNVC Office has compelling need for an  Intranet. CNVC needs Trust Fund Accounting to enable  serious gifting. CNVC needs a system that integrates  accounting, fundraising, internet and intranet services. Online bookstore to increase purchases and  create ease.