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This is a Search Marketing Plan including all aspects of SEO/SEM/SM. The client is Legion Of Good Will.

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Search Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Legion of Good Will Search Marketing Plan Prisciane Tramontini | Panos Anadiotis | Ye Li | Jyun-fang Cheng | Linjie Li
  2. 2. 30K+ volunteers OVERVIEW Nonprofit Organization ✪ 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 27 years in US #7 countries 130 cities 10.5 million services/year Ecumenical Education as cornerstone
  3. 3. OVERVIEW social assistance poverty eradiation Ecumenical Pedagogy (minds + hearts) Citizenship through education
  4. 4. Good Will Students for Peace Project Timeline Blue Heart Ambassadors Discovering America PROGREDIR Cooking Well §  Voice of Latin America for UN Health Services UN Services §  A+ Child §  LGW’s Permanent Christmas International §  Cancer prevention program Humanitarian OVERVIEW Education and Culture §  §  §  §  §  §  §  Charity Round §  Christmas Food Baskets §  S.O.S. Calamities
  6. 6. Strengths Weaknesses §  Long history of successes. §  Strong reputation in South America. §  Authoritative presence in UN. §  Unique educational pedagogy. §  Support from LGW in Brazil to create content. §  Limited penetration within ethnicities. §  Wordy content. §  Low brand awareness. §  Low volume of visits, low engagement and over average bounce rate. §  Limited presence on social networks. Opportunities SWOT §  Implementation of Raiser’s Edge CRM solution. §  Higher visibility through SEO strategies. §  Responsiveness of Hispanic population. §  Millennials responsiveness (causes + digital platforms). §  Tax-deductible donations. Threats §  Fluency in English by Hispanic population. §  Gap between desire to help and real behavior. §  High competition and scattered market. @copydev
  7. 7. TARGET §  Competitors + zilian s Bra ic ispan H
  9. 9. SEO
  10. 10. Website Structure Home page About us In the U.S. Our work International At the UN Donate Get involved Volunteer Contact us
  11. 11. SEO Keyword Research Recommended Keywords   Search Volume   Current Ranking   Charity Organizations   5,400   not in top 50   Charities For Children   2,900   not in top 50   Donate Now   1,600   not in top 50   Charity Donation   720   not in top 50   480   not in top 50   3,600   not in top 50   Volunteer Opportunity   http:// content/volunteer   Volunteer Application   390   not in top 50   720   not in top 50   http:// Anti Violence Project news/lbv-usa/146-peaceChildren and Violence   and-good-will-garden   590   not in top 50   140   not in top 50   http:// Prevent cancer news/lbv-usa/149-saveFree Cancer Screening   women   1,300   not in top 50   480   not in top 50   Page   Current URL   Presentation   http:// m/lbv-usa/presentation   Donate   LBV at UN   Volunteer   Education   Health logw/site/Donation2? idb=1322681413&1400.don ation=form1&df_id=1400&i db=0   United Nations http:// Organization lbv-usa/lbv%E2%80%99sUnited Nations Program   work  
  13. 13. EXAMPLE:
  14. 14. Backlink Off-Page Audit Social Media
  15. 15. Page   Internal  Link   External  Link   Anchor  Text   Presenta)on   25   0   Presenta)on   Donate   25   0   LBV  at  UN   61   0   Volunteer   61   0   Educa)on   61   0   Health   61   0   N/A   Consulta)ve  Status  at  the   United  Na)ons   volunteer  and  or  travel   abroad    good  will  students  for   peace   cancer  preven)on  for   women  and  men  
  16. 16. √:Active posting | High engagement ×:Lack of company description | No integrated with other media
  17. 17. ×: Lack of Content Low Engagement Lack of Company Description Not Integrated with Other Social Media
  18. 18. Social Media Press Release Diversified Internal Links Suggestion Related Website Blog Post
  19. 19. Content Strategy
  20. 20. Month 1 Planning Month 6 Event Egobait Month 2 Data Month 3 Visualization Month 5 Blog Contest E-book & Guest Post Month 4
  21. 21. Personas ?
  22. 22. Demographics: §  40 years old §  Hispanic foreign born §  Divorced with 2 children §  §  §  §  Bilingual High school education Grocery store owner Catholic Key Traits: §  Optimistic, but has a perspective of life that embodies sufferings. §  Overvalues friends and family's referrals. §  She wants her children to become great citizens. §  Her happiness is tied to her children achievements. Digital Behavior: She communicates via mobile in a more traditional way. She uses the web to read news from country of origin and check friends and family on Facebook. Story: Luz came to US by herself at first. Her main motivation was to give her children a better future. She used her savings to open a small Grocery Store and, after some success, she brought her children to live with her. She is always looking for information that can guide her towards her children education. Luz
  23. 23. Demographics: §  45 years old §  Hispanic foreign born §  Married with children §  §  §  §  Bilingual Graduate college education Construction Company Catholic Key Traits: §  Devoted to his church community. §  Volunteers and donates to projects that benefit people closer to him. §  Values education. §  God's provides to who work hard. §  Helping others is an obligation. §  NOG must show results. Digital Behavior: He uses internet on a daily basis (laptop and smartphone). He has profiles in social networks, but has little time to interact. However, he always shares relevant content related to his beliefs. Story: Luis immigrated to US when he was a kid. His parents supported his education. He apprehended the American business driven culture and started his own company right after graduating college. He could count on his community when he began to work. Luis
  24. 24. Demographics: §  24 years old §  Hispanic background §  Native born §  Single, no children §  §  §  §  Bilingual Some college education Motion picture designer Christian Key Traits: §  Active in his church community and involved in youth projects. §  Appreciates his parent's country of origin, but straddle two worlds. §  Family members and friends surround his life. §  Values education, hard work and career success. Digital Behavior: He owns smartphone, goes online from a mobile device and heavily uses social networking site. He communicates with friends constantly via text message. Story: Carlos parent's came to NJ during the first immigration round in US. They've been working hard to enhance their financial life and provide Carlos with education. He mingles with different tribes. He feels that he needs to give back to society. Carlos
  25. 25. Demographics: §  35 years old §  Brazilian §  Single §  High school education §  Salon owner §  Catholic Key Traits: §  Positive attitude towards all religions. §  Active and approachable personality. §  Engaged to Brazilian brands and their promotion. §  For her, happiness is only possible with affection. Digital Behavior: Heavy user of social media and all the time connected to her smartphone. Her smartphone is also a work tool. Her day-by-day life allows her to stay online and share content. Story: She used to have a fair life in Brazil, but her restless personality and need of connection motivated her to come to US and try her life here. She has her own salon. She sees her salon as an opportunity to connect to people from different backgrounds and origins. She loves to help on spreading the news. Ana
  26. 26. Content Platforms §  Start a blog. §  Create content to each persona. §  Use blog as cornerstone for content publishing. §  §  §  §  §  Review terms. Review navigation to funnel strategy. Floating social media bar Responsive design. English and Spanish. §  Consider creation of profile for SEO purposes.
  27. 27. Blog • Frequency: weekly • Topics: Education with affection. Blog • Frequency: once month • Topics: Before and After LGW – development of LGW communities. Blog • Frequency: once a month • Topics: Famous volunteers of the world. Blog • Frequency: once month • Topics: LGW enhancing Brazil culture all over the world. FB • Frequency: every 2 days • Topics: Adjust blog content to FB format. FB • Frequency: once a week • Topics: Adjust blog content. FB • Frequency: daily • Topics: Portraits of Blue Ambassadors Before and after a volunteer trip. FB • Frequency: every 2 days • Topics: Comments of famous people in Brazil about LGW work. You Tube • Frequency: once a month • Topics: “How to” (conscious nutrition) You Tube • Frequency: once a month • Topics: Series "A Latin America to be proud of" (best practices in social responsibility around Latin America countries). You Tube • Frequency: once a month • Topics: Testimonials of Blue Heart Ambassadors. You Tube • Frequency: once a month • Topics: Messages of LGW's kids to AmericanBrazilians living in US.
  28. 28. Content creation and link building Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 • Develop a content plan • Curate a list of influential bloggers • Reach the influence for opinions • Launch an award and send it to the influential • Info graphic covering the education methodology • Video about how to prevent bullying in the US • Release an e-book to teach you how to change your life Month 4 • A Blog Contest: How affection can change the World? Month 5 Month 6 • Promote a meet-up at his unit in Newark-NJ to further involve influencers to the organization’s mission
  29. 29. Paid Search
  30. 30. Awareness •  •  •  •  Charity Non-profit Volunteer Donation Unbranded (New York, New Jersey) Research Decision •  •  •  •  •  •  Child support Anti-violence project Education program Cancer screening Colon Check Volunteer opportunity Brandedof Good Will •  Legion (Nation-wide)
  31. 31. Ad groups Search volume (monthly) Branded keywords Legion of good will school Charity 1080 Non-profit 2020 Volunteer 11360 Donation 250 Child support 30870 Anti-violence project 880 Negative keywords Education program 1230 Paid job Cancer screening 100 Profitable Colon Check 1810 For profit Volunteer opportunity 2220 Cancer treatment Total 51820 Car donation Legion of good will health Legion of good will donation Legion of good will volunteer Legion of good will support
  32. 32. Charity  In  New  York   Volunteer  In  Jersey   Help  &  Support  Child  Educa)on   Volunteer  or  Donate  Today!   Support  Families  In  Hunger  &  Poverty   Join  Our  Cause  Today!   Child  Educa)on  NY   Help  &  Support  Child  Educa)on   Know  More  About  Us  &  Join  Us  Today!   Support  An)-­‐violence  NY   Support  An)-­‐violence  Educa)on   Know  More  About  Us  &  Join  Us  Today!  
  33. 33. Projected Result
  34. 34. GOALS | PROJECTED RESULTS s noodle LEGIONOFGOODWILL..ORG   YEAR of 2014 KPIs FREQUENCY METRICS Visits 7,000 TRAFFIC Pageviews 25,000 RETENTION Pages/Visit 4 RETENTION Bounce rate 50% RETENTION Avg. Visit Duration RETENTION Page Rank 5/10 AUTHORITY Backlinks 500 FOLLOWERS Likes 00:03:00 6,000
  35. 35. thank you