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In the context of the competitive strategy class at New York University we created a new Social Network. The name of it wodabi.. the purpose of it, to take you ourt of your house.. to keep the handshake alive.

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  • People look for easy solutionGrowing need for Event Based Social NetworksThe trend of specialization in social platformConsumers have more channels to receive information Social media from the “Final Stop” to the “First Stop”Youth skim surface of life with constant use of social MediaThe power of word-of-mouth is still strongPeople follow influencers for a guide of better social life Youth use social media to express themselves (ex. the growth of Pheed)Consumers decide the product and service Personalization marketing Digitalization in event planning (Mobile marketing)SoLoMo
  • Say the story about our selves. What wodabi means
  • Woda newbie,Put her points in different color based on her level, Incorporate ticket purchasing element, listing of events/calendar element, how she is going to use the app during the event, check in automatically from the app, the app tells her which of her friends are there, Woda Queen, friends can vote for future events
  • Different rating system (for events, and probably users).
  • Evaluation, Measurement & ControlRegistered Users1st monthly targetbi-weekly measurement/assessment of increaseIncrease should be exponential
  • ESBN - Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. “ I’m tired of all those event invitations on Facebook”
    2. 2. Combined TicketSeller Event Organizing Networks Living Guides Event Listing Websites
    3. 3. Social Media • Strong influence on purchasing decisions for personal entertainment related items Asia • Main purpose of social networking is to catch up with friends • Youth vastly use social media for event related purposes Mobile • Mobile usage increasing at a faster pace than any other device every year Latin America • Online population grew faster than any other region over past 3 years • Social networking accounted for 30 percent of online activity Youth • More than 50% of people aged 25-34 use social media at work Middle East • Post about religion and community issues far more frequently than the rest of the world • Social media has increased tolerance to opposing views
    4. 4. Socializing Gap • Social media saturation leads to a gap between online and offline activity Information Overload • Consumers access information via different channels Diverse Individuals • Personalized and mood-adapting products and services Expression • Youth constantly want to express themselves via social media SoLoMo • Growing emphasis on location based engagement
    5. 5. Simplify and Amplify the event going experience Simplify: Amplify: The only place where event goers need to access We give them the voice to continue the conversation!
    6. 6. 150 Million users • 2nd Year 50 Million users • 1st year
    7. 7. s k n o w n t o g a t h e r o n c e a y e a r i n S e p t e m b e r f o r a wodabi. Nomadic Tribe Region: Africa Language: Fula Education: No written language Population: 45,000 in 1983 f e s t i v a l c a l l e d W O D A BI wa s st art ed by fiv e N Y U The gr namead WODAB ua I takeste inspirati st on from ud the en Wodaab ts, e tribe,wh a subgrou o p of an m African et ethnicin group th called e the Int Fulani in eg Niger. rat ed M ar ke tin g pr og ra m in 20 13 . t h e Their tradition = Our inspiration G u é r e w o l w h e r e “the one and only hub for events” t h e y s o c i a l i z e , b a r t e r g o o d s
    8. 8. CEO CFO wodabi. Functional Organizationa l Structure CIO CMO Product Development Infrastructure Creative Director Security Financial Analyst COO Website Infrastructure Engineering Human Recourses Mobile CRM Corporate Development Advertising Content Specialist Consumer marketing Business Analyst P/R Communicatio ns
    9. 9. Mission Vision Values Our mission is to be the sole hub of events where users can explore, socialize and connect. We will change the traditional way people interact and share their event experiences using the most advanced social media digital platform. Our vision is to connect people together on both a physical and digital level. We will provide the foundations for our employees to thrive, create and affect. We will build a global community that aligns ethics, environmental awareness and humanity. Collaboration: Leverage the power of shared voices Integrity: Offer only genuine experiences Passion: Share the passion and interest in events and socializing Quality: Offer the best service and experience
    10. 10. Expression wodabi. & social connection Brand Pyramid Express yourself Gain respect and status Increase your influence Convenience Socialization Organize yourself Connection Localized events Personalized events Aggregated event experience Brand Personality - Popular - Trendy - Sociable - Fun - Unique Brand Core Values - User Friendly - Convenience - Connect People - Organization
    11. 11. Events Aggregator Experiential Platform (pre, during, post) Simplify Amplify If Facebook is your home and LinkedIn is your office wodabi. is your buddy that takes you out
    12. 12. Primary: • • • • • Social networking Events -registry Content distribution channel Focus on e-commerce Currently in Beta User Base Expectations: "10 million users on day 1 is the goal." • • • • • Find events + create your own events Free & Paid event listing 94,074,832 tickets sold Main goal is ticket-selling Connected to Facebook “If it’s happening out there, you will find it here” • • • • 20 million users 3.4 million visitors per month 5 million local events at any given time Biggest age group is <18 (28%) My Eventful -- personal watch list: interested events + friends event/ saved search/Email Alert • • • • • • 13.07 million registered members 120,650 Meetup groups Pay to organize events 369,469 Meetup groups 10% access through smart phone 196 countries Motto: Use the Internet to get off the Internet Secondary: Aggregating events from event websites such as Eventbrite, Facebook, Yelp, Zvents, Songkick, Last FM, etc. Photo sharing app for events “During or after your event, sharypic helps you gathering all the photos in one place.”
    13. 13. external internal S W O T
    14. 14. the social network that takes you out social media and physical interaction together we keep handshaking alive..
    15. 15. who are we trying to connect with
    16. 16. Social Media Usage Youth Population Source: Euromonitor
    17. 17. 18 – 25 years old Tech savvy Out-going Unorganized Need to “share” Social media users Value influence Stay up-to-date
    18. 18. 18 -25 years old Influential Mobile users University students Keep track of their friends activity Looking for a fun gig Seeking convenience
    19. 19. the product
    20. 20. Events Status Gamification Story Based Exclusivity wodabi. Socialize Languages Influence Calendar Genres Woda Points Connect
    21. 21. Let your story begin Continue the conversation Every Ending signifies a new Beginning - Find events of your interest - Which of your friends are going there - Invite your friends - Purchase your ticket/RSVP - Gather points - Express your excitement - Make arrangements - Auto Check-in - Provide information - Socialize - Post photos, tunes, videos etc - Conclude your story - Gather points increasing your influential power / strengthen your reputation PRE DURING POST
    22. 22. ? - 52 Points woda newbie Every ending is a new beginning woda lady Continue the conversatio n
    23. 23.  Large database of aggregated events.  Access to exclusive events.  Users are able to collect points by attending events. Each event has different points, based on how big the event is and the number of people that are invited to the event.  Mobile app will be available on iOS, Android, that allow users to interact with wodabi. through smart phones and tablets.  Socialize, engage, influence, status, bragging rights, network.
    24. 24. Corporate Objectives Acquire 50 million users in year 1 Reach 150 millions users in year 2 Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing Objectives Brand awareness Alter perception of events from one-time to a continuous experience Marketing Strategy Focus & utilize college students/graduates Word of mouth Partnerships Sponsorships
    25. 25. Create Buzz Engagement Develop Loyalty • Teaser campaigns • Exclusive school events: Celebrities/ Influencers • Invitation Sign-Up • Co-Sponsor Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show • Gamification contests on existing social platform • Sweepstakes to huge events: Super Bowl, Academy Awards, FIFA World Cup • Crowdsourcing • University Brand Ambassadors • Cooperate with student school clubs • Exclusive events for universities • wodabi. weeks in different cities Utilize digital and mobile marketing campaigns Use existing social channels to increase brand exposure
    26. 26. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Canada Mexico USA France Germany Spain UK Indonesia Japan South Korea Brazil Russia China Australia India Egypt Saudi Arabia
    27. 27. You give them the reason to talk.. Aggregating event & ticket selling agencies for us for them Win-Win situation • • • One stop shop for events Credibility Immediate access to large user database • • • • We expand their services Access to a wider audience Revenue increase Nothing to lose, a lot to gain ..we give them the voice
    28. 28. Users 5,000,000 1,500,000 May – Nov 2013 • Hiring • Platform Development • Universities Marketing • Pre-launch Marketing Buzz Dec 2013 Jan 2014 Feb 2014 • Invitation only (US & Canada) • Celebrity endorsers per genre (Kings/Queens) • University Brand Ambassadors • Exclusive university events Mar 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 50,000,000 30,000,000 15,000,000 July 2014 Aug 2014 Sep 2014 Oct 2014 Nov 2014 • Mexico launch • Brazil launch • Brand ambassador program in Mexico & Brazil • No longer invitation only • Australia launch • Brand ambassador program in Australia • wodabi. week in NYC, Montreal and Rio • Venues/parties, fashion events, sports tournament, music
    29. 29. 150,000,000 125,000,000 Users 100,000,000 75,000,000 Dec 2014 Jan 2015 • France, Germany, Spain, UK launch • Russia launch • Brand ambassador program in Europe Feb 2015 Mar 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 • China launch • India launch • Open office in China • Brand ambassador program in India • Brand ambassador program in China Aug 2015 Sep 2015 Oct 2015 Nov 2015 • Indonesia, Japan, South Korea launch • Egypt, Saudi Arabia launch • Brand ambassador program in Asia-Pac & Middle East 2016
    30. 30. Outlined Marketing Activities  Digital Marketing (Social, Banner etc..) Quarterly Marketing Budget Allocation  Brand Ambassador Packages $18,000,000  Presence booth @ expo / event $16,000,000  wodabi city week event in NYC $14,000,000  wodabi city week event in Montreal $12,000,000  wodabi city week event in Rio $10,000,000  Exclusive Wodabi events $8,000,000  Co-Sponsor of Victoria Secret's Fashion $6,000,000 Show  CSR  wodabi city week event in NYC  wodabi city week event in Shanghai  wodabi city week event in London  wodabi city week event in Rio $4,000,000 $2,000,000 $0 Q1 Q3 Q5 Q7 Q9
    31. 31. Pre-launch Budget Year 1 Year 2 $30,000,000 $50,000,000 Pre-launch Year 2 $1,321,300 $256,000 $1,287,000 $15,139 $816,000 $3,695,439 $500,000 $1,719,200 $2,574,000 $1,959,351 $19,160,000 $25,912,551 $1,500,000 $3,396,800 $3,603,600 $8,914,006 $29,664,000 $47,078,406 $392,011 IT & Office Equipment Salaries Running Expenses Hosting of Platform Marketing Budget Total Year 1 $2,921,594 Remaining Budget Total Employees (monthly) Nov-15 Oct-15 Sep-15 Aug-15 Jul-15 Jun-15 May-15 Apr-15 Mar-15 Feb-15 Jan-15 Dec-14 Nov-14 Oct-14 Sep-14 Aug-14 Jul-14 Jun-14 May-14 Apr-14 Mar-14 Feb-14 Jan-14 Dec-13 Nov-13 Oct-13 Sep-13 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
    32. 32. Feedback from companies/ event promoters Hours spent on the app, website/network (per day, week etc..) Measure trend for increase of user numbers wodabi. Event attendance (first week, months etc..) Friend referrals measurement New users/connections (external vs. referrals) Demand for events/attend ance
    33. 33. Members to create/promote their own events Integration experience with upcoming technology trends (e.g. Google Glass) Develop ticket selling platform (future revenue generator) Creating and hosting virtual events
    34. 34. Index • Challenges - Facebook • US & EU trends • Latin America trends • Asia trends • Middle East trends • Global trends • Target Audience Research • Brainstorming
    35. 35. China • Local partner • Regulatory Issues Government s Competitors Partners • Privacy Policies • Monitoring by local governments • Emergence of other social networks • Request from partners for royalties Universities • Exclusive rights for events
    36. 36. This is how.. • • • • • • • Feel connected to the event community (through gaming elements) User Experience – More and better tools to record events memories (Album, Diary, Video) – More ways to gather events details – Broader connections across groups Not only within Facebook friends, we go beyond Better review features (various rating system, opinion of other users, search filters) Digitalized event experience (Auto check in, QR code, on-the-go calendar, etc.) Access to various events based on connections/ influence score – Users can demand the events they like based on voting A 360° social tool tailored to event goers
    37. 37. Source: UM EMEA research (2011)
    38. 38. •Latin America’s online population grew faster than any other global region in 2011, rising 16 percent to 129.3 million visitors in December 2011. •Google Sites reigned as the most-visited property in December 2011, reaching 123.4 million visitors in the region, while led as the most-engaging web property accounting for 25 percent of all time spent online. •Social networking, which eclipsed portals as the most-engaging web activity in November 2011, accounted for nearly 30 percent of online minutes at the end of the year, an increase of 9.5 percentage points over the past year. •Latin America is home to five of the most engaged social networking markets worldwide. Internet users in Argentina averaged 10.7 hours on social networking sites in December 2011, followed by Chile (9.5 hours per visitor), Peru (8.7 hours), Colombia (7.6 hours) and Mexico (7.1 hours). •Entertainment sites continued to amass visitors in 2011, growing 14 percent to reach nearly 97 percent of all online users in the region. Peruvians, Colombians and Chileans spent the most time on Entertainment sites each averaging more than four hours per visitor at the end of the year. •Online video viewing grew rapidly in 2011 as total videos viewed grew by double digits across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, fueled by both an increase in viewing audience and a surge in videos viewed per viewer. •Fueled by the holiday shopping season, online retail visitation jumped 30 percent as more Latin Americans turned to the web to shop and purchase goods and services. Among retail categories, comparison shopping had the highest penetration with nearly 1 in 4 online users visiting these sites in December 2011. •Latin Americans continue to display a strong propensity for search. In 2011, the total number of searches conducted increased 38 percent to more than 21 billion in December. With an average of 173 searches per searcher, Latin America leads the globe in search frequency. •Mobile phones and tablets continue to account for a growing amount of digital traffic, with Puerto Rico leading the region with 7.7 percent of all digital traffic consumed away from a personal computer. Apple led across nearly
    39. 39. • Tool for political discourse and democracy building • Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan – discuss politics almost twice the rate of their Western counterparts • Post about religion and community issues far more frequently than the rest of the world • Social media had made them more tolerant to opposing views • HOWEVER, they still post about POP CULTURE (at least half post about Music and Movies) • Social media increases contacts with friends and family • Wodabi in Middle East will enhance how people use social media in the middle east • Go to this survey it’s interactive
    40. 40. * Figures in millions World Map of Youth Population and Internet Users (% of Total Population) France: Youth = 7.6 (12.2%) Users = 40.0 (61.2%) Canada: Youth = 4.5 (13.3%) Users = 26.0 (76.5%) USA: Youth = 44.9 (14.1%) Users = 231.1 (74.0%) Germany: Youth = 9.2 (11.2%) Users = 55.6 (68.3%) Russia: Youth = 20.3(14.4%) Users = 65.0 (45.6%) UK: Youth = 8.1 (13.2%) Users = 45.4 (72.6%) China: Youth = 228.7 (16.8%) Users = 513.0 (38.4%) Spain: Youth = 4.7 (10.4%) Users = 28.9 (61.8%) India: Youth = 234.0 (19.3%) Users = 90.0 (7.6%) Indonesia: Youth = 40.9 (17.6%) Users = 43.1 (17.5%) Brazil: Youth = 33.7 (17.3%) Users = 79.0 (40.0%) Egypt: Youth = 17.0 (20.2%) Users = 31,2 (35.6%) Source: Works Programme of Action for Youth eMarkerter Digital World Atlas Saudi Arabia: Youth = 5.0 (18.9%) Users = 24.0 (49.0%) Australia: Youth = 3.5 (13.7%) Users = 16.0 (73.7%) Japan: Youth = 12.6 (9.9%) Users = 95.9 (75.2%) South Korea: Youth = 6.6 (13.6%) Users = 37.6 (76.9%)
    41. 41. Why people want to post on Wodabi? How do we achieve that? Enough events information Aggregate current available info Having fun in Wodabi Community Being able to connect to overseas users with common interests Group promotion Event streaming on mobile Connection with other groups Notes Friends are on the network Incorporate with other social media platform Review credibility Bloggers/ influencers writing out there Motivate users to post reviews Personalized experience posting Photo beautifying app Easy video editing widgets Engagement with companies and event promoters Open company profile page Users can engage with people at the event (attendee, staff, ambassador) Connection btw student clubs, ex: NYU basketball team invites Columbia team to a friendly competition) Friends referral incentives Can share to friends who are not on the net work Event streaming (could be only 1min) aims to engage users who are unable to join the event. Through mobile, anytime anywhere. We hire event experts or blogger to write reviews for events to increase our credibility. Currently no place for people to find reviews of the events they want to join
    42. 42. • • What is it about: It is the first solely event based social network that takes you out of your home. Become a Wodabi Features: o o Socialize -let your friends know which events you are attending to (soundcloud concept), Map infographic/histogram of where you have been and where your friends are o Create your own story for your experience -each event is a new experience, a new story to share, Each story will comprise of three stages -before during and after the event o Rating system/style. Gather points for each event you attend and increase your level of influence, the more points you Gather the more influential you become -then you take free invitations and other premium offerings from the events' host o Your profile page adjusts to your wodabi points -your "reputation" increases and drops accordingly, o In the beginning you become a member with invitation only o Access to events based on connections/influence score o Only organizations can set up events. Influencers will also be able to set up based on scores and o • • Brand Identity -Young based o • Find events of your interest Twitter like platform, upload photos, comments, music, etc Profile page (Calendar, Notifications, Genres, Woda points, Different Colors based on level of influence, Kings/Queens, Timeline, Game Element) Partnership: with all the ticket selling websites. "You give them the reason to talk, we give them the voice" Mobile App: The same features and services provided by the web page.