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Panorama PR - We can tell your story.


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Panorama Life & Style strives to create tangible proof of positive attitude change and brand awareness. We work to make a difference in the way that consumers see you and the way that you see yourself.

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Panorama PR - We can tell your story.

  1. 1. PublicRelations
  2. 2. We’renot a mega PRFirm. But wedo work with megabrands...
  3. 3. …and titansof industry...
  4. 4. We believe that effective Public Relations is a formidable mix of art, science, and execution.
  5. 5. We’re multi-talented. We’veworkedwithRedAdair’s firefightersandKristenDavisfromSexin the City,just not onthesameproject.
  6. 6. We thinka lot. We do even more. We’re business strategists, social media consultants, crisis communicators, storytellers andmeasurement junkies.
  7. 7. “Service isthe driving force and at the heart of our company.” Darlene Rotch Founder & CEO Thefoundationofour companyis built onhelping others achieve their goalsbylistening towhatthey need andthen,building creative measurable strategies to reachthe desired outcome.
  8. 8. culture Core Principles Do what you say. Be accountable. Never miss a deadline. Communicate. Respect Clients & Team. Work smart.
  9. 9. Oursolutions are unique. Webelieve in workinginteams so that clients benefit fromdifferent points of view, talents and brain-power. Our solutions are nevercookie-cutter. No.
  10. 10. We are socialites. Weusethe latestweb,digital andmobile technologiestodisseminate messages andwe are VERY social.
  11. 11. Every project, nomatterhowsmall, begins with astrategy. The results speakfor themselves.
  12. 12. How we manage and measure success...
  13. 13. Seamlessly IntegrateYour Message to Produce Desired Results Public Relations Digital Media Brand Positioning What do we do best?
  14. 14. Digital Media Room Need astateofthe artdigitalmedia roomto matchyournew image? Wecreatedthisone foralargeclient with300+storesin 16states. Or,perhapsyouneed aweb ormicrositefora special event? CustomContentandSocial Media Campaigns?We’ve got itcovered.
  15. 15. Whenclients need toharnessthepowerofthe media, Panoramajumpedonboardgarnering stories in Women’sWearDaily,Men’sWearDaily,USA Today,PeopleMagazine,HuffingtonPost,Garden& Gun,Jezebelandscores ofotherindustryand consumermedia totell thestoryof fashionand trends.
  16. 16. Witharetail specialtystorebackgroundand sixteen yearsatthe helm of oneofthe best boutiquePRfirms in thecountry,ourCEO shoppedAtlantaMerchandiseMartfor15 years–firstasa children’sbuyer;laterasa buyerforRTWAdrienneVittadini,Barboglio, CarmenMarcValvo,ElieTahari,Michael Simon,AndreJovine,KayUnger, Rickie Freeman forTeri Jon,Gotex andscoresof otherfine brands.
  17. 17. We’re ingood Company Ourin-storeevents aredesignedtoattract media anddriveclient trafficwithname recognition.We’ve workedwithTim Gunn, KristenDavis,Emeril, CynthiaRowley,Donald Pliner, KimKardashian,CamNewton,Jessica Simpson,SamEdleman,andSteveMadden,just tonameabit morethanafew.
  18. 18. Want to know what your customers REALLY think? Let us ask using our 23+ years of experience and proprietary evaluation to ask, evaluate and make recommendations to improve yourbusiness.
  19. 19. Becausethelargest privatelyheld department storein the U.S.relies onPanoramatopositionit in frontof1000’sof fashionandstylereporters andbloggerstoeach seasontotell theirfashion story. Why do people hireus?
  20. 20. Why do people hireus? Becausethenationslargestprivatelyheld jeweler engagedPanoramato launchitspartnershipwith the largestdiamondlegacy in theworld.
  21. 21. Becausethelargest privatelyheld grocer in the countrytrustedus to navigateentryintotwokey marketsandmanagemillions of dollarsin communityfunds. Why do people hireus?
  22. 22. Becauseweknowa greatbrandwhen wesee it.As a matterof fact,wehelpedbuild it —positioning a little knowarchitecturalfirm in Garden& Gun,Private Air, Veranda,SouthernLiving,CostalLiving and wherevertheir clients might be. Why do people hireus?
  23. 23. Whena nationalbehavioralhealthcare providerneeded tocompetewith big brand benefits managers,Panoramashowcased client brandsin anad series,positioningthe client side-by-sidewithWynfrey,Coke,Blue CrossBlueShield,Children's Hospitaland others. Why do people hireus?
  24. 24. Backgroundchecksanddrug testsarecarried outbehindthe scenes, butour client neededto bring her brandfrontandcenterwith HRpros. Panoramapositionedthisbackground screening firmasthe right companytodothe job bymakingsurehertargets never lost sight ofits capabilities. Why do people hireus?
  25. 25. … because,asthe French client whosegreat,great,great, great(give or takea few)grandfatherwhoinvented cement said,“Neverin our200 year historyhave we opened a rockquarrywithout comment.” Enoughsaid. Why do people hireus?
  26. 26. Because we are “responsive, resourceful, and relentless inpursuit of results for clients.” CEOSurvey conducted by Mike Tate & Associates Why do people hireus?
  27. 27. Darlene E.Rotch CEO Contact 205.531.5181