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Top 10 steps to live your best life

everything is possible

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Top 10 steps to live your best life

  1. 1. Top 10 Steps To Live Your Best LifeTop 10 Steps To Live YourBest LifeIf you are not already living your best life of his time . You have to start now.Here are 10 steps to help you head in your optimal direction:1. Be Real: you struggle is to the extent youre living underneath the layersupon layers of unrealistic expectations and conditioning. Pull yourself outby remembering whom you admired as a child (real or fictional). What didthis person or character represent to you? You share the very sameattributes and values? How do I know? You always love a mirror reflectionof yourself. Show up each and every day expressing the essence of theperson you admired more, the person you were born to become.2. Be Truthful - Now that youve reconnected with the magnificent person youreally are, show up each and every day as that presence instead of that which youonce thought you should be. Say no to whatever needs saying no to. Say yes towhat your heart longs to say yes to. Think, speak and act in alignment with yourtruth - no matter what anyone else has to say or think about it.
  2. 2. 3. Be in Charge - Tell Your Inner Critic: "Hear ya, not gonna be ya". Its time toreclaim the power youve given to your woefully misguided Inner Critic. Insteadof accepting its worries, woes and fears as truth, vigorously challenge your innerstatus quo. Reach for new perspectives - ones that support you rather than tearyou down.4. Be Aware - Walk your path "In Search of Truth (and some pointy boots)" -You dont have to walk like a camel to discern whats real from whats blindlyassumed or made up babblecrap. The more you search for truth understandingin what challenges you the more you shine light on the dark areas where youonce stumble around.5. Be Responsible - Live your life as the powerful creator of all you experience.Events in and of themselves are merely events. How you experience the momentsof your life is entirely your responsibility. You get to choose how you respond.Will you crawl under the bed or will you rise above? Trust your self even ifyoure not sure. Your outcomes are entirely yours to create.6. Be Energized - Pay attention to what sucks the life energy right out of you.Start with your tolerations - the things and circumstances you have in your lifethat you wish you didnt have. Turn what drags you down into what feeds yoursoul by focusing on what you can do instead of what you cant do. Let go of whatno longer serves you.7. Be Loving- To yourself and others. Take good care of yourselffirst so you have the resources to help others. If youregasping for air, youre of no use to anyone else. Anythingrooted in negativity will have a lousy outcome. Allow love tobe your generative force in all your choices and actions.Youll like the end result. I promise you.8. Be Compassionate - Everyone is doing the best they can with the light theyhave to see. Including you. Some people may be missing a few batteries in theirflashlight. Still theyre navigating the twists and turns of life to the best of theirability such as it is. While you may not condone the act, have compassion for theperson wherever he or she is on their personal path. Including you.9. Be Masterful - you were not born to be a victim of your circumstance. You arehere to create and master your opportunities. Even if youve fallen flat on your
  3. 3. face you might as well find and claim the gift in the lesson learned. Apply thatlesson going forward. Step more fully into your spotlight.10. Be the change you seek - Ok, I admit it. I stole this one from Gandhi. Be theshining example of what youd like to see improved in your life. As you changeyou inspire change in those who are blessed by your presence. Touch someonesheart with your smile.Perhaps youve realized by now the key to living an extraordinary life is moreabout BEING than DOING. Pay attention to how you show up in the world eachand every day. Be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.How to reduce STRESSReducing Stress of Your Day to Day LifeStress is a difficult issue to recognize. We react hardly to stress to stimuli and mostof people arent affected by it. Stress can either be a physical, chemical, oremotional factor that causes physical or mental tension and it can be a definingfactor for the onset of a disease. Stress could also be the state of physical ormental tension that results from a series of factors that tend to alter an existentequilibrium.Stress is an everyday fact of our life and it can be harmful if this lasts for so longand there is no relief. The pressures of crises and everyday events have adverseeffects on the health of a person. Women take on the stresses of home and theenvironment of work. In the presence of stress, a woman can manifest certainconditions like headaches, ulcer, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Even whenyou are at work, all your unmanaged stress can lead to illness and even unsafe actsthat may cost you your jobs. When stress is taking over your life, manage itimmediately and find solutions that will help you reduce it.SEE MORE ,,,How to managing Stress :Stress management is critical to learn. You can make it a positive factor in your life.All you need to do is identify your stressors, understand them, and find solutions.You can also take charge of stress and prevent it. Know also that alcohol and drugswill not help you relieve your stress so never turn to them as the solution. Here aresome guidelines when you are stressed.* Accept the fact that you are stressed. You cannot control all things, and stress is
  4. 4. not a controllable feeling. There are things that you can’t control and all you needto accept that and learn from your experience. You can seek the advice of yourfriends and some professionals.* Stay away from situations and sources of stress. You can remove yourself fromthe environment by staying away and avoiding it.* Let your feelings out and talk to your closer friend. Take time to change yourfeelings and try to control it.* Adapt to it. Learn to cope with the situations and look at it as an opportunity.Don’t let yourself be easily stressed and never let your stress take over your lifeand your personality. Focus on more positive things in your life and try to maketime for the activities that you enjoy doing. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle byexercising daily, meditating and eating a healthy and balanced diet. You can fightoff stress with a healthy and content body.* Always keep a positive attitude. Never be a pessimistic person. An optimist canalways find ways to reduce stress in our daily life.* Always be assertive and never aggressive. You can always assert your feelingsand opinions and beliefs and never be angry or defensive.* Practice and always learn new relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga.These mind and body exercises always make you feel better and get relax.* Get enough rest and sleep well so that you will not always be irritable and itallows your body to recover from stressful events.* Seek out social support with your friends and manage your time moreeffectively.Journey to find.
  5. 5. Sleeping alone.Journey to find.As normal to see all people like a one personcollects all the qualities and all characteristicsof human beings. You always remember himat every moment and every situation they do.Your mind refuses separation between himand the rest of humans because it becomes aghost haunts your thoughts and controls yourfears.When nearest people let you down then youmust know you would not trust any one in thislife and admitted you will not find reallypersons deserve this trust. Its very enough to
  6. 6. trust yourself and do not doubt for a momentand do not let you stray between doubts andmisgivings.And when trying to trust people, I know youare looking for and severely lacking in senseand when they let you down, you burnedyourself twice. I believe that not all peopleare equal, whether that Allahs springgoodness in their hearts, but they leavethemselves for life to form their personalitiesand change the discernment of Allah and dipsthem hatred and rancor and have a well-founded evil.On childhood each of us sees that his parentsand siblings are the best on the ground and ifthey were angels, they do not betray, lie, hate and there isnt a place for the devilbetween them under the roof of this houseand imagine that all people in the same circleof confidence but everything with the firstdeal with them go out from the department ofSafety and shocking again but he is veryshocked when he realizes that in logicalnearest people do not deserve this trust and hecant find safety with them and they be thefirst who never trust him. I admit that thehardest feeling the human may feel
  7. 7. is unsafely feeling and he is looking for itthroughout his life because he did not find inthis circle.I did not feel safe throughout all my life,searched for it in the years of my life and Idid not find it yet. I gave up that safety mayfind in a place which relaxes the heart andreassure him. I discovered that all places aresimilar without walls and without roofs. So Iran away quickly to find a heart of humanembraces this fearful heart and may feel safewhen fit him and has been looking for safetybetween humans and remains awaiting awarm heart to keep it. And from time andanother is due to perceived around the circleand ask myself if I might find safety wherewith the same people but he show the truthevery time that humans suffered their heartsdo not appreciate the meaning of feelingneeded and the meaning of insecurity andcontinues in journey to >>>> find trulypeople .. Search for brothers .. for friends andalthough all my appreciates to all of them,but did not find a sense he is looking. Icertainty be sure that the safety is in Allahshands. But I do not know why my fearsdominate my thoughts and still this ghosthaunts me and why I see every night a
  8. 8. nightmare. My eyes keep away with mytears, I did not know if my tears wash thesins of my heart or to increase his fear frompeople and days. Again I ask myself how canI Kill my nightmares that haunt me and tofind a way topeace and security and resort tosleep without fear.I refuse to this frightening ghost that spoilmoments of my sleep and dreams of my life.My Allah, I hope to fill my heart with peaceand inspired my mind to the wright direction.From now I no longer care about nightmaresand nothing controlled my thoughts and myfeelings and I no longer wait for any personor need a place to kill my fear because itinevitably will come on a day. Because I makesure that safety is only on my hand. Im wholet fears to controlled. I do not know If I canfind safety& security in this world or not?? ...I think clearly that Ill start searching again.NO ESCAPE...LIFEcoin has two sides, the spirit that can lead us to a very satisfactory and the spiritual life isalso one that makes our life a hell, a complete disaster. And I want to emphasize that the line separating good from evil is extremelythin. If you are the Master, you lead your own
  9. 9. life. So life is too important to be taken seriously .The most important things in life. The most important things in life The most important thing in life, is to do what
  10. 10. you love and what makes you happy. At the end of the day, your actions should reflect you, your business, your music, your photography, yourfriends, your life. 7 Rules of life. 7 Rules of life 7 Rules of life :1- Make peace with your past so it wont screw up the present.2- What others think of you is none of your business.3- Time heals almost everything, give it time.4- Dont compare your life to others and don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.5- Stop thinking too much, its alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.
  11. 11. 6- No one is in charge of yourhappiness, expect you.7- Smile. You dont own all the problems in the world. 9 secrets of successful life . 9 secrets of successful life . 9 secrets of successful life . 1- Make peace with your past so its screw up the present. 2- what others think of you is none of your business. 3- Time heals almost everything, give it time. 4- Dont compare your life to others and dont judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 5- Stop thinking too much, its alright not to now least expect it. 6- No one is in charge of your happiness, expect
  12. 12. you.7- Smile. You dont own all the problems inthe world.8- Dont make your fears kill your dreams.9- Take new decisions whatever right or wrong,Youll learn.People in your life. People in your life God puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them from your life for a better reason.Life is too short.
  13. 13. LIFE Life is too short. To stress yourself with people who dont even deserve to be an issue in yourlife.Life is a result of your choices. Make better choices
  14. 14. Your life is a result of the choices you make, Ifyou dont like your life it is time to startmaking new choices.Life is like a camera. Life is like a camera is like a camera focus on whats important &Lifeyoull capture it perfectly.Life is short
  15. 15. LifeLifeis short. Too short to waste a singlesecond with anyone who doesnt appreciateand value you.Journey to find .The Secrets of HappinessThe Secrets of Happiness
  16. 16. If you wanna to be happy in your life >>> dont give up , youmust insist to reach your goal & ignite your light :) letstakethe first steps tohappiness:1. Set your Goals , decide exactly what you want. Take yoursales, income and personal goals, and be crystal clear aboutthem. Always write them down and look at them through theday.2. Commitment , Nothing happens without complete andtotal personal commitment. If you’re leaving out even 1% ofyour total dedication to accomplishing your goal, you won’tget there. Think about this…3. Gratitude , The most powerful words you can ever use, think
  17. 17. or write is THANK YOU. An attitude of gratitude will openthe floodgates of prosperity and love in your life.4. Practice Tolerance , Judgment is another self-limitingbehavior that limits your success and hampersyour motivationand creativity. Practice tolerance and lightenyour load!5. Take Care of Your Health , If you don’t feel well, it’s hard to staymotivated. So take good care of your health! Eat well, takevitamins, exercise every day, play, rest and enjoy your work!There’s a saying…anyone would give their money to havehealth, but no one would give their health to have money.YOU should ENJOY YOUR LIFE :) & let yourself shine!You’ll be happier, more successful .4 Positive thoughts on life.
  18. 18. 4 positive thoughts on life.1- Look back & get experience.2- Look forward & see hope.3- Look around & find reality.4- Look within & find yourself.
  19. 19. Reading is the food of our brains , but unfortunately thepublic school are not handling well .We can be good home scholar .We have the opportunity to emphasizereading to our thoughts .Everyone can read on his interests in the leisure time to read moreand more . Encouragement is very important to make reading a necessarymatter in our life .Reading helps us to increase our knowledge and have othersexperience in their life . parents have to read books to their childrenand learn them to follow story lines . That’ll improve their lives inschool and when they grow up they have a bulk of information andknowledge to help them to be creative persons and to reach theirgoals .Hard & BeautifulWe know life is hard & time passes us away without doing important things andsometimes we wanna tobreak distractionsof responsibilities like work , wife , children & and other duets ,,but we should enjoy our time LIFE HAS ALOT OF BEAUTIFUL MATTERS , live to make you & others happy :)Merry Christmas.
  20. 20. Merry Christmas Wishing you all the great things in life. hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happy. Merry Christmas.Happy new year.
  21. 21. Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasHappy new year 2013
  22. 22. Happy new yearNew year begins with new stories of everyones life. So my dear New Year please writemy love story.Watch the really largest Christmas tree in Britain.

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