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Gmid associates analytics services for pharma


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Gmid Associates combines in-depth industry knowledge, advanced analytics, and technology to deliver solutions that enable our clients take better business decisions. Using techniques in statistics, econometrics, and operations research we help embed Data Driven capabilities into the decision making processes of our customers.

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Gmid associates analytics services for pharma

  1. 1. September, 2011Pharma Analytics – Capabilities & Portfolio
  2. 2. While invention of new drugs and therapies is largely unpredictable, the promotional effectiveness is not. In the dynamic world of pharmaceutics, with the advent of technology and availability of the data, it has become possible to understand the product-customer relationship at a given time such that the maximum leverage can be taken out of it. After the R&D operations, it is the area of the drug promotion where a pharmaceutical company spends most of its finances. Throughout the life cycle of a product, the business managers need to make tactical decisions in order to optimally utilize the investments and get the best ROI possible.
  3. 3. Data Analytics in Life Sciences Samples Optimization Promotion Response Modeling Segmentation Call Planning Comparative analysis for SFE Incentive Compensation ROI (Promotional Events) Pre Sales Post Sales Sales Forecasting
  4. 4. What should be the sales targets? Identifying the sales targets that are aligned with strategic goals of the company, aggressive from the point of view of market share and at the same time realistic as well. . In today’s competitive environment, it has become important to estimate factors of various multitude e.g. when to enter the market, whom to target, the product’s present performance, promotion response, and future growth opportunities. In a dynamic environment governed by market events, patent expiry, new competitors, and launching of alternate therapies, we aim to provide know-how of the future by employing highly mathematical modeling techniques such that any divergence between the forecasts and the business plan is minimized.
  5. 5. What all are the different customer types? By dividing the customer base into segments with distinctly different behavior patterns, one can devise segment level strategies and enhance profit per account Every customer is different and so is her need. The objective of a business unit is to identify the different behaviours of the customers and to maximize the promotional effectiveness by concentrating on the most-valuable customers. Management can then device segment specific business strategies and in turn enhance profit per customer. Using Physician Information, physician level brand & market sales, other behavior data e.g. loyalty trend between client’s drug and competitor’s drugs, the behaviour differences are measured by identifying a set of variables. Even in cases where physician level data is not available, the brick level sales information is used (along with meaningful assumptions) to build the segmentation.
  6. 6. How do the rep visits be optimally allocated? Because marketing budgets are fixed, one needs to optimally allocate resources in order to generate maximum response (prescriptions/ sales) . One of the key problems of Pharmaceutical marketing is to examine the impact of promotional calls on the sales of the products. In today’s competitive world where the budget for direct detailing is constrained, pharma companies need to optimally allocate the rep calls to individual physicians in order to generate the maximum potential sales. Our solutions calculate optimal level of promotional measures to be taken along with the effective calls allocation across the target physician universe to achieve your sales targets.
  7. 7. How to optimally distribute drug samples to the physicians? Save costs by getting maximum sales from minimum samples Deciding on optimal level of samples is a challenging problem as the impact of samples always ‘turns negative’ at high levels of sampling due to cannibalization of prescriptions while at low levels of sampling, physicians may start prescribing competitor drugs. Our Solution Helps You to Answer the Following Business Problems: • What is the optimum number of samples to targeted customers? • What should be my brand's sample budget and strategy? • How is the brand's performance affected with varying levels of sample allocation?
  8. 8. What should be the optimal call plan? Optimal distribution of calls among GPs and Specialists to achieve maximum impact All the exercises done for maximization of the sales force efforts are translated in terms of the number of calls each rep is expected to deliver to each of his/her physicians – a process which in itself involves a lot of variables (e.g. maximum number of calls a rep can make in a day, the physician’s likeability to a sales call, government laws restricting the visits in hospitals, the geography a rep can cover, etc.) A Data intensive exercise, the Call Planning activity thrives to fully translate the ‘effective promotion’ into the number of sales calls by considering various scenarios of delivery to obtain the one that promises the maximum impact on the sales.
  9. 9. What should be the performance tracking parameters of the sales force and what should be the compensation plan? Developing an aggressive and at the same time rewarding compensation plan is key to keep a sales force motivated and realize sales targets An appreciable amount of a sales representative’s salary is variable and depends on factors including her performance, the sales force team’s performance, market conditions. We provide solutions that enable information based plan design & execution that can drive business objectives through the field, while providing the necessary framework for field communication and plan administration in a seamless workflow that drives consensus and reduces administrative burden. It empowers one to not only determine the eligibility criteria but also to calculate incentive pay-out for any level of the sales force hierarchy.
  10. 10. Which contract sales organizations should I deploy? For vendor sales forces, one needs to compare their performances to each other in order to choose most suitable sales force and/or renegotiate contracts Drug detailing consumes a large share of a marketing process of a drug company and it becomes imperative for them to maximize the promotion of their products via on-call detailing to doctors. Since the association of the sales force with the drug company is vital to the company’s attention, both in terms of the drug branding and money spent, it becomes important for the pharmaceutical company to choose the most suitable sales force for any particular drug. We engineer effectiveness methodologies which could compare two different sales force teams for the same drug promotion, even under cases where data available is less than sufficient and develop scenarios for comparing effectiveness scores, where the data available from different sales forces are of different time periods.
  11. 11. What is the effectiveness (ROI) of a marketing campaign? As pharmaceutical & other life science companies shift from marketing their drugs and devices to physicians only, towards positioning their products broadly as solutions to health problems, they need to increasingly engage in providing information directly to consumers. In absence of known ROIs of different promotional events, it is hard to find out the campaigns that are most effective and earn highest return for the company. We analyse overall ROI of promotional programs, identify the effective elements of the existing programs and also help them get an insight into physician & consumer’s psyche and how a particular channel affects sales patterns.
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