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The guide gives you an insight on guest blogging. How and when you should do the guest blogging. Visit for more such articles.

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Guest Blogging - A Step by Step Comprehensive Guide (

  1. 1. Guest Blogging – A Step by Step Comprehensive Guide /f eatured/guest-blogging-a-step-by-step-comprehensive-guide/ Pankaj Chauhan A Brief on Guest blogging? I am sure most of you may already know what Guest blogging is, but for people who don’t know, let me explain in short. Instead of writing an article for your own blog, you write for some other blog (Occasionally) or site owned by some other brand or individual(s). It’s like freelance writing for someone without monetary benefits but the key thing to remember here is that, eventually, you will be gaining huge benefits from guest blogging. Why Guest Blogging And What Benefits Guest Blogging Brings? I am sure you are writing high quality content for your own blog but the question here is “how much traffic your blog gets by writing these posts?” and “What popularity it has gained?”. Well, it is quite possible that you have a popular
  2. 2. blog but if not, then guest blogging will take it to the next level. Now, we already know what guest blogging is, lets now see what benefits guest blogging will bring to us. Guest Blogging Brings High Qualit y and Target ed Traf f ic Making guest posts on a well know blog in your niche can connect you to immense amount of new readers. People who like your posts are most likely to click on your blog (from the Author Info box) to see what else you have got to offer, which is of their interest. Visitors who come to your blog from Guest Blog often stay longer on your blog and read through more posts. basically, they try to find other useful posts on your blog which they can take benefit from. These kind of visitors also include newbie bloggers who may also try to find out how popular your blog is. Most probably, they will browse through several pages to find out how many shares were made for a particular post to social media sites. How many comments are made to posts etc. In a nutshell they are trying to evaluate the popularity of your blog. Guest Blogging Will Give Your Blog A Tremendous Boost in Search Engine Rankings The second most important benefit of guest blogging is that you get a backlink from an authoritative source. Google really likes pages who got high quality backlinks especially from with in the posts. As you continue to do guest blogging, you will collect more high quality back links for your blog from these authoritative sources and your blogs ranking will increase tremendously in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). Guest Blogging Will Give You an Opport unit y t o Make New Cont act s Guest blogging provides you with an opportunity to meet other guest poster on that site in the similar niche. These contact will increase your chances to influence them and allow you to do guest blogging in their blogs which in turn will increase your blog authority. Event ually, Guest Blogging Will Transf orm You Int o an Aut horit y
  3. 3. When you start contributing to these popular, authoritative, and high traffic sites, people understand that you know your niche and what you are talking about. The benefit of this is they will most likely remember your name and more often visit your blog for more information. If you are guest blogging regularly, you will end up increasing your visibility and ensuring that people remember you by your name and your blog too. Guest Blogging Will Increase Your Subscriber Base People who come from reference blogs or sites tend to spend more time on your blog because either they are newbies who are trying to understand blogging concepts, how it works or people who are seriously looking for reference material or related information to your guest post. These visitors can become regular readers of your blog and there is a good amount of chance that these visitors may subscribe to your blogs newsletter. Make sure you always use a subscription pop up box so that you can ask your visitors to subscribe easily and they don’t have to find the subscription box all over the page. Guest Blogging Improves Your Personalit y and Writ ing Skills
  4. 4. Guest blogging drastically improves your writing skills and prepare you for the real world of blogging. Imagine, you have written a post and you think that this is the best post you have written on that particular topic. No problem, we all think like that. But try to submit it some other blog for guest post. Huge chances are you may get a reply stating that there is some problem with the grammar, there is some problem here and there etc. But don’t worry, it happens only when you are new to writing. Eventually, you learn from your mistakes and become a good and skilled writer. Guest Blogging Helps You Know What Ot hers Think About You When you do guest blogging, more likely you will get comments from readers. These comments are going to be a mix of good ones and bad ones. By bad ones I mean, criticism. This criticism again helps you understand what wrongs and rights you are doing. Guest Blogging Improves Your Social Net work and Bring More Followers As I said before, these readers who come from the guest blogs are more likely to stay on your blog for a longer period of time then the people who accidentally stumble upon your blog. These people are most likely to take interest on what you have written, how you have written and the most important fact is that they already have a positive feedback for you that’s why they are on your blog. There is huge chance that these people would like to come back for more. Some of them will subscribe for your blog’s newsletter and some of them will take social media platforms to stay connected with you. Make sure you present these reader with the light box popup where they can like your posts and pages. Make sure to use the best ones available. Do some research on Social media plugins for WordPress, I am sure you will find the best ones. A lots of them are available freely. When Should I Start Guest Blogging?
  5. 5. I am sure you must have this question in your mind and trust me you are not the first one or the last one who has this question. There is a huge possibility that you are confused and thinking that when should I start guest blogging and when is the right time for it. Well, you should not start guest blogging until: 1. You have a pretty good blog ready and setup. 2. You have at least 10- 20 (at least 10) readable with good English and Sense making posts in your blog related to your niche. 3. You are not able to find your own posts helpful for other. 4. You have all the resources like professional blog theme, plugins, social network ID’s setup etc. Remember one thing, the most important thing is that you need to relate yourself with the readers and If you are satisfied with your blog content then you are OK. Even if you are satisfied, and you get criticism then don’t worry as we all know there is always a scope for improvement. How To Choose Right Blogs For Guest Blogging? Once you are all set for guest blogging, then comes the time when you should start researching the best blogs you can do guest blogging for. you are not going to write for everybody but the best and the word “Best” means “The Best”. Now another question you will have is “how to determine which ones are the best blogs”. OK, you need to know and understand “what your needs are?” and “why are you writing guest posts?”. You are writing for high quality backlinks, huge amount of targeted traffic, authority and build a community. Use the following criteria to find the best blogs you can do guest blogging for : 1. High Page Rank: The blog you are going to write a guest post for, should have a high Page Rank. I would prefer a blog with Page Rank of 5 to 8. There are several free sites which let you find out the page rank of a website or blog for e.g. PRChecker and SmallSEOTools. 2. High Alexa Ranking: I would recommend that you go for the highest Alexa ranking blogs like 900 to 5000, but if you cannot, then not more then 15000. 3. Huge Amount of Traf f ic: The blog should have huge amount of traffic for example Check
  6. 6. their page ranks and amount of traffic they generate. Mostly big blogs will put this piece of information in their “About Us” section or page. 4. Must Have Guest Blogging Allowed: Well this is quite obvious but I am covering this point because you should not waste time targeting and writing a guest post for a blog which doesn’t even allow guest blogging. 5. What Niches They Allow Guest Blogging On: Select the ones which are related to your niche. Google it for best blogs in your niche. How To Get Accepted For Guest Blogging? Now once you have identified the blogs you are going to do guest blogging for, its time to make sure that you get accepted to these blogs for guest blogging. You should follow the following criteria to get accepted for almost all blogs to make a guest post. 1. A Great Tit le: Your post should have a great and appealing title. There is also a possibility that the blog owner may change the title of your post, so be prepared to accept that fact. 2. Int roduct ion, Body and Conclusion: Your post should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction of the post should set the readers expectations right and talks about the post in brief. The body is the soul of the post so try to make it as readable as possible for the reader and finish the post with a short conclusion. 3. No Duplicat e Cont ent : You should spend good amount of time in producing original content. 4. High Qualit y Art icle Wit h No Grammar Mist akes: Read your post again and again and try not to have any grammatical and spelling mistakes You can use the spell check feature of Microsoft Word to make sure of this part. 5. Art icle Lengt h: You must abide with the rules and guidelines of the guest blog and the minimum word count requirements for a post. Generally, it is 800- 1000 words. 6. Duplicat e Post : You should not produce a duplicate post on the same guest blog. The best practice is to evaluate the guest blog posts thoroughly to make sure that you are not going to duplicate an existing post. 7. Follow t he Rules and Guidelines: You should read all the rules and guidelines for the guest post on the guest blog to make sure that you don’t unintentionally violate any of them. 8. Pit ch Email or Cover Let t er: Write a polite email or cover letter to the blog owner about your post and submit it. Conclusion
  7. 7. Finally, I will now wrap up with a conclusion that guest blogging is an essential part of blogging. It tremendously helps in search engine optimiz ation (SEO) and your blog rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Guest blogging also helps in getting high quality backlinks, huge amount of targeted traffic, build a community and of course it will transform you into an authoritative speaker eventually. There is no reason for a second thought on whether Guest blogging is good or not, it definitely is and brings several benefits along.