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Future of Open Innovation


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Future of Open Innovation

  1. 1. MemetticaOutsourcing Model
  2. 2. www.panidea.comOur Story Panidea is a global network of senior managers with extensive experience in business and technology. We provide technology commercialization services to organizations seeking expertise from the marketplace. We believe the evaluation of technology is the beginning of the business development process.
  3. 3. Definition of the ProblemR & D Facilities are being outsourced Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Contract Services Patent Challenges to Collaboration Process Where does the talent go?
  4. 4. The Result of the Problem Loss of internal R & D resources and priorities Loss of risk takers in corporate environment Focus on short term problem horizon Avoidance of disruptive ideas People will risk their department, but not their careers
  5. 5. Evaluating Technologies –Four Examples Clothing TireSaving Device IV Device TB Test Device
  6. 6. Systems Open innovation is more than finding technologies to commercialize Determination of a problem to solve Creating alliances and relationships to solve long term problem Match technologies to combine research and ideas
  7. 7. Where is the ROI? Collaborative Strategies Risk Management Process and Services Product / Pipeline Development Disruptive and Sustaining Technologies Open Innovation
  8. 8. Memettica Advanced crowdsourcing Collaboration – use of ideas and technologies to present advanced problem solving techniques
  9. 9. Be disruptive Our problems are complex Our solutions must also be complex And you should always be disruptive, it’s the only way we get things done
  10. 10. www.panidea.comPanidea Inc.2802 Flintrock Trace, Suite 260Austin, TX 78738+1 (512) 522-0033Trey Gramann - CEO tgramann@panidea.comEarle Hager - COO