Do not open an encyclopedia of the world's best kept secrets mantesh


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Do not open an encyclopedia of the world's best kept secrets mantesh

  1. 1. VAMPIRES VERSUS Forms: can take different forms, including a bat, mist, and dust On the menu: the blood of the living, whether people or animals Preferred haunts: this homebody likes to hang out in its own castle or tomb Active: usually at night and always when hungry Strengths: superhuman senses, and mind control over victims Weaknesses: can’t look in a mirror, fear of garlic, sunlight, and crucifixes Distinguishing features: large fangs, deathly pale skin, red eyes, never casts a shadow To kill a vampire: drive a wooden stake through its heart, or expose it to sunlight In death: a vampire finally passes from the undead to the dead Vampire attack: victims either die or become the undead DID YOU KNOW? A trapdoor in a theater stage is called a vampire. Some legends say even fruit and vegetables will become vampires if bitten by one! Legend origins: Vlad the Impaler in 15th-century Romania; Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula To become a vampire: get bitten by one Definition: the undead—a person who should have passed on but who still inhabits the world of the living By the light of a silvery moon, two legendary creatures of the night prepare for a fight with some serious bite. In the blood-red corner is the vampire, eyes blazing and fangs gleaming, while in the werewolf’s neck of the woods, 240 241 Vampires versus werewolves
  2. 2. WEREWOLVES Forms: can take only one form On the menu: people—either living or dead Preferred haunts: a graveyard visit is the firm favorite Active: full moons bring out these hairy folks Strengths: stamina and speed, cunning and agility Weaknesses: definitely stands out in a crowd, plus silver causes werewolf skin to burn Distinguishing features: long narrow ears, sharp claws, thunderous howl To kill a werewolf: shoot a silver arrow or fire a silver bullet In death: a werewolf becomes a human again Werewolf attack: few can survive this savage attack DID YOU KNOW? 80% of Russian farmers believe in werewolves. In the 1990s, a string of man-eating wolf attacks were reported in Uttar Pradesh, India. To become a werewolf: be a 7th son of a 7th son, or born on December 24 Legend origins: stories from medieval times told by people living near woods and wolves Definition: a person who shape-shifts into a scary, hairy man-wolf claws glint in the moonlight and a spine-chilling howl echoes through the night. How will these monsters measure up, and who will put the frighteners on you? Feel the fear factor to decide the ultimate master of terror... For more monsters and spooks, see Spooky! on pp. 96–97 and Crazy zoo on pp. 236–239.