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Panduit Enteprise Network Infrastructure Security Solution


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Deck provides an overview of Panduit's Enterprise Network Infrastructure security solution, plus a summary of how Panduit achieved cost savings while deploying secure Enterprise solution in its own World Headquarters building. Go to for more information.

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Panduit Enteprise Network Infrastructure Security Solution

  1. 1. 9/23/2013 Network Infrastructure Security Solutions
  2. 2. Shifting Risk Environment Yesterday Today Locally managed and disconnected Globally distributed and managed enterprise Siloes of decisions making Collaborative multi-stakeholder environments Limited or siloes of capabilities Connected enterprise Limited or no integration Common Infrastructure (IP) A fundamental shift in today’s security operational models…
  3. 3. Panduit Security Strategy • Our Goal … to provide business support through high quality safety and security solutions while reducing costs • Our Mission …to provide higher level security operators who can effectively provide crisis management support for safety and security issues, while maintaining excellent customer service • Our Tools…to leverage IP technology, streamline and consolidate processes, applications and personnel, while providing a higher, more efficient, and reliable Security Operations Center. Our tools will also be capable of providing information to other buildings systems to take full advantage of automation Establish Policy (Education & Training) Monitor & React Investigate, Resolve, & Document Key Performance Measures
  4. 4. Unified Technology Roadmap M A N A G E D I N F R A S T R U C T U R E L O W E R T C O I N F O R M A T I O N - C E N T R I C R O I - D R I V E N Global Security Technology Infrastructure Identity Management Advanced tools & Analytics Security Systems Management Building Systems OPERATIONALIZED Correlate Information - Enterprise Notification Automate Response – Escalation Unify Credential Interoperability Energy Efficiency Automation
  5. 5. Panduit Employs Multiple Technologies to Create a Security Showcase at its New World Headquarters Facility
  6. 6. Old Access Control Architecture Serial / RS485 Networ k Central Controllers/ Access Panels Mgmt Server IP Network Door Control Panels • Complex and expensive to design, deploy and maintain • Not capable of incremental deployment : Upfront design cycle required • Separate power circuit required to power door hardware
  7. 7. Physical Security Integration Parking Lot Gate Integration • VoIP (SIP) based intercom integration with Cisco Unified Communications and gateway integration with gate system Turnstile Integration • Cisco Access Gateway Integration with Optical Turnstiles Building Mounting and Aesthetics • Custom built and painted mounts Parking Lot Camera deployment • Fiber to Ethernet media convertors in camera enclosures
  8. 8. New Access Control Benefits • PoE to the door • More reliable backup power • Link physical location and Identity Services to protect the corporate network • Allow network access to people physically at a location • Create location based policies for: – Applications on the cloud – Wireless and wired network access – VPN control
  9. 9. Unified Opportunities • What can they support in the future? – Physical security and operations (SOC) – Network security and operations (NOC) – Facilities operations – Emergency operations and mass communications – Customer service visitor management • Unified Operations Center • Business Resiliency
  10. 10. Remote Security from UOC • Associate all alarms with video for remote investigation: – Analytics – Gates – Access Control – Intrusion – Panic Alarms – Automatic External Defibulator (AED) alarms – Safety alarms (eye wash, lights out manuf., etc.) • Well developed security staff – guards to analysts • Contacts at local site (security, mgmt, ERT) • Good communications with those contacts • Good training with those contacts
  11. 11. The Results - ROI Security Equipment and Installation • HQ SOC and Software Integration • Domestic Facilities • Annual Labor Savings Simple Payback • 1.53 Years Facts • 590 Access Readers Domestically • 680 Security Cameras
  12. 12. Security Levels Defined • Low Security • Color coding - mate colored connector to same color adapter • Moderate Security • Keying + Color coding - physical geometry prevents unintentional mating of unlike connectors and adapters • High Security – • Add Lock-in/Block-out devices • Prevents removal of connector from adapter • Prevents insertion of connector into adapter
  13. 13. Panduit Network Physical Security Solutions • Solutions target safeguarding of network connections by deterring unauthorized access or changes to the network and/or critical components • Limit access • Improve system maintenance • Theft deterrent Patch Panels VoIP Phones Faceplates
  14. 14. Keyed Copper System Comprehensive solution consisting of: •UTP and Shielded •Jacks and patch cords •Pre-terminated and field terminable •Cat6a, Cat6 and Cat5e performance levels
  15. 15. Comprehensive solution consisting of: • Opti-Core® Fiber Optic Patch Cords • Mini-Com® Adapter Modules • Opticom® Fiber Adapter Panels • Fiber Optic LC Connectors • Pre-terminated and field terminable in single mode, multimode and OM3 15 Keyed LC Fiber System
  16. 16. Removal Tool Lock-In •Patch Cord Lock-in • Designed for use with standard patch cords •LC Patch Cord Lock-in • Designed for use with standard patch cords Block Out • RJ45 Block Out Device • LC and SC Block Out Devices • USB Block Out Device Physical Security Devices – Lock-In Block Out
  17. 17. Tamper Resistant and Lockable Products • Mini-Com® Tamper Resistant Faceplate • Prevent unauthorized access to the connections • Made of impact resistant material • QuickNet™ Plug Pack with Lock-In Device • Prevents unintentional removal from the switch • Marker tie (included) connects plug pack and lock-in device for additional level of security •Pan-Way® Surface Raceway • Designed to route, protect and conceal data, voice, video, fiber-optic and/or power cabling • Tamper resistant • Net-Access™ and Net-SERV™ Cabinets • Provide a complete, optimized physical infrastructure solution for all switch and server architectures •Include lockable doors
  18. 18. Summary of Benefits • Laying the foundation for success- – Build the right team – Seek out partners both strategic and internal – Do the pre-work • Keep an open mind- – Technologies are changing rapidly – New players are emerging – New benefits are being revealed