Panduit DCIM Solution Overview


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Panduit Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform and PViQ Intelligent Hardware combine for a comprehensive data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution. This intelligent software and hardware provides data center professionals greater staff productivity and visibility of all data center assets along with their connectivity, locations, and relationships. PIM™ solutions allow you to discover, visualize, model, control, report, predict and manage all physical data center assets including the ability to simply deploy new assets and plan capacity for future growth. PIM™ solutions can also help control energy costs, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency.

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Panduit DCIM Solution Overview

  1. 1. 1Panduit Unified Physical Infrastructure Solutions SM Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solutions 3/7/2012
  2. 2. 2Common Data Center and Extended EnterprisePain Points and NeedsPain Points Needs• Managing increasing data • Critical IT asset information for center scale and complexity change management and• Lack of visibility into planning enterprise facilities • Monitoring of highly distributed g g y• Optimization of existing resources IT assets and assets • Integrations with asset• Inconsistent, highly manual, management, network Interdependencies error-prone processes management, and service desk g are more critical• Lack of end-to-end visibility of full platforms asset lifecycle, including physical • Reporting, dashboard location and relevant asset visualization, and analytics• Difficulty ensuring assets support business unit operational and planning requirements• Current asset management systems don’t track moves of IT assets t
  3. 3. Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) Approach• Flexible, end-to-end UPI-based solutions help meet business and technology challenges head on for a smarter unified business foundation smarter, foundation. • Mitigate Risk – Efficient physical infrastructure management enables seamless integration to reduce risks which can occur throughout the network • Lower Cost – Panduit physical infrastructure solutions drive financial advantages to reduce energy and occupancy costs, and help secure competitive advantage • Increase Agility – A high level of integration within the physical infrastructure enables flexibility and improved business agility • Enhance Sustainability – UPI-based solution offerings enable organizations to meet sustainability goals by driving resource g yg y g and energy efficiencies across the physical infrastructure Unified Physical Infrastructure The UPI approach enables organizations to connect, manage and automate critical systems and drive operational, financial and sustainability advantages, allowing your business to minimize risk, lower cost, and heighten agility and reliability.
  4. 4. Panduit’s Intelligent Data Center Solution ElementsIntelligent Software and Hardware Complete data center infrastructure management (DCIM) through monitoring of and management of critical physical layer resources.Professional Advisory Services Migration to next generation solutions, mitigating risks in consolidation solutions and virtualization, and achieving greater energy and real-estate efficiency.Energy Efficient Cabinets Cooling conservation for greater thermal management and energy efficiency.Pre-Configured Offerings Reduce implementation time and costs by delivering a pre-engineered, pre-tested and validated modular solution optimized for high technology platforms.High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) Copper and Fiber Cabling Systems Ease of deployment and proven performance to ensure availability, reliability and scalability of mission critical systems.Physical Infrastructure Foundation Ensuring reliability, agility, and security to drive business advantages and overall success.
  5. 5. 5Panduit’s Physical Infrastructure Management OfferingPhysical-to-Logical Network Views Layers 2-8Panduit’s Physical Infrastructure MP d it’ Ph i l I f t t Manager™(PIM™) Software Platform visibilityextends beyond networkconnectivity to include IT assets,power, environment and space toensure available:• Asset tracking and utilization g• Power capacity Layers 0-1• Thermal capacity• Spatial capacity• Resource capacity
  6. 6. 6PIM™ Solution• Structured modular-based offering – Customize module mix based on business needs – Enables easy deployment of additional functionality• Available modules include: – Asset – Power – Connect – Dashboards & Reports – Enterprise – Integration Modules• Integrations with leading: – Asset management systems – Network management systems – Change management systems g g y• Works seamlessly with Panduit PanView iQ™ system hardware and third-party networked assets
  7. 7. 7PIM™ Software Platform BenefitsPIM™ software monitors physicallayer attributes in real-time to: y• Track IT assets• Mitigate business risks• Drive operational advantages p g and sustainability benefits• Reduce OPEX and CAPEX• Optimize capacity management• Support centralized, remote management• D li Deliver a single pane of glass i l f l to drive efficiency
  8. 8. 8PIM™ Advanced Dashboard and Reports Module• An “out of the box” set of pre-defined metrics – Provides visibility into operational metrics that include crucial parameters needed to manage a data center – Power, Space, Connectivity and Asset Tracking – through a set of pre-defined reports and dashboards with advanced visualization – Sample dashboard metrics: • Space, power and connectivity availability metrics • N b of assets categorized i various Number f t t i d in i predefined states – Sample reporting metrics: • Assets by Model Type report • Virtual machine summary report • PViQ Port Utilization report• Allows end users great degree of flexibility – Creation of Custom reports and dashboards• Rich, intuitive and easy-to-use visual interface
  9. 9. 9PIM™ Asset Tracker Module• Flexible process flows and procedures support tagging, movement and tracking of physical IT assets – Can be augmented through data exchange between PIM™ software and a mobile data entry device*• Receive visual notification of ON/OFF network device status• View complete historical asset location records• Create a repository of asset details• Define custom asset attributes and status• Integrate with third-party asset management systems* M bil d t entry d i purchased separately, see PIM A Mobile data t device h d t l PIM-Asset tspecification sheet for more details
  10. 10. 10PIM™ Power Module• Monitor power usage via hardware from – Panduit – APC – Geist – ServerTech – Avocent• Set thresholds – Voltage – Current – Power• Receive alerts – Threshold violations – Circuit breaker trip• View graphical trending data
  11. 11. 11PIM™ Power Module• Power Outlet Unit Monitoring – Includes temperature and humidity monitoring when data is available• View graphical trending data• Set thresholds – Temperature – Humidity• Receive alerts – Threshold violation – View graphical trending data
  12. 12. 12PIM™ Connectivity Module• Manage both data center and extended enterprise (telco l (t l closets) with real-time t ) ith l ti connectivity updates – PViQ™ patch panels – Automated device moves – Automated documentation• Map active and passive end-to-end connectivity – Trace patch cord ends – View port-level connectivity
  13. 13. 13PIM™ Base Module• Organize location hierarchy• Search and locate devices quickly• Automatically discover device information – Device Name – IP – MAC – Location – Port Names• View/edit device details – Virtual container – Graphical views p – Interactive floor plan – Event management – D t il d reports Detailed t• Task Manager for work orders
  14. 14. 14PIM™ Task Manager• Schedule physical infrastructure tasks using PIM• Reservations are made for Connectivity or RU space to coordinate installation or removal of devices• Requires third-party software to originate work orders (BMC or AyaNova connectors available)• Asset details and device information shared between PIM and third-party software
  15. 15. 15PIM™ Device Catalog and Rack View• Device catalog – 1000+ common devices – Device attributes – Visualization/modeling – Device/discovery mapping• R k view Rack i – Physical view of entire rack – Rack capacity information – Rack RU reservation data – Zoom functionality – Front and back views – Device data
  16. 16. 16PIM™ System Administration Features• Manage users• Define user groups• Assign permissions• Configure e-mail notification• Schedule network discoveries• Customize devices• Forward events• Set global attributes• View unauthorized network devices
  17. 17. 17Remote Management• Centralized management of remote sites – Device status – Asset inventory – Real-time events – Monitored capacities – Central repository of infrastructure details
  18. 18. 18Automated Documentation and Alerts• Real-time events enable automation – Identify network device Moves/Adds/Changes – Log patch field updates – Notify user of asset status y – Reduce MTTR – Enforce SLAs – Detect unauthorized devices – Streamline audits – Monitor 24/7
  19. 19. 19Optimize Resources• Capacity monitoring – Map locations of available devices and rooms – RU availability – Power monitoring g – Thermal and humidity environmental monitoring – Network port capacity • Switch port utilization • Patch cord utilization
  20. 20. 20Integration of Panduit Solution with System Software
  21. 21. 21PIM™ Advisory Services• Fully certified PIM™ Software implementation specialists to support you in “Getting Started” g• Our team leverages proven and tested deployment best practices and a well- orchestrated methodology to help maximize the value of your investment• Several services packages are available• This deployment consists of an implementation that is a large enough sample to: – Determine the best plan for the completion of the PIM™ implementation – Serve as an example for the remaining implementation – Provide dedicated training to effectively manage and maintain PIM™ – Determine if the engagement would best be completed by your team, by engaging Panduit Professional Services, or a combination of internal resources augmented by Panduit P f t d b P d it Professional S i i l Services t support full-scale to t f ll l implementation – Set you and your team up for a successful deployment of the PIM™ solution
  22. 22. 22PIM™ Software Modules• Mix and match to meet your current data center needs• Pricing based on number of cabinets/racks managed• Easily expand system to include additional modules to drive increased value and return on investment• Future modules will be backwards compatible with all modules Part # Description PIM‐BASE Base Module Operating System PIM‐ASSET Asset Tracking & Utilization PIM‐CONNECT Connectivity Management PIM‐ENT Enterprise Connectivity Management per building PIM‐DASHBOARD Advanced Dashboard and Reports PIM‐POWER Power Outlet Unit Monitoring PIM‐IBMINT IBM Tivoli Connector PIM‐MSFTINT Microsoft SCOM Connector PIM‐BMCINT BMC Remedy Work Order Connector PIM‐AYAINT Ayanova Work Order Connector PIM‐MEDIA Software and Documentation
  23. 23. Panduit Core Business• Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure and mitigate risk through simplification, increased agility and operational efficiency• Independent leader since 1955• Global presence, local focus and customization• 4,000+ employees• 112 countries of operation• Solutions approach pp – Data centers – Enterprise networks – Industrial automation
  24. 24. 24For More Information• Visit Panduit’s Software Website -• E-Mail: and please include your name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, country and the description of information you are seeking.