Enterprise Networks for Connected Buildings


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Panduit Enterprise Networks enable the deployment of the most advanced network infrastructure architectures for optimum performance, scalable growth, and network security. This presentation describes the component elements of the Panduit Enterprise Networks solution, including information on Panduit copper and fiber optic cabling and connectivity.

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  • Improving Business Agility and FlexibilityPanduit provides technology leadership and consultative guidance to allow organizations the maximum design flexibility during theplanning, commissioning, and operation of their enterprise network. Panduit Enterprise Networks enable the deployment of the mostadvanced network infrastructure architectures for optimum performance, scalable growth, and network security.Reducing Operational RiskAs organizations aggressively converge building automation, business information (voice, data, video), and asset managementover IP networks, it becomes increasingly important to have a very robust and reliable physical network infrastructure.Panduit Enterprise Networks allow organizations the ability to optimize risk management in order to improve enterprise informationmanagement and lower operating costs.Optimizing Organizational DecisionsPanduit Enterprise Networks enable enterprises to deploy the most advanced network infrastructure architectures in order to facilitateusage of management decision making tools. Enterprise operating cost data (including energy) is collected onto a comprehensive"dashboard" providing visibility into an enterprise's strategic decision making process. With an optimized enterprise network, anorganization’s strategies can be based on driving economic forces, the competitive environment, and plans for growth.Proven Experience, Proven ResultsPanduit Professional Services helps organizations optimize their physical infrastructure to best support the technologies required to achievetheir business goals. Together with our Business Partners, Panduit Professional Services can help your company take the right steps toassess, design, implement, and manage the physical infrastructure the full value of your IT and technology investments.
  • It started with a simple and direct vision for
  • It started with a simple and direct vision for
  • It started with a simple and direct vision for
  • Raised floor; Under floor air & cable management; integrated architecture, technology, and furniture Enables complete flexibility, even with a private offices and traditional panelized workstation componentsHow it all comes together (Haworth video plays next)
  • Raised floor; Under floor air & cable management; integrated architecture, technology, and furniture Enables complete flexibility, even with a private offices and traditional panelized workstation componentsHow it all comes together (Haworth video plays next)
  • Raised floor; Under floor air & cable management; integrated architecture, technology, and furniture Enables complete flexibility, even with a private offices and traditional panelized workstation componentsHow it all comes together (Haworth video plays next)
  • Here we have J-supports outlined in the previous slide along with:Middle row - Low voltage brackets: For both retro-fit and new construction. These brackets are compatible with Panduit faceplates. Bottom row – Bridle rings – not for High Performance Cable Top Right – Cable gripper - Used to hold cables in position - Metal Stud Grommets – protect cable from sharp metal
  • Network ties are used to secure cable along its entire pathway, from desktop to data closet. Panduit offers both Hook & Loop and Elastomeric ties for bundling high performance communications cables.
  • (Optional)Panduit cabinet and rack systems offer a portfolio of innovative products with modular designs offers greater thermal management and energy efficiency, as well as accessibility, flexibility and effective space utilization while managing, showcasing and protecting equipment.Revolutionary design The NET-ACCESS™ Cabinet combines the aesthetics and security of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack. Innovative features provide superior cable management, optimized thermal management, and simplified grounding in a single solution.Compatibility The NET-ACCESS™ Cabinet has tested compatible with Cisco MDS 9513 and Catalyst 6509 switches, passing rigorous testing and meeting strict interoperability requirements.Accessibility Panduit rack systems allow complete flexibility for a wide range of cable and equipment combinations. They enable the effortless routing and organization of cable for ease of installation and future maintenance.The Panduit NET-ACCESS™ Cabinet systemSuperior cable management for better organization of power and data cablesOptimized thermal management to address current and future power and thermal requirementsSingle point grounding for simplified installationOpen-rack accessibility with the aesthetics and security of a cabinetScalability for future network / data center expansions
  • It started with a simple and direct vision for
  • Enterprise Networks for Connected Buildings

    1. 1. Enterprise NetworksEnabling a Smart andConnected Building
    2. 2. 2Enterprise Networks for Connected Buildings• Improving Business Agility and Flexibility• Reducing Operational Risk• Optimizing Organizational Risk• Proven Experience, Proven
    3. 3. 3Panduit’s Connected Building Vision Going ForwardTo Provide Solutions forSMART Buildings• Engineering intelligent, modular, and scalable solutions to optimize operational costsTo Be Technology Leaders• Investing in software and hardware solutions to empower converged networks and to enable asset managementTo Be Trusted Advisors• Leveraging our industry knowledge and our experience in building a new LEED Gold Certified world headquarters building
    4. 4. 4Enterprise Networks - Integrated, Leading-EdgeTechnology• Work Area and Conference Rooms• Zone Enclosures• Telecommunication Room• Building Data Center• Operations Center• Entrance Facility• Backbone /Campus Cabling Systems• Central Plant
    5. 5. 5Enterprise Networks - Integrated, Leading-EdgeProducts• Copper and Fiber Cabling Systems • Power over Ethernet Systems• Pre-Terminated Copper and Fiber • Surface Raceway Systems Solutions • Labeling and Identification• Cabinets, Racks and • Faceplates and Modular Furniture Cable, Management Outlets• Zone and Wireless Enclosure • Wire Management Systems Systems • Media Distribution Systems• Overhead/Underfloor Cable Routing • Physical Security Systems Systems• Power and Grounding Systems• Physical Infrastructure Management Systems
    6. 6. 6Networked - Work AreaA Well-Planned, Unified Physical Infrastructure“Future-Proofs” the Work Environment• Robust copper cabling systems for advanced PoE applications• Pre-terminated cabling for quick installation• Flexible and protective cable routing systems• Clear identification, increased network security, and enhanced functionality
    7. 7. 7Networked - Work AreaEnd-to-End Copper Cabling Systems•UTP and Shielded Category 6A, 6, and 5eCopper Cabling Systems – Horizontal Cable – Modular Jacks – Stranded Patch Cords – Data Patch Panels•Mini-Com® Modular Patch Panels – 24 – 48 Port Flat and Angled – 24-Port All Metal Panels – High Density Flat and Angled•Designed to Support Emerging Technologies – Voice over IP – Advanced PoE applications – HD Video – Desktop Virtualization
    8. 8. 8Networked - Work AreaPre-Terminated QuickNet™ Copper Cabling Systems• Factory-Tested Copper Cabling Systems Assures “Plug-In” Network Deployment• Six Cables Bundled Together with Flexible Termination Options• Available in Cat 6A and Cat 6 Systems• Available as Cat6 Shielded or Cat6A/Cat6 Unshielded Solutions• Customizable to Unique Customer Requirements – Length, connector type, labeling, color, etc.
    9. 9. Networked - Work AreaMini-Com® Outlet Products - Copper• Faceplates*• Surface Mount Boxes*• Modular Patch Panels*• Patch Panel Accessories• Audio/Video Modules• Media Distribution System*Various port densities available
    10. 10. Networked - Work AreaSpecialty Boxes • 6-port Mini-Com® MuTOA • 6-port Hybrid • 12-port angled
    11. 11. 11Networked - Work AreaPanWay® Raceway Solutions • Provides maximum flexibility for routing, protecting and concealing high performance cables: – Copper, voice, video, fiber-optic and electrical wiring • Full complement of fittings that are designed to maintain proper: – Bend radius control – Channel capacity – Separation in applications requiring both data cabling and power wiring • Tamper resistant and protects sensitive cabling from accidental damage, and physical contact with electrical wiring
    12. 12. 12Networked - Work AreaUnderfloor Wire Basket Pathway The GridRunner™ Underfloor Cable Routing System provides a flexible and scalable pathway for cable routed between the telecommunication rooms and zone consolidation points • System scalability and design flexibility - Four sizes: 21x4, 21x6, 12x4, 12x6 - Two different lengths: 2 foot, 4 foot - Robust and reliable systems that protect cabling - All rounded edges - Snap-in bend radius control • Pedestal Brackets - Install quickly - Bond to pedestal during installation
    13. 13. 13Networked - Work AreaJ-Supports •J-Mod® is a modular system which utilizes 2” J-Supports that can be assembled into multiple configurations •J-Pro™ supports are individual units available from ¾” to 4” sizes J-MOD™ BOTH systems offer: • Complete horizontal and vertical 1” bend radius control • UL 2043 and CAN/ULC S102.2 approvals – for use in air handling spaces • Non-Metallic J-Supports • Multiple mounting options J-PRO™
    14. 14. 14Networked - Work AreaIdentification• Properly identified networks enable quick resolution of infrastructure issues and faster, more accurate MACs• Complete network infrastructure identification solution – Copper and Fiber Cables – Equipment and assets – Pathways & Fire stops – Grounding and Bonding – Work areas• Unique identification products designed specifically for network applications – Labels for strong holding power to rough, textured, and powder coated surfaces – Cable labels that can be rotated and repositioned on the cable to provide better visibility
    15. 15. 15Networked - Work AreaLabel Printers and Software • Reduce installation time using computer generated labels and portable handheld label printers • Increased network reliability through a TIA-606A compliant labeled facility – Labeling software aids in the creation of TIA-606A compliant identifiers – Meet the requirement for machine generated network labels • Complete systems for label production – Portable, handheld label printing system – Desktop, thermal transfer printers – Label creation software
    16. 16. 16Networked - Conference RoomCollaborative and Social Work Environment to AccelerateProductivity• Enabling the latest video conferencing technology to reduce travel expenses, reduce carbon footprint, and improve employee work/life balance• Comprehensive product set of audio/video modules to support all multi-media applications• Industry leading wireless enclosures to support workplace mobility
    17. 17. 17Networked - Conference RoomPanZone® Wireless Access Point (WAP) EnclosuresDeploy the latest WiFi technology ina secure, aesthetic format• Wide Range of Options – Access point mounting configurations to support IEEE 802.11a, b, g and n standards – Design flexibility to deploy WAP using PoE or conventional 110V Power – Wall mount or suspended ceiling – Eliminates cutting the ceiling tile by replacing standard 2 x 2’ ceiling tile• Security – Lockable for security – Matched keying for convenience
    18. 18. Networked - Conference RoomHDMI Module and USB Coupler • High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) delivers audio and video signals in digital format • Allows users to feed video information from digital video processor (DVD) to the display (LCD) • HDMI 1.3 Type A (19 pins) Female to Female category 2 module supports all HDTV formats • Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0) coupler Type A provides high data transfer rate, allowing communication between a number of devices such as scanners, digital cameras, printers, flash drives, power cords, etc. • Supports cable lengths of up to15 ft. between devices
    19. 19. Networked - Conference RoomMini-Com® RCA and S-Video Modules/Couplers• RCA - Most common connector used in audio/Video equipment• Available in punchdown and pass-through termination styles• Different color insulators assist in identifying the connection• Individually mounted to Mini-Com® Module or pre-mounted to 1/3 inserts in sets of three (RGB and WYR)• S Video - Available for transmission of Video and Data signals• Punchdown termination accepts 24-22 AWG solid or stranded conductors• Pass-through coupler (4-pin min DIN) most common
    20. 20. Networked - Conference RoomMini-Com® 9 and 15 pin D-Subminiature Modules• Most common connector found on computers for audio and video applications 9-Pin High Density• Available in 9 and 15 pin female to female Pre-mounted to 1/3 high density versions pre-mounted to a 1/3 Insert insert• 15 pin high density version also available in a 15-Pin High screw down termination style or a dual Density module Pre-mounted to 1/3• Empty dual module base also available to Insert accept solder or crimp type connectors• Available in five standard module colors 15-Pin Screw Down Termination 15-Pin Dual Module
    21. 21. Networked - Conference Room Mini-Com® Work Area Video/Audio Modules and Couplers RCA HDMI15 pin HD D-sub 5 way binding post S-Video 3.5 mm F-type USB
    22. 22. 22Networked - Zone EnclosuresScalable Architectures To Enhance Business Agility• Flexible Zone Enclosures for Open Architecture Designs• Increases Network Manageability, Accessibility, and Efficiency• Reduces Telecommunication Room Congestion• Centralized Fiber Backbone Cables can be used to extend the reach of your network beyond copper limitations
    23. 23. 23PanZone® Zone EnclosureWork Area Raised Floor EnclosureCabling consolidation for Modernbuilding systems with raised floors• Accessibility to connections – Allows access to the patch field within the local work area without removing floor tiles – Rapid deployment of connections – Reduces cable congestion• Aesthetic design – Mounts in a raised floor environment and can be concealed with office flooring – Lockable for security from intrusion/damage• Modularity – Accepts Mini-Com® Copper or Fiber Modules that snap in and out to simplify moves, adds, and changes
    24. 24. 24PanZone® Zone EnclosureIn-Ceiling Zone EnclosureBuild centralized or distributed networkzone architectures• Accessibility to connections – Active or passive consolidation – Allows access to the patch field within the local work ceiling – Rapid deployment of connections – Reduces cable congestion•Reduce floor space – Minimizes floor space required in telecommunications equipment room to relieve congestion• Modularity – Accepts standard Patch Panels
    25. 25. 25PanZone® Zone EnclosurePanZone® Wall Mount CabinetA zone cabling solution for connecting up to96 users in the absence of atelecommunications room• Configure active as a distributed network – Supports networking equipment including Switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). – Thermal management for proper climate control when used with active equipment.• Configure passive as a consolidation point – Accepts any standard 19” EIA patch panels• Up to 250lb load rating – Structurally engineered design allows cabinet to open freely for easy operation even under maximum load capacity• Security – Lockable for security – Matched keying for convenience
    26. 26. 26PanZone® Zone EnclosurePanZone® Active Wall Mount EnclosureFunctions as a Mini TelecommunicationRoom•Accessibility to connections – Allows access to the patch field local to the work area – Rapid deployment of connections – Reduces cable congestion•Active low profile wall mount solution – Holds up to 3 RU of passive product and up to 3 RU of active equipment, while providing multiple cable entry/exit points via optional knockout points• Security – Lockable for security – Matched keying for convenience
    27. 27. Zone EnclosureMedia Distribution Product Offerings •Provides voice, video, and data applications (commonly referred to as triple-play services) throughout a office •Uses customizable hubs and patch panels installed within the enclosure •Enclosures includes: – Advanced 14” and 24” Base – 14” and 24” Hinged Door w/lock – Basic 14” and 24” Enclosures (w/screw cover) – Phone Distribution Hub – Phone Expansion Hub – Category 5e Data Hub – 8-Port Modular Patch Panel – 1x4 & 1x8 Passive Video Splitters
    28. 28. 28Zone EnclosureCable Accessories for Building ConstructionBrackets, Grommets, Rings• Low Voltage Brackets – Compatible with Panduit face plates – Suitable for retrofit or new installations• Bridle Rings – For use with alarm wire or POTS cable - not for high performance cable• Cable Stud Accessories – Position and protect cables from sharp metal stud edges
    29. 29. 29Networked - Telecommunication RoomAggregation of Enterprise Network and Building ControlSystems• Functional, modular, and scalable work area solutions to expand quickly as business needs evolve• Modular cable management rack systems for: – High density network equipment – Aesthetically pleasing infrastructure – Flexibility to facilitate system upgrades now and in the future
    30. 30. 30Networked - Telecommunication RoomEnd-to-End QuickNet™ Fiber Cabling Systems • Complete Single Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Solutions – OM4, OM3, OM2, OM1 Multi-Mode Fiber Cable – OS2/OS1 Single Mode Fiber Cable – LC, SC, ST, FJ Fiber Connectors – MPO/MTP, LC, SC, ST, FC, MT-RJ Adapter Modules – LC, SC, ST, MT-RJ, FC Adapter Panels – QuickNet ™ SFQ and MTP Cassettes – Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Pigtails, and Cable Assemblies • Pre-Polished Connectors and Field Polished Connectors offer termination selections • Keyed LC System to prevent unauthorized mating and ensure security
    31. 31. 31 Networked - Telecommunication Room OptiCom® Fiber Enclosures• Suitable for all pre-terminated, fielded terminated, or field-spliced applications• Integral bend radius control and cable management for fiber optic patch cords• Up to four fiber cassettes per rack unit for maximum patch field density• Offered in 1RU, 2RU, and 4RU configurations• Innovative rear cable management for proper slacking/ spooling of truck cable break-outs and interconnect cables
    32. 32. 32Networked - Telecommunication RoomDPoE™ Power Over Ethernet Solutions• Reliable, cost-effective solutions for the deployment of emerging PoE™ (Power over Ethernet) applications, such as: – IP security cameras – IP Telephony – IP mobility via wireless access points• Enable network modularity and scalability to grow the network as needed• Provide redundant powering to reduce risk and diminish downtime• Meets the demands of emerging high-power devices with 2X power (up to 32 watts) from the DPoE™ Compact 8 Midspan
    33. 33. 33Networked - Telecommunication RoomRack Systems• Reliable foundation for all data center and telecommunications room equipment• Full solution set – Range of depths and heights for any equipment size or layout• Thermal Management – Thermal ducting for switches• Scalable – Vertical patching options. – A range of POU mounting options – Accessories for over rack and under floor patching
    34. 34. 34Networked - Telecommunication RoomVertical Cable Management• PatchRunner™ High Density space saving solutions reduce floor space usage by up to 35%• Full cabling solutions – With angled patch panels, maximize density and utilization of rack space – Vertical patching options to allow patching in the vertical manager instead of the rack• Cable management for the latest high performance switchgear – Large capacity vertical managers for Category 6A cabling – Models for telecommunications rooms.• Mitigate risk – Integral bend radius protects cabling and maintains network reliability
    35. 35. 35Networked - Telecommunication RoomNetManager™ High Capacity Horizontal Cable ManagementManage, protect, and showcase cablerouting• High density – Wide front finger openings easily accommodate up to Category 6A and Category 6 copper cables speeding installation and reducing maintenance costs.• Easy Access – Covers open 110 degrees to the top or bottom to provide complete access to the horizontal pathway.• Mitigate risk – Integral bend radius protects cabling and maintains network reliability
    36. 36. 36Networked - Telecommunication RoomOverhead Cable Tray Pathway Wyr-Grid™ Overhead Cable Tray System provides a flexible and scalable pathway for cable routed between the telecommunication rooms and zone consolidation points • Wyr-Grid ™ is a metallic pathway system offered in four different widths: 12”, 18”, 24” and 30”. • Optional snap-on sidewalls • Snap-on Waterfalls require no cutting of the pathway and can be repositioned as changes are made • Straight and Intersection Splice components mechanically bond pathways together ensuring electrical continuity • Maintains load rating at all intersections • Seamless integration with FiberRunner™ Pathways and cable management racks
    37. 37. 37Networked - Telecommunication RoomNetwork Cable Ties• Applications: • Patch Cords • Horizontal Cabling • Desktop • Within Cabinets/Racks• Selection • Tak-Ty®: Rolls, Ties, Bricks • Plenum Rated Tak-Ty® • Tape-Ty™ – NEW PRODUCT!! • Tak-Tape® Rolls • Ultra-Cinch™ Ties • Elastomeric Ties
    38. 38. 38Networked - Building Data CenterIntegrating Building Automation and Asset Management toReduce Operational Risk• Integrated software and hardware products designed to maximize: • Real estate utilization • Thermal management • Network security • Asset management • Network uptime• Integration of building automation devices and IP network systems
    39. 39. 39Networked - Building Data CenterCopper and Fiber Connectivity and Cabling• High Performance Technology – 10 Gigabit Ethernet – Fiber Channel – InfiniBand• Pre-Terminated Options – 75% faster deployments – Integrated copper/fiber optic combinations – High density applications• High Speed Data Transport – Category 6A Transport System – SFP+ Transport System – OM3 Fiber Optic Transport System – OM4 Fiber Optic Transport System
    40. 40. 40Networked - Building Data CenterPIM™ Software Platform BenefitsPIM™ software monitors physicallayer attributes in real-timethroughout the enterprise to:• Track IT assets• Mitigate business risks• Drive operational advantages and sustainability benefits• Reduce OPEX and CAPEX• Optimize capacity management• Support centralized, remote management• Deliver a single pane of glass to drive efficiency
    41. 41. 41Networked - Building Data CenterPIM™ Software Platform Features• Manage both data center and extended enterprise (telcomm rooms) with real-time connectivity updates – PViQ™ patch panels – Automated device moves – Automated documentation• Centralized management of remote sites – Guided moves, adds and changes – Device status and real-time events – Asset inventory• Map active and passive end-to-end connectivity• View/edit device details – Graphical views, interactive floor plan – Event management and detailed reports• Task Manager
    42. 42. 42Networked - Building Data CenterPanView iQ™ (PViQ™) Networked Power Outlet Units• Power Outlet Units can be integrated with the Panduit PIM™ Software Platform to enable intelligent management of the in-cabinet power usage• System helps to: – Quickly identify and resolve power issues – Find and reclaim available or underutilized power capacity – Automate collection of real-time accurate power information• The vertical power outlet units are available with 30, 60 and 80 Amp circuits
    43. 43. 43Networked - Building Data CenterNet-Access™ and NetSERV™ CabinetsManage, protect, and showcase installations• Accessible pathways – Improves speed of installations / maintenance• Thermal management – Cabinet system ducting – Ventilation paths – Perforated doors – Air sealing fittings – Reduces energy costs of a typical data center by 25% or more
    44. 44. 44Networked - Building Data CenterOverhead Fiber Routing Pathway Solutions • FiberRunner® used to segregate, route and protect fiber optic data cabling within telecommunication rooms, enterprise and connected buildings – FiberRunner ® is non-metallic and offered in five different sizes: 2x2, 4x4, 6x4, 12x4 and 24x4 – Provides 2” bend radius control at all intersections and directional changes – Snap-on covers provide physical protection throughout – Spill-out fittings allow cables to transition down into racks and cabinets
    45. 45. 45Networked - Building Data CenterStructuredGround™ Grounding SystemsProtect network equipment andpersonnel• Provides protection of personnel and equipment – Critical factor for reliable and efficient network performance – NEBS level 3 compliant components – Helps prevent property / equipment damage due to lightning
    46. 46. 46Networked - Building Data CenterNetwork Accessories • CoolBoot™ Raised Floor Assembly reduces bypass airflow through cable cutouts in raised floor applications, improving cooling efficiency • Vertical D-Rings have highly flexible arms for inserting cable bundles and are compatible with EIA hole spacing • Tooless Blanking Panels for racks and enclosures: 1 and 2 RU, Round and Square hole compatible
    47. 47. 47Networked – Operations CenterEnables Organizations to have a Secure, Robust, and ReliablePhysical Infrastructure• Central area to monitor, process and respond to building security, environmental and network information• Deters unauthorized network access and physical system changes• Allows information to be shared across various applications
    48. 48. 48Networked – Operations CenterPANDUIT Keyed LC Fiber Optic System • Modular end-to-end keyed connectivity and media system • Mechanically differentiated keying – Features color-coded keys for visual network identification to prevent unauthorized MACs • Provides true keying functionality and strict intermateability – Limiting functionality to specific key, and preventing functionality with other keyed and non-keyed connector products • Innovative lock-in/lock-out components – Provides ultimate security by limiting MACs to authorized personnel who possess the universal tool • Keyed LC Opticam Connectors – Pre-polished cam termination with yield rates approaching 100% – Delivers a lower total cost of ownership
    49. 49. Networked - Conference RoomCopper RJ45 Jack Blockout Device• Blocks unauthorized access to jacks• Does not interfere with contact pins• Compatible with most RJ45 jacks• Not used on keyed solutions• Can be installed and removed without interfering with adjacent jacks• May only be removed using special removal tool for enhanced security and safety• Kit contains ten blockout devices and one removal tool SM
    50. 50. Networked - Conference RoomCopper RJ45 Plug Lock-in Device• Tamper resistant design blocks unauthorized removal of network cable• Deters unauthorized users from moving or stealing VoIP phones• Increases uptime• Kit supplied with 20 lock-in devices and one installation / removal tool• Available in different colors for ease of networking identification SM
    51. 51. 51Networked - Backbone CablingRobust Cabling Solutions for High Speed Data Transport• Advanced fiber optic cabling systems to support: – Support current 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s applications – Provides clear migration path for future 40/100 Gb/s applications• Rugged cabling solutions for outside plant enterprise applications
    52. 52. 52Networked - Backbone CablingFiber Indoor Backbone Cables• Opti-Core® Fiber OS1/OS2 Single-Mode Distribution Cabling Solutions – Supports 10 Gb/s applications up to 10 km with 10GBASE-LX transceiver type – Supports 10 Gb/s applications up to 40 km with 10GBASE-EX transceiver type• Opti-Core® Fiber OM3/OM4 Multi-Mode Distribution Cabling Solutions – OM3 and OM4 fiber cables support 10 Gb/s applications up to 300 meters with 10GBASE-SR/SW transceiver type – OM4 fiber cables 10 Gb/s applications up to 550 meters with 10GBASE-SR/SW transceiver type• Opti-Core® Indoor Interlocking Armored Cabling Solutions – Eliminates the need for inner duct or conduit to provide a smaller crush resistant pathway for lower installed cost – Riser and plenum rated versions in single-mode (OS1/OS2) and multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 laser optimized) fiber cables provide maximum design flexibility
    53. 53. 53Networked - Backbone CablingFiber Campus Backbone Cables • Opti-Core® Gel-Free Fiber Optic Outside Plant All- Dielectric Cables – UV resistant cable sheathing withstands harsh environmental demands and meets the light absorption requirement by Telcordia GR-20, Issue 2 and ICEA 640 – Available in single-mode (OS1/OS2) and multi-mode (OM1/OM2/OM3) fiber types, and in standard fiber counts up to 48 fibers as a “stranded tube” design •Opti-Core® Gel-Free Fiber Optic Outside Plant Armored Cables – Armored cable has corrugated steel armor to provide superior crush resistance for direct burial applications – Available in single-mode (OS1/OS2) and multi-mode (OM1/OM2/OM3) fiber types, and in standard fiber counts up to 48 fibers as a “stranded tube” design •Opti-Core® Gel-Free Indoor/Outdoor Interlocking Armored Cables – Interlocking aluminum armor eliminates the need for inner duct or conduit to provide a smaller crush resistant pathway for lower installed cost – Riser and plenum rated versions in single-mode (OS1/OS2) and multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 laser optimized) fiber cables provide maximum design flexibility
    54. 54. 54Networked - Entrance Facility•Opticom® Wall Mount Enclosure – Designed to manage cable from outside the facility, enclosures can be used as an interconnect or cross-connect and can use any standard FAP or FMP series adapter panel – Enclosures are completely modular and can manage both fiber and copper cables•Opticom® Fiber Termination Kit – Termination Kit provides consumables for terminating up to 200 field polish connectors and includes installation instructions and stripping templates for all Panduit field polish connectors• StructuredGround™ Telecommunications Grounding Busbars – Meets BICSI and J-STD-607-A requirements for network systems grounding applications and is made of high conductivity copper and tin-plated to inhibit corrosion
    55. 55. 55Networked - Central PlantConverged Building Systems Become a True Business Asset• Integrating Building automation systems & IP networks together to achieve installation and maintenance efficiencies• Advanced enclosures provide power access and patching capacity of building networks• Robust grounding systems provide added safety and reliability
    56. 56. 56Networked - Central PlantPanZone® Building Automation System Enclosure • Integrates data communications and Building Automation Systems (BAS) by converging the infrastructure into a single ethernet network • Minimizes installation costs by consolidating BAS equipment into a single enclosure • Eliminates redundant cable runs • Provides optimal cable routing and management of patch cords and electrical components • Vented design and optional fan provides thermal management for network equipment and power supplies
    57. 57. 57Networked – Central PlantMini-Com® BAS Connector Module• Supports deployment of field bus networks and low-voltage wiring within the IT Network• Module snaps in and out of all Panduit faceplates, modular patch panels, and surface mount boxes for fast moves, adds, and changes• Creates a demarcation point for the field bus cabling to be “patched” along with other building networks (Ethernet, Video, Audio) within the zone enclosure from the controller out to the endpoints
    58. 58. 58Networked - Central PlantData Access Port with GFCI and Category 5e Coupler • Provides a safe and secure means to maintain and monitor performance of PLCs, VFD, and industrial networks • Integrated security features prevent access to critical devices by unauthorized personnel • Allows access by non-arc flash certified personnel reducing cost, increasing efficiencies, and promoting overall safety • NEMA 4X rating; constructed of aluminum casted base with clear, plastic, impact resistant cover, and modular faceplate
    59. 59. 59Networked - Central PlantPower Connectors and Crimping ToolsA complete line is available to meet a variety of applications, delivering fastand reliable terminations and a safer working environment • Meet your application needs and project schedules – Over 3,500 standard part numbers readily available • Ensure safe and reliable terminations with maximum flexibility – Panduit compression connectors are UL and CSA approved with Panduit and specified competitor tools and dies • Save labor time and reduce injuries – Full line of battery powered, dieless, pneumatic and manual crimping tools feature ergonomic designs, controlled cycle mechanisms, and quick crimp cycle times
    60. 60. 60Networked - Central PlantStructuredGround™ Direct Burial Compression Grounding System • Saves Installation Time – Patented locator crimp dies provides fast, reliable terminations • Saves Labor Cost – Slotted connector design reduces labor cost and improves crimp quality • Safe installation – Non-flammable • Improves productivity – Install in any weather condition • Highest reliability – Only system to meet IEEE 837-2002 • Saves training cost – No special installer training required • Quality installation – Visually inspectable installation • Minimize inventory –Range taking design minimizes number of parts and crimp dies to make installations
    61. 61. 61Enterprise Networks - Summary• Intelligent physical layer software and hardware• Robust fiber and copper cabling systems• Innovative zone enclosure systems• High density, energy saving racks and cabinets systems• Advanced cable management and cable routing systems• Reliable bonding and grounding systems