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Sample Portfolio of Data Visualizations


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Samples of Data Visualizations with Tableau, Qlikview and Spotfire. Author Andrew Pandre.
Also see it as Google Presentation (with better quality/resolution) here:

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Sample Portfolio of Data Visualizations

  1. 1. Sample Portfolio of Data Visualizations Andrei Pandre Tools: Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, Omniscope, Google Charts Andrei’s Blog:
  2. 2. 40-years long timeline of Federal Deficit, Revenue and Spending (Google Charts, triple combo (Area + Line Charts + Column Chart)
  3. 3. Incidents by Cause, Location, Category and Severity (Tableau)
  4. 4. Attempt to Visualize 20 Colors with 2-Dimensional Charts (Tableau)
  5. 5. Sales Dashboard by Location, Country and Month (Omniscope)
  6. 6. HR Dashboard for Visual Analytics of Payrises by Performance, Salary, Seniority and Location (Omniscope)
  7. 7. Agile SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle for Data Visualization – Iterative Waterfall integrated with Scrum
  8. 8. Visualization of 20 Clusters for 100 million Sales transactions (Spotfire)
  9. 9. Visualization of Weekly Sales of Retail Giant discovered 3 Clusters: 2 very different Retail Chains and all other stores (Tableau)
  10. 10. Heatmap for Server’s CPU hourly usage (Tableau)
  11. 11. Visualization of Trends for website Visitors (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), using Sparklines, MicroColumn Charts and Radar Chart (Qlikview)
  12. 12. Visualization of Time Series of Weekly Sales (for 3+ years) for retail giant, showing repeating patterns – Outliers – much large sales during 2 Weeks of: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas (Tableau)
  13. 13. Near Realtimeline Visualization of the simultaneous Background Tasks on Tableau Server (Tableau)
  14. 14. Visible Time Series OHLCVolume Stock Chart
  15. 15. Motion Chart (5dimensional Bubble Chart), showing dynamically population of multiple countries by population size, income, fertility, year (Qlikview)
  16. 16. Google Motion Chart (6-dimensional Bubble Chart), showing dynamically population of multiple countries by population Size, Income, Life Expectancy, Fertility, Year
  17. 17. Visio Diagram, showing typical Server Infrastructure for Data Visualization: Application Servers, DB, DW, ETL and File Servers, Analytical and Monitoring Servers, Routers, Switches and Load Balancers
  18. 18. Counties of USA, colored by their average ZIP Code (Tableau)
  19. 19. 2009 Population by ZIP Code (Tableau)
  20. 20. Links to Downloadable Data Visualization Demos ( Qlikview, Tableau, Spotfire) • Qlikview Demo application, showing the Motion Chart, similar to Hans Rosling • • • • • Demo: Interactive Visual Drill-Down Demo (each Chart as Filter) with Qlikview: Visualization of AdventureWorks data from Microsoft (using Qlikview): Sales Demo with Qlikview: Andrei’s Tableau Public Profile with multiple online and Downloadable Demos with Tableau: Visualization of AdventureWorks data from Microsoft (using Spotfire): aid=e902e6a62d2f1f134216b-2311469709b58b
  21. 21. more: