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Pan upgrade 2012-nr2-eng

  1. 1. UpGrade # 2 2012 M a r k e t I N F O R M AT I O N F R O M PA N D O X – O N E O F E U R O P E ’ S L EA D I N G H O TE L P R O P ERT Y C O M PA N I E S Hotel markets characterised by uncertainty Olympic Games in London – effects on the hotel industry S po t ligh t 8 10 10 Theme: social Focus Future projects – interview on flying reservationP. with Staffan Olsson P. p. patterns
  2. 2. JUST A WORDOlympic Games in London– a mega-event! The Olympic Games in not uncommon that we see celebrities who openly Industrial skills are important London were a sporting, show their feelings when competing, which provi- An anxious world is dampening the level of activity, national, public and organi- des a popular and relaxed style. Media reporting which leads to lower demand in the hotel sector – sational success. When also emphasises the city and creates pride among and a trend that we must adapt to. Success will be looking at the impact of the the local inhabitants and a feeling of belonging – linked to winning market shares and increasing the event, there is reason to say which is often difficult to find in large multicultural efficiency of our hotels. Financial creativity will havethat everyone who lives and works in London was cities. less significance, while industrial skills will haveaffected – and that the mega-event was probably Olympic Games represent a mega-event, but more!revolutionary for the whole of Great Britain. After also a marketplace for collaboration and building This year’s Hotel Market Day will be about hotelhaving personally experienced the event, it is not relations – and it works! architecture and design – an important subject,really strange to say that summer Olympic Games I believe that many people were sceptical as to and speakers from across the world will be atten-feel like the world’s greatest event. how London would manage to arrange the mega- ding. The date is 27 November, and this will be the Olympic Games are significantly more than just event. A very large city and long distances with old 16th consecutive year that Pandox has arrangedsport. Sure, the gigantic organisation is built up transportation networks, as well as the recruitment the Hotel Market Day. Just as many years as thearound the sports stars and their races, matches of staff from a pronounced class society where Company is young!and contests, but for London the Games primarily there are shortcomings in the service culture. But Back to the Olympic Games. Sweden won aimplied an opportunity to market the city with the the criticism was unfounded, the transportation very well-earned silver medal in handball after aentire world looking on. The reason is very obvious. networks worked very well – every day. The loca- dramatic match. “Handball is not for those withThe attention provides a unique possibility to tion of the Olympic Arena Park in Stratford, north- weak nerves,” wrote Mats Olsson in one if hisincrease the city’s tax revenues through more visi- east of central London, was a strategic success. Olympics columns. Difficult to say otherwise.tors. Really large sports events also create jobs The area was in considerable need of modernisa- Another quote from Olsson that I would like tothat often become permanent. The hospitality tion, which enabled development with housing, a share is: “A handball player is subjected roughlyindustry plays here a decisive role to be able to shopping centre and modern infrastructure, while every other minute to blows, thrashing, dirty tricks,receive and handle large numbers of visitors by simultaneously providing good surfaces for arenas elbowing and pure hockey tackles that wouldoffering exciting experiences and memories that and areas for strolling around. The Olympic Park make a normal football player from La Liga andmake them want to return – either to London or to contained 8–10 arenas, as well as the gigantic Series A to the Swedish Premier Division and Divi-another event city. The media interest was enor- athletics arena where the opening and closing sion 7 throw themselves screaming to the ground,mous, and it is estimated that about 22,000 jour- ceremonies were held. The Park also contained a rolling around and holding on to everything dearnalists covered the Olympic Games, of whom 160 number of restaurants, cafés and souvenir shops, to them!”from Sweden. More than the number of competi- a media centre where spectators could see the “But a handball player gets up, shakes them­tors! The media plays several roles, apart from fol- stars being interviewed, as well as large areas for selves and continues.” One sometimes loveslowing the Games. Through their presence, the strolling around where sportsmen and women and Mats Olsson!atmosphere is even greater and they give the com- the public were able to mingle. Visitors came frompetitors’ performance a sometimes almost magic the whole world, and all religions were represented. …and soon it will be Christmas. Where did thesignification. Sports stars become celebrities and Women and men, young and old, many families, time go?!!today’s heroes with whom the world’s leaders, sta- no hooligans, and very few intoxicated people. Ittesmen and major corporate leaders want to be was like a peace project: UN bureaucrats – please With very best regards,seen. They shine next to the heroes, and at the come and be inspired! Anders Nissensame time strengthen their personal profiles. It is Pandox Upgrade. Address: Pandox AB (publ) Graphic design and production: Cover photo: Scandic Grand Marina, Market information from Pandox – P.O. Box 15 Hallvarsson & Halvarsson Helsinki. published approximately three SE-101 20 Stockholm, Sweden Photos: Ulf Blomberg, Peter Hoelstad, Upgrade can be ordered from Pandox times a year. Tel.: +46 (0) 8 506 205 50 Shutterstock, iStockphoto et al. or read at Editors: Anders Nissen, Fax: +46 (0) 8 506 205 70 Printing: TMG Sthlm, november 2012. Marika Hilldoff, Ingrid Löwy E-mail: May be reprinted only with the Visiting address: p ­ ermission of Pandox. Vasagatan 11, 9th floor, Stockholm2 mar k et information from Pando x
  3. 3. News Hotel worldAugust September New ABBA museum and Hotel Melody at Djurgården. At Djurgården, Accor expands in the United King- dom. The hotel giant Accor is expan- close to Gröna Lund and opposite Has- ding its Mercure portfolio in the UK, andHilton loses its only hotel in central Sveafastigheter and Midstar acquire will open four new hotels in the medium- selbacken, a project is in progress toParis. Further to a dispute between Hil- hotels in Nyköping. Sveafastigheter price segment in the forthcoming prepare surfaces for the Swedish Musicton and the property owner SIHPM, it is and Midstar acquire the Ibis hotel in months. Further to the expansion, the Hall of Fame, the world’s first ABBAnow apparent that Hilton will lose the Nyköping with 96 rooms. The hotel is portfolio will contain 75 hotels. museum, and Hotel Melody with aboutfour-star Hilton Arc de Triomph. The located next to the E4 motorway bet- 50 rooms. The museum will have twohotel has 500 rooms and is located in ween central Nyköping and Skavsta Air- underground floors, beneath Hotelthe exclusive 8th arrondissement just port. In November 2010, Sveafastighe- Melody. The inauguration of both thenorth of the Arc de Triomph. Briefly, the ter acquired Fund III and Midstar Accor hotel and the museum is planned for thedispute is due to the property owner Hotels’ Swedish operating company beginning of 2013. The project’s pro-considering that Hilton has not suffi- including 14 hotel properties. The Ibis perty owner, builder and general cont-ciently exploited the hotel’s potential. hotel in Malmö was acquired in Febru- ractor is Arcona. Hotel Melody will beHilton now has only three hotels in the ary this year, and the consolidation of Quality Hotels in collaboration with operated by Claes Livijn, CEO of VillaParis area – two airport hotels and one the hotel portfolio now continues with Friends. Quality Hotels have entered Kä the La Défense business area – all the acquisition of the Ibis hotel in Nykö- into a collaboration agreement as firstoutside the city centre. ping. The vendor is Home Properties. hotel chain with the Friends anti-bullying organisation. Construction of the new hotel started one year ago, next to the Scandic opens new hotel in Hamburg. Friends Arena in Solna, Stockholm. The The new Scandic Hamburg Emporio will hotel was previously called Quality Hotel be a flagship hotel with 325 rooms and Arena and will now change name to a conference centre in central Ham- Quality Hotel Friends. The inauguration burg. The inauguration illustrates is planned for 31 August 2013. When Scandic’s focus on the Nordic region completed, the hotel will have 25 floors and northern Europe. The hotel has and 400 rooms.Scandic opens a new hotel in been environmentally certified and pri- Scandic is taking over after Hilton inHelsinki. The new lifestyle hotel Scan- zed for the sustainable building already Malmö. After ten years, Scandic returnsdic Paasi is located close to the recently before being opened. It will be environ- to the hotel property at Triangeln inrefurbished and extended HelsinkiCongress Paasitorni building. Scandic mentally certified with the EU’s Flower Label, as well as holding pole position in Malmö. After the New Year, the Scandic November sign will replace the Hilton sign. ScandicHotels has utilised the building’s histori- the German certification organ VDR, and Vasakronan will totally refurbish thecal past in the 170-room hotel. The fur- where energy and water consumption, hotel, starting next year, although Scan-nishings relate to the building’s eventful food and beverage and social responsi- dic will endeavour to receive guests asyears, as well as interesting people who bility are appraised. soon as possible after Hilton leaves thehave lived in the area. property at the end of December this year. The hotel was previously Scandic up to 2002, when Hilton took over theIKEA will build budget hotels. The fur- operations.niture giant is planning to build 100 low-priced hotels across Europe. The plan isto form a chain with design hotels that Inauguration of Clarion Hotel Arlanda. One of Stockholm’s new airport hotels incan compete with, for example, Ibis. Thecompany will initially focus on the UK, October the high-price segment will open on 1Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. November 2012. The hotel has 414According to the Financial Times, the Clarion Bergen Airport gets 100 new guest rooms, 44 meeting rooms and 3hotels will not have IKEA in their name, Diligentia is expanding on the Avenyn. rooms. Petter A. Stordalen is further- restaurants. There is also a gym, outdoornor will IKEA operate the properties. Scandic Rubinen in Gothenburg will now investing in Bergen, and is expanding pool on the roof terrace, as well as a be extended with 100 new hotel rooms. the Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport with steam and dry sauna. The hotel is loca- The property is owned by Diligentia, who 100 new rooms and more conference ted in the centre of Arlanda in a part of have signed a new ten-year lease with surface. “The capacity of both the air- Sky City between terminals 4 and 5, and Scandic. Further to the extension and port and the airport hotel are insufficient was created by Björkén Architects. refurbishment, the Scandic Rubinen will and an extension is necessary so as to Sweco Architects have monitored the have a total of 300 hotel rooms, more provide place for all those who wish to development work. conference surfaces, a new lobby, roof- stay and meet at the airport,” says top bar and a new gym. The work is P ­ etter A. Stordalen, owner and chair- expected to be completed by summer man of Nordic Choice Hotels, who are 2014. The property also aims to become behind the Clarion chain. a Silver-classified Green Building.mar ket information from Pandox 3
  4. 4. Focus on the marketSlow ahead! SUBDUED GROWTH AND UNCERTAIN FUTURE PROSPECTSEconomic indicators from the United States increasingly opportunistic client pattern has now in recession with shrinking GDP-growth forand the major growth countries lost momentum become clearer – both private persons and com- three consecutive quarters, and there is considera-during the summer further to a strong begin- panies are making reservations for hotel stays and ble uncertainty surrounding the economy for thening to the year. Anxiety within the global meetings, large and small, with increasingly shorter future. With this backdrop, plus that the hotel mar-finance markets has however decreased and notice. This naturally renders it more difficult for ket in London came from high levels of summerglobal economies on the whole are still growing hotels to make their forecasts! 2011 and that the city prior to the Olympic Gamesat a relatively good pace. The euro zone howe- But despite the anxiety in the surrounding gained significant additional capacity with close tover is once again on the edge of recession, and world, the hotel year opened relatively stable in the 7,000 new rooms, this year’s growth for the hotelgrowth is expected to be weak for a long time major European cities. The rate of growth slowed market is considered to be stable. RevPARahead. Weak developments have negatively slightly after the summer, and the markets are now increased by 3 percent in the first three quarters.affected demand in the hotel sector, and no developing in general at a slower pace – with con- May, June and July were weak months, whilerapid change in trends is anticipated. Conside- siderable differences between countries, regions August broke records thanks to the Olympicrable differences still prevail between countries, and segments. For the whole of Europe, RevPAR Games with RevPAR increasing by as much as 44regions and segments. increased by 5 percent in the first nine months percent, due entirely to prices. The Olympics effect compared with last year. Growth markets in Eas- was however extremely varied depending on sub-Continued stable hotel market in the tern Europe and the Baltic States have seen the market and location in relation to the large arenas.US and New York strongest trends this year.The American hotel market basically follows the Prices have driven developments in most mar- Berlincountry’s economy and is currently experiencing kets, while volumes have started to subside. The Disturbing signs in Germany have been noted con-good trends, particularly in comparison with the euro markets that still have growth in volume are Berlin, cerning rising unemployment and lower order-inta-zone. The United States have seen growth in Rev- Budapest, Frankfurt, Vilnius and Moscow. kes in the so-far strong industry sector. Berlin’sPAR since autumn 2010, and the recovery has con- hotel market has nonetheless seen excellent trendstinued into 2012 at a stable pace. RevPAR for the London this year, particularly compared with recent years.first three quarters rose by 7 percent compared with Outside the euro zone, the United Kingdom is also The average rate for a hotel room is still considera-last year. It is primarily higher prices that are behindthe growth, thanks to a stronger company segment.However, the rise slowed in the third quarter and lan-ded at 4 percent, due probably to poorer global New York, RevPAR development per month January 2011 – September 2012finance markets. The short-term trend is a decliningrate of growth and certain weakening is to be expec- %ted. Another interesting trend is that budget hotels 12 Average pricehave started to come back after a few weak years. Occupancy As in previous years, New York’s hotel market 10 RevPARlies slightly below the US average. Growth in Rev- 8PAR for the city was 5 percent for the first threequarters, and only 2 percent for the third quarterwhere September developed negatively compared 6 [diagram A] 4with last year. Growth is driven by prices andoccupancy equally. 2Uneven hotel market in Europe 0Weak economic developments within the euro -2zone have implied uncertainty and lower activity forthe hotel sector. In general, there have been fewer -4 2011 2012guests from the PIIGS-countries and France, andeven lower demand from the finance sector. An -6 ay ay ov g g p c p ar ar b b n n n ct n r r l l Ap Ap De Au Au Se Se Fe Fe Ju Ju Ju Ju Ja Ja M M M M O N The figures are based on statistics from STR Global. Explanations: RevPAR = Income per room available4 mar k et information from Pando x
  5. 5. Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa, FinlandHotel markets, YTD September 2012 – price and occupancyBostonParisBerlinHelsinkiLondonCopenhagenEuropeNew YorkTorontoAmsterdamBrusselsStockholm OccupancyGothenburg Average priceOslo -5 0 5 10 % The figures are based on statistics from STR Global and Benchmarking Alliance.mar ket information from Pandox 5
  6. 6. bly lower than most other large European cities rise in tourism from primarily Russia (30 percent SCANDINAVIAN OVERVIEW(less than 90 euros for the city’s overall hotel mar- increase in 2012), the United States and Japan –ket). But developments in 2012 have been good and that 2012 has been a strong event-year with Stockholmand better than expected. In the first three quar- the ice-hockey world championships and the athle-ters, RevPAR rose by 9 percent, and just in the tics European championships being held in the city. SEKthird quarter RevPAR increased by as much as 17 900percent. These good figures can be explained by Copenhagen has recovered well after a weak endstrong summer months, an unusually good mee- of 2011, and is developing strongly thanks to hig- 800tings month in September, and that the hotel mar- her average rates. The hotel market has also beenket in general benefited from that many travellers positively affected by limited additional capacity 700who had planned to fly to or from the new airport during the year. And only a few new hotels are RevPARdid not choose to, or could not, cancel their flights expected to open next year. 600when it became known that the opening of the air-port was delayed. On the other hand, Stockholm is showing weak figures so far this year. The market lost 11 percent 500 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012The Nordic countries’ economies in RevPAR in the third quarter and as much ascontinue to stand out… 17 percent just in September. The main reason is RevPAR, SEK Trend Source: Benchmarking AllianceThe Nordic countries have been affected by the glo- additional capacity in the market. Several new largebal turbulence, but continue to be very stable com- hotels have opened since autumn 2011, and evenpared with the situation elsewhere. Norway is show- more new hotels are to be inaugurated at the end of 2012 and next year, including Melody Hotel at Copenhagening signs of weakness and slowing down. Sweden’seconomy surprised positively in the first half-year, Djurgården, Clarion Arlanda, Quality Hotel Friends, DKKbut clear signs of a weakening have been seen and Story Sundbyberg. 650recently. Exports have fallen further to the strong 2012 has also been a weak congress year com-krona, and unemployment is rising. Finland is also pared with both 2010 and 2011 when severalslowing strongly, particularly due to fewer exports, major international congresses were held, which in 550and growth is now the lowest within the euro zone. turn led to an increase in demand for hotel rooms.The situation in Denmark however is the worst Short-term trends for Stockholm are pointing RevPARamong the Nordic countries, where a recession is towards a downturn, due particularly to lower volu- 450close at hand. mes but also lower prices compared with last year.…but weaker trends than anticipated in Oslo is compared with strong figures from last year 350 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012the hotel markets! further to the skiing world championships in springAs in the countries’ economic trends, the hotel 2011. Like Stockholm, the market is affected by RevPAR, DKK Trend Source: STR Globalmarkets in the major Nordic cities have seen diffe- considerable additional capacity during the developments so far this year: But only a few new hotels are expected to open next year and ahead. In total, the Oslo market hasThe Helsinki market comes from low levels and is declined by 4 percent for the first three quarters, Osloshowing stable and good RevPAR growth, driven and short-term trends show a downturn in both NOKby higher prices. The market is benefiting from a price and occupancy. 700 650 600 RevPAR 550 500 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 RevPAR, NOK Trend Source: Benchmarking Alliance Helsinki EUR The Hotel, Brussels 80 70 RevPAR growth Short- Nordic region 2011 2012 H1 2012 YTD 2012 Q3 term trend RevPAR Stockholm 3% 1% –4% –11% Downturn 60 Oslo 2% –9% –4% –1% Downturn 50 Copenhagen 5% 7% 6% 2% Growth 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Helsinki 6% 7% 6% 4% Growth RevPAR, EUR Trend Source: STR GlobalSource: Benchmarking Alliance (Stockholm and Oslo), STR Global (Copenhagen and Helsinki).6 mar k et information from Pando x
  7. 7. Olympic Games in London 2012 – effects on the hotel industryFewer tourists visited the United Kingdom and that the hotels had to ignore the rules of only ter number of visitors and tourists. RevPAR up toLondon in August this year compared with last accepting reservations for several consecutive the end of August rose by more than 4 percentyear. But those who visited the Olympic Games hotel nights. compared with last year. And just in August, pri-and the Paralympics spent more money than However, the Olympics affected hotels and ces rose by as much as 44 percent comparedthe tourists the previous year. parts of London in different ways. The large hotels with last year, while occupancy was at the same in western London around the traditional sights, level. July was poorer, and RevPAR declined by 4Tourist revenues in the country have increased by museums, theatres and well-known buildings lost percent further to lower occupancy. Prices howe-9 percent this year. According to the British Office guests and revenues, while hotels close to the ver developed strongly in July.for National Statistics (ONS), visitors to the Olympic Olympic arenas in Docklands and Greenwich How did the actual Games go? The UnitedGames and Paralympics spent nearly twice as reported record volumes and higher prices of up States, particularly with their swimmers and athle-much as other tourists! to 40 percent. Regions and cities outside London, tes, won the most medals. China came second, The anticipated Olympics boom failed to such as Liverpool and Manchester, did not howe- followed by Great Britain. The British sportingappear for the hotel sector. Revenues for London ver succeed to benefit from the Olympic Games results were fantastic, and their organisation ofhotels during the Olympics weeks increased by as many had hoped. But in general, the results of the Games was excellent. One of the highlights foronly 10 percent, further to slightly higher the summer are considered to be very positive – the host nation was when the Scot Andy Murrayoccupancy and above all higher prices. Prior to particularly in the prevailing circumstances with won the tennis final in Wimbledon against thethe Games, the Olympic Committee, LOGOC, around 7,000 new hotel rooms being added world’s number 1 Roger Federer. Another givenhad pre-reserved a large number of hotel rooms before the Games, that the market came from climax was king Usain Bolt’s performance inwhere only reservations for a long hotel stay were record-strong figures from summer 2011, and that athletics with three gold medals!accepted. The strategy proved to be over-opti- the economic climate is weak in Europe. Sweden won a total of eight medals, of whichmistic and thousands of empty hotel rooms were Short-term trends for London are also show- one gold, and came 36th in the medals league. Inreleased onto the market just before the Games ing stable growth. The additional capacity has total, 85 nations of the 204 that participated, wonwere to start, which led to reduced prices and been well-absorbed by demand, thanks to a grea- at least one medal.mar ket information from Pandox 7
  8. 8. ThEMe social projectsOlsson:“To create a purposeful future for young people is a victory in itself” Name: Staffan Olsson Age: 48 years Family: Married, 2 children Home: Tumba Best quality: Impatient Worst quality: Impatient Occupation: Employed by Pandox since 2009 as Director of Health, Sports & Coaching. National team manager for the Swedish handball team.8 mar k et information from Pando x
  9. 9. He has won the World Championship, European Championship, a second place in Champions League, and most recently an Olympic sil- OLYMPICS 2012 ver medal in London. Staffan Olsson is now starting his next match together with Pandox Youth Handball Movement – a social project to Sweden’s road to the silver provide young people in the Kenyan town of Nyeri with a better future through training, solidarity and education. “To create a purposeful future for young people is a victory in itself,” says the national team manager of the Swedish handball team. Staffan Olsson is back in Stockholm. The handball legend has returned home after several months of preparations and hard work that in the end paid off with an Olympic silver medal in London – the achievement best result by a Swedish national team for ten years. “It has been an extremely intensive period, but has also been a fantastic journey. To win an Olympic silver medal is completely unbelievable,” he says. The national team manager has recently moved his focus onto the very tough qualifying matches prior to the European Champion- ships 2014, which started in November. With two matches won National team manager Staffan Olsson and the national against Ukraine and Holland, Sweden has managed an excellent handball team had a tough start at the Olympic Games start prior to the forthcoming qualifiers next year. in London. But the immediate future also contains other challenges. Towards the end of the summer, it was decided that Pandox, with the help of After two heavy losses in the group matches (Iceland 32–33, Staffan Olsson, would intensify its development of the Pandox Youth France 23–26), the Swedish team met the European cham- Handball Movement. pions Denmark in the quarter-final. “I have been interested in social projects for some time now, but it “We are in a disadvantageous position,” said Staffan has not really fitted in before. But this project feels absolutely right,” O ­ lsson to SVT. says ­ taffan Olsson. S The quarter-final was dramatic and was determined with The Pandox Youth Handball Movement was started in November only one minute left, when Niclas Ekberg thundered two 2011 in the Kenyan town of Nyeri, north-west of the capital city of Nai- balls into goal to claim a victory of 24–22. The upset robi. The town has several slum areas where children live each day became fact and the TV expert Magnus Grahn screamed with drugs and poverty. In collaboration with the local handball club, Mount Kenya Sports Group (MSG), Pandox aims to gain the attention out his pleasure: of young people and create a purposeful future. “We have higher mountains, we have a better-looking “It is about young people who have got into difficult situations and queen, we can ski, and we are better at handball.” have a tough life. Some of the children live in poverty and have no edu- Sweden then won against Hungary in the semi-final, and cation or work, and live in some form of addiction,” says Olsson. met France in the final. But the reigning champions were too About one year ago, the activities embraced 200–400 children, and strong. Sweden nonetheless pressed the super team, but the number has now increased to more than 600 members. lost by just 21–22, which was Sweden’s best result for ten But the project management at Pandox and MSG are far from satis- years. fied. The project will now move onto the next stage with Sweden’s “It feels really tough after putting up an incredible fight,” most experienced handball trainer. said Staffan Olsson to SVT. “I believe that we can do a really good job here. Interest in the sport The national team is now looking ahead to the European and the project continues to grow,” says Staffan Olsson. Championship qualifiers, which started on 1 November A training camp is planned for February 2013 in Nyeri, where child- against Ukraine in Lund and the Dutch team Almere on ren and young people can practice handball at the same time as 3 November. obtaining information and advice about relations and health issues. Staffan Olsson will play an important role as training coach and inspirator. “We believe that sport with a team spirit and models can create the preconditions to reach out. It is a way of creating prerequisites for young people to shape their own future. Results of the Olympic matches Group matches: Sweden – Tunisia......................................... 28 – 21 Great Britain – Sweden............................. 19 – 41… Pandox Youth Handball Sweden – Iceland........................................ 32 – 33Movement Sweden – Argentina................................... 29 – 13 France – Sweden......................................... 26 – 23 Quarter-final: Sweden – Denmark.................................... 24 – 22The objective of the Pandox Youth Handball Movement is to createbetter future opportunities and purposeful leisure time for children and Semi-final:young people in the Kenyan town of Nyeri, north-west of Nairobi. The Sweden – Hungary...................................... 27 – 26project is managed in collaboration with Partille Cup, the world’s largestand most international handball tournament for young people, and the Final:Kenyan handball club MSG. Further information about the project and Sweden – France......................................... 21 – 22previous articles are available at ket information from Pandox 9
  10. 10. Focus on flyingThe super Berlin Brandenburg airport– when will it actually open?The announcement that the planned official ope-ning date of 3 June 2012 could not be held camethree weeks before the intended inauguration andtraffic start-up. The reason given was that theairport’s fire-protection installations were not readyto be put into operation. The delay is of course agenuine loss of prestige for the public authoritiesconcerned and the airport management. But it isalso a significant setback for Lufthansa and AirBerlin, who have considerable plans to expandtheir traffic to Berlin when the city obtains a newsuper airport that replaces the two older ones. According to preliminary information, the newairport was to open in August 2012. But it soonbecame known that it was unclear whether thesystems could be ready to be put into operation forother parts of the terminal building, and the delaybecame worse. A new announcement was madeby the airport management in May this year: theairport would open on 17 March 2013. However,after further inspection of the building problems,the date has now been set to 27 October 2013.UpGrade is following developments carefully!Poorer flying accessibilityin the Stockholm regionCompared with Helsinki and Oslo, Stockholm hasrelatively good availability with flights to the rest ofthe world. Even if Copenhagen, where SAS has itsmajor hub, is in a better position, it is reasonablyeasy to fly from Stockholm to a large number ofother cities across the world. Nonetheless, availa-New times – new reservation patternsA new Swedish survey shows that an increa- Most people reserve hotel rooms via booking sitessing number of guests make hotel reservationsvia the major booking sites, and the market for How do you normally reservemobile applications has just started. hotel rooms when you travel as 18–29 30–39 40–55 56–80 a private individual? Total years years years yearsThe HUI Research Institute has carried out a preli- Via the Internet through a booking site 44% 53% 41% 45% 39%minary study of reservation patterns in Sweden, Via the hotels or hotel chains own site 30% 22% 36% 30% 31%where 1,000 people between 18 and 80 years oldwere asked how they usually reserve their hotel By calling directly to the hotel or hotel chain 12% 8% 10% 12% 14%rooms when they travel as private individuals. Of By sending an email to the hotel or hotel chain 2% 2% 1% 2% 3%those who frequently stay at hotels, 44 percent By mobile phone via apps from booking sites 1% 1% 2% 0% 0%replied that they use sites such as,Expedia and The younger the per- By mobile phone via the hotels or hotelson, the more common it is to use the booking chains own app or mobile site 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%sites. In the age-group 18–29 years, as many as 53 By asking a travel agent to book the hotel 2% 2% 5% 1% 4%percent say that they make their reservations via Do not book in advance, but go directly to thevarious booking sites. hotel (walk-in) 1% 1% 0% 0% 1% Remarkably, only 1–2 percent of those surveyed Other 1% 0% 1% 2% 1%have used the possibility to book via applications intheir mobile phone. This will probably change in the Dont know / Do not book myself 6% 8% 3% 6% 6%10 mar k et information from Pando x
  11. 11. Five questions to Jan Henningsen, manager of Hotel BLOOM!, Brussels.bility from Arlanda has fallen in the last five years while increa-sing in other Nordic capital cities. This is due partly to theAmerican airlines such as Delta and US Airways havingd­ iscontinued their flights to Atlanta and Philadelphia. A new report from the consultancy firm Copenhagen Eco-nomics says that the Stockholm region could benefit consi-derably if Arlanda obtained ten new direct routes, particularlyto long-distance destinations. The report believes thatStockholm’s accessibility by air has become poorer, whichcosts money both for travellers and for the region as a wholein the form of lower production. 1 You have returned to Belgium after many years in the United States where you held various management positions at such well-known hotels as the Kempinski Checkers Hotel in Los Angeles, the Wyndham However, it is the airlines that decide where they will open Ambassador West Chicago and most recent as General Manager of Thenew routes. The challenge for Arlanda is quite clear further to Standard West Hollywood in Los Angeles and The Standard Los AngelesSAS choosing to start a new direct flight to San Francisco Downtown. What to do you believe is the main difference with working innext April – which will leave from Copenhagen, not from these different markets?Stockholm. Jan: Each market has its own rhythm over a year that dictates the strategies that have The report believes however that the situation can change to be employed to maximize the hotel’s potential. Large conventions set the tone inrapidly. For example, Copenhagen could have difficulty in cities while the seasons have a huge impact on resorts. Itdefending its position when the new Berlin Brandenburgfinally opens. This in turn could make Stockholm Arlanda is always important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own properties compared with the “Brussels is a verymore attractive for airlines. competition in order to target your sales efforts accor- According to new statistics from the Swedish Civil Aviation dingly. The good news is that the same reports, such asAdministration, the number of movements in Swedish air-space decreased during seven consecutive months up to STR etc., are used almost everywhere making it easier to understand where the market is in terms of rate and stableSeptember 2012. Just in September alone, traffic declined in market” occupancy. Labor laws and union contracts vary as wellthe whole country by 5 percent compared with last year. After but are not a huge adjustment if you work with a goodten months, the overall decrease in traffic is just over 2 per- team like I do at Hotel BLOOM!cent. However, the statistics are better for Stockholm Arlanda.Air traffic to and from Arlanda up to September increased by 4percent compared with the same period last year. 2 We are a bit curious, have there been any special surprises as you take up your new role as the General Manager of Hotel BLOOM!? Jan: I was very surprised by how weak weekend demand is considering how much Brussels has to offer. There seems to be some type of festival almost every week and the city is an easy drive from the Netherlands, Germany and France plus rates are low. The same goes for how slow the summers are. 3 What do you believe is the difference from now being a non-branded operator compared with your previous positions? What significance do you believe a brand or hotel name has for your operations? Jan: My objective is to enhance the BLOOM! brand to become as successful as the pervious companies I have worked for. The difference is that previous positions were at hotels that had already reached a higher level of brand awareness.future, and mobile websites and apps are expected to com- Choosing a brand for a property is difficult. The advantage of choosing to run it aspete with the traditional booking sites. an independent hotel is that you can create a tailor-made product for a specific The sector and employer organisation Visita is interested market and audience that can inspire a higher level of interest and guest loyaltyin the question of reservation patterns, and has ordered a since it cannot be replaced by just any other hotel room.broad mapping and analysis of the market – partly to see 4what the organisation as a whole can do and relate to the Hotel statistics for Brussels for the first nine months of 2012 werebooking channels, and partly to be able to provide advice to relatively weak. How do you feel about the Brussels hotel market forhotels within the new sales scenario. The mapping has star- the forthcoming year?ted and is expected to be ready in the beginning of next Jan: My impression is that Brussels is a very stable market. We are expectingyear. UpGrade is following the results with great interest! demand to be in line with targets for this year. 5 Hotel BLOOM received a top ranking from TripAdvisor last year, and was selected #13 of the Trendiest Hotels in the World. What would you say is unique about Hotel BLOOM? Jan: A rating like this is only possible if you have a great team taking care of every aspect of the guest experience. This, combined with the well thought-out design of the property, created the enjoyable experience that made our success possible.mar ket information from Pandox 11
  12. 12. Pandox news News from the world of Pandox Cirque du Soleil at Crowne Plaza Brussels Workout with a view! At The Hotel Brussels, the view The hotel staff at Crowne Plaza Antwerpen was over the city from the fitness centre is magnificent. invited to the spectacular opening show of Cir- que du Soleil – “Corteo”– as a special thanks for all appreciated service and hospitality during their long term stay at the hotel during the sum- mer months. The show was just amazing and the Antwerp Team is now looking forward to host the next show in Antwerp again! Much appreciated circus art in Antwerp. 1 million new guests Inspired by similar urban projects and in coo- Great skyline view at The Hotel Brussels peration with experts The Hotel Berlin, Berlin The 10 top floors of the 27 stories high building have been completely renovated and have been has set up twenty beehives on the roof. Each given a surprising elegant new identity. Guests can now fully enjoy more than 120 rooms and sui- beehive counts around 50,000 bees which tes, The Urban Spa & Fitness, the Panorama Lounge and eight meeting rooms on the top floors. All mean the hotel now has around 1 million new come with the new timeless and stylish decor, combined with fantastic skyline views of Brussels! guests. The hotel aim to continue the activities around the successful F&B concept ‘Sense & Season’, to focus more on seasonal and regio- nal culinary offers and to be protective of highlyGrand prix at Hyatt Montreal – huge success valuable and important bees. With hardwor-Hyatt Regency Montreal hosted Les Prix Gémeaux king bees on the roof, more than the annualannual awards in October. One thousand guests requirement of the hotel is covered.including celebrities from Quebec’s television indu- About 15 kg of honey willstry gathered to recognize their peers in a memo- be produced per month!rable evening. The awards were presented atMontreal’s Performing Arts Centre followed by a New arrivals at thegala at the SIX Resto Lounge at the hotel. Hotel Berlin, Berlin. Party atmosphere with TV personalities at the Hyatt Montreal. Street art in Hotel Bloom! When it comes to graffiti, Belgium street artist, Bue the Warrior, is in a league of his own. He is single- handedly turning the concrete jungles of Belgium into a colorful, happy, whimsical world that is inha- bited by a whole race of friendly-faced creatures. Now the artist has expressed himself creatively in Diamond fever the lobby of Hotel BLOOM! and the result is great! for happy finder at the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport. Colour and fantasy at the Hotel BLOOM! in Brussels.Diamonds are foreverAt the occasion of the 60th anniversary of HolidayInn Hotels Group eight one-carat diamonds wereleft under the pillows of eight rooms somewhere inEurope. One of the diamonds was found at theHoliday Inn Brussels Airport by this lady on thepicture next to GM Charles Boelen. She discove-red the diamond only the next morning! That’s Read more news aboutwhat we call a good night’s sleep! Pandox at