Astro Prospects


Published on offers authentic and genuin information by reading your natal chart with effective remedies. Browse us online at for more details.

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Astro Prospects

  1. 1. Vedic wisdom working for you Welcome To AstroprospectsA Premium Portal For Authentic Vedic Astrological Services. WeOffer You Solutions And Answers Through Astrology To MeetChallenges And Everyday Problems That Confront You.
  2. 2. ABOUT USAstroProspects is a website dedicated to the realm of Vedic astrology . We are a team ofdedicated professional Vedic Astrologers, seek to provide you with specific, specialized,quality services.AstroProspects is founded on Vedic philosophy, which strives to bring together the mind,body and soul in ways that work. If you are looking for quality Vedic astrology Reportsand analysis, or someone to communicate with you on phone, about the various aspectsof your life, then you are definitely in the right place.At AstroProspects, we employ the most advanced and comprehensive techniques andmethods, which are pragmatic and realistic. You can benefit from our quality guidance,accurate readings and insightful interpretations of your kundali charts . Even the mostmundane questions are given serious consideration.We shall always try to exceed your expectations! We are proud to offer what we believeis the highest quality of Vedic Astrology service for your benefit.
  3. 3. PERSONAL CONSULTATIONSIf you need to discuss your problems face to face, orget personalized service then you may contact us for an appointment.We are available for your questions regarding Career, Education, Finances, Love,Marriage, Kundali matching for marriage or any other subject.The benefits of personal consultation and one to one, interactive advice andguidance are manifold:• Take responsibility for your choices, actions and thoughts• Understand recurring difficulties that does not seem to budge no matter how hard you have tried• Neutralize a destructive pattern• Gain greater self acceptance and peace• Get insights into your emotional/mental/communication dynamics that influence your relationships• Assess how you can grow and improve
  4. 4. SERVICES Life Prediction Report Love and Marriage Price : INR 1900 / USD 40 Price: INR 1500 / USD 30 Finance Report Price : INR 1500 / USD 30 One Year Report Price: INR 1100 / USD 25 Ask Three Questions Price: INR 700 / USD 15 Health Report Price: INR 700 / USD 15 Remedial Measures Career Report Price: INR 700 / USD 15 Price: INR 1500 / USD 30 Education Report Progeny Report Price: INR 1500 / USD 30 40 Price: INR 900 / USD 20
  5. 5. FaqWhat are vedas?What are the four goals of the life according to vedas?Why is the spiritual aspect of the astrology so important?Why houses are also considered from the moon in vedas?What are planetary periods?What is a bhukti or major planetary period?What is Transit?Why is the moon important in any natal moon (sade sati) usually difficulty?Why is the moon important in any affairs relating to the public?Why are sun-moon interchanges important in chart comparisons for relationship?What is kuja dosha (mangalick dosha)?
  6. 6. ArticlesAstrology and Your LifeAstrology as a subject and Vedic Astrology have survived thousands of years.Today Vedic Astrology is emerging from a ? dark period? of several centuries...From Terra-Firma to NakshatraJyotish (Vedic astrology) is a sophisticated and precise forecasting and eventanalysis system. The studies were developed in the Vedic culture of theancient times and were subsequently, integrated into the philosophical andreligious system of India.The Solar System In AstrologyAccording to astrological principles, human beings are influenced to a greater orlesser extent by the stars present in the many galaxies of this vast universe.We shall here confine ourselves to the theme of the effect of...
  7. 7. ArticlesAspects In AstrologyWhen two planets are separated by a certain specific number of degrees,their combined angular relationship with the Earth give rise to what arecalled aspects in astrology.Free Will Versus FateThere is an internal driving force within all human beings, which is manifestedin one ? s free will or the force of the soul. A human being is influenced bymany external factors in life, which, according to Vedic astrology, are governedby natat planetary positions and their transits.Myths and vedic astrology“The forms of God are infinite For every creation is a part of God. Man,rising thro’ different planes of consciousness, Emerging thro’ different levels ofevolution Finally finds fulfillment in reaching Him, who is above all.”
  8. 8. Contact UsMUMBAIINDIAPh: +91 9820907774 / 022 - 32667096Email:
  9. 9. Thank you