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Panda Security - Email Protection


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Panda Email Protection is a cloud-based mail security solution which offers immediate, effective protection against viruses and spam, through online scans performed on Panda Security’s servers.

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Panda Security - Email Protection

  1. 1. Cloud-based email security and filtering
  2. 2. 21/04/2015Email Protection 2 Index 1. Email Challenges in Corporate Environments • Problems • Needs 2. The solution: Email Protection • What is it? • Benefits • Features
  3. 3. 21/04/2015Email Protection 3 Email Challenges in Corporate Environments Problems and Needs
  4. 4. 21/04/2015Email Protection 4 Problems 95% of email reaching companies is infected or spam • Constant risk of infection/attack • Risk of being marked as spammers • Damage to reputation Email criticality as a production tool • Platform downtime results in loss of production • Need to access mail from anywhere and any device Email is the most commonly used attack method, it is essential to be up-to-date with the latest protection technologies • High operating and maintenance costs of on- premises filtering tools • Infrastructure obsolescence
  5. 5. 21/04/2015Email Protection 5 Needs Email access at all times Internal network free of unnecessary traffic Cut costs and initial investment Simple administrationSecure and spam-free email Flexibility and growth capacity
  6. 6. 21/04/2015Email Protection 6 The solution Email Protection
  7. 7. 21/04/2015Safe Email Service 7 Launch marketing campaigns with the peace of mind of knowing that your mail servers will never be blacklisted Filter out spam and malicious messages with our cloud-based service Increase productivity, getting instant access to the email that matters most Get rid of unproductive email and speed up your internal network
  8. 8. 21/04/2015Email Protection 8 Benefits Email 99.9% free of threats and spam • Through powerful scan engines running in real-time Service availability • Guaranteed mail delivery if the customer's mail server crashes • Service provided from high availability carrier-class data centers Reduced costs • Light and easily scalable service • Instant and simple implementation • Technology constantly updated transparently to the customer Ease of management • Secure access to email from anywhere and any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) • Different management console views by profile • Policy definition • Mail backup availability • Information for decision-making Data privacy • Guaranteed data protection and privacy in compliance with EU regulations
  9. 9. 21/04/2015Email Protection 9 Features SECURITY • Panda Security anti-malware engine • Mail specific firewall • Multi-layer filtering (connection, antivirus and content) based on advanced threat recognition technologies SERVICE CONTINUITY • Email always accessible via webmail • Inbound mail queuing for 4 days if the customer's mail server crashes • Automatic mail backup for up to 2 weeks
  10. 10. 21/04/2015Email Protection 10 Features MANAGEMENT • Different management interfaces according to the profile (distributor, company administrator, domain administrator and end user) • Cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows mobile) mail access • Centralized management of use policies • Inbound mail policy engine configurable by user • Whitelists / blacklists by user • Mail quarantined for 2 weeks • Customizable report management HIGH AVAILABILITY • Carrier-class service offered from nodes located in data centers in the European Union, without single points of failure and with an always-on architecture • Multi-layer, scalable and fault-tolerant
  11. 11. Do you want to protect your company’s email? Yes, I do
  12. 12. Thank you!