Everything you wanted to know about Electronic Signature Laws & Uses


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What is an electronic signature? Is it legal? Where are electronic signatures legal? Why should I use them? When should I avoid them? We've talked with our legal friends and we have the answers to all these questions and more!
By Jennifer Riggins

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Everything you wanted to know about Electronic Signature Laws & Uses

  1. 1. Electronic Signature 101 Everything you ever wanted to know about electronic signatures, but didn’t know who to ask.
  2. 2. What is an electronic signature? Any signing of a non-printed document. Also called a digital signature.
  3. 3. What kinds of electronic signature are there? app like PandaDoc, encrypted software & apps stylus pen or your finger tip on tablet or smartphone touchscreen verifying your identity by entering ID number, birthdate, phone using an image of your signature typing your name between /slashes/
  4. 4. Paper vs. Electronic With electronic signature comes: ease of use quicker safer cheaper
  5. 5. Where is an electronic signature legal? Where eSignature is legal It’s essentially legal with some extra requirements Unknown, consult local laws
  6. 6. Are electronic signatures legal in the U.S.A.? Absolutely! Bill Clinton signed it into law in 2000 to boost the economy and to ease the flow of local and international commerce. Laws pertaining to eSignature: - Uniform Electronic Transactions Act - Signatures in Global & National Commerce Act - aka - The E-Sign Act
  7. 7. Is PandaDoc legal in the U.S.A.? Absolutely! There are 5 requirements for an electronic signature to be valid in the United States: 1. Must be unique to the person using it. 2. Must be verifiable. 3. Must be under only control of person signing 4. Must guarantee document cannot be altered after electronically signed. 5. Must capture & preserve signer’s understanding, intent, responsibility, & consent. The PandaDoc process of unique, encrypted electronic signature assures all these legal standards are fully met.
  8. 8. Why should I use an electronic signature? It’s Safer! It’s Cheaper! It’s Quicker! It’s Organized!
  9. 9. Can I use eSignatures in a bank? Absolutely! Check with your bank to learn if they have extra safe-guarding procedures. Can I use eSignatures in court? Absolutely! So long as the process meets local law requirements, there should never be a problem. Can I use eSignatures with notaries? Absolutely! Use an e-notary. They validate your identity with a digital certificate.
  10. 10. Electronic Signature is Safer 85% of identity theft is OFFline Don’t leave your secrets lying around Maintain secure records No one can forge your electronic fingerprint
  11. 11. What makes PandaDoc safer PandaDoc is actually more accurate & verifiable Maintains a full log of of every transaction with IP, user and timestamp Each doc is completed with an Electronic Signature Certificate that includes all signatures & a unique barcode Safe connection: industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption protocols Automatic daily server backups, replicating across regions to guarantee your data is kept safe Infrastructure monitoring to prevent data loss
  12. 12. Electronic Signature is Cheaper Printer ink costs more than champagne or blood! The average worker wastes 10,000 pieces of paper or $80 a year No need to buy printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers — think of all that money and space saved!
  13. 13. What makes a PandaDoc a deal So much more affordable than paper, ink, and 4 bulky office electronics Help your clients say Yes faster Keeps it all in one place
  14. 14. Electronic Signature is Quicker! Your clients say Yes! faster Your worldwide colleagues sign off on things faster Negotiate deals in real time right on the document Know when your client opens your doc & how much time they spend looking at what
  15. 15. What makes PandaDoc Quicker! PandaDoc is the easiestto-use electronic signature app on the market! It takes under a to upload a doc, n-drop signature other fields, and specific actors minute drag& assign
  16. 16. Electronic Signature is Organized! The cloud allows you to find anything from anywhere Employees waste 6 weeks a year looking for docs — ten minutes per doc! The cloud is a search engine for your documents One DVD holds same as 28 filing cabinets
  17. 17. PandaDoc makes your business smarter! Use our Document Dashboard to keep track of each and every doc, who comments on what, who signs what Know as soon as your client Opens your doc and How Long they were looking at What PandaDoc enables you to do educated followup and lets you to get done business quicker! Track document versions, so you never get mixed up again Your recipients can only sign and comment where you tell them to, so no more signing mistakes
  18. 18. Plus Electronic Signatures Help Save Trees!
  19. 19. When should I avoid an electronic signature? Wills — always consult a lawyer, but every state and country is different with how a last will & testament should be signed Birth Certificates — and other legal docs, as the government lags behind the law Other Family Law
  20. 20. Want to close deals faster with PandaDoc? Sign up for Free today at PandaDoc.com to start creating, sending, and tracking documents for legally binding electronic signature today!