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I love rotary


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There is always a reason for anyone joining an Organisation. More so, when its Motto is Service Above Self and helps us dignify our occupation as an opportunity to serve society

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I love rotary

  1. 1. I Love RotaryLiving and sharing the human touch every moment, every day Rtn PP PHF Prof R Panchanadhan Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli Dist 3000
  2. 2. I LoveWhat’s the mission in our life ? Rotary
  3. 3. I LoveRotary
  4. 4. I Love RotaryThe Joy is in the Sharing
  5. 5. I LoveWhere is Love? Rotary
  6. 6. I LoveRotary
  7. 7. I Love Rotaryin sharing Love!
  8. 8. I Love RotaryRotary is a Happiness Factory
  9. 9. I LoveRotary
  10. 10. I Love RotaryRemember: Love Begets Love The opportunity we have … Create relationship!! Build relationship!! Create new relationship!!
  11. 11. I LoveRotary
  12. 12. I LoveLet’s Love Rotary for the RotaryTWO Cardinal Principles
  13. 13. I Love Rotary Let’s Love Rotary for The Universal Prayer We pray almighty god that you bless this assembly with good acquaintance and fellowship Guide each one us to dignify our occupation to dignify our occupation as an opportunity to serve society as an opportunity to serve society Help us to prove useful to the community and country in which we liveand advance national and international understanding, goodwill and peace service above self through the rotary ideal of service above self
  14. 14. I LoveRotary helps us to dignify our Rotary occupation/life through …
  15. 15. I Love RotaryLet’s love Rotary for creating a social entrepreneur out of us
  16. 16. I Love Rotarya social entrepreneur creates Faith Trust Hope
  17. 17. I Love Rotary Rotary is a Noah’s Archelping, male & female of all species
  18. 18. I Love RotaryRotary motivates us through Annual Rotary Themes
  19. 19. I LoveLet’s love Rotary for creating Rotary avenues of service new gen
  20. 20. I Love Rotary Let’s love Rotary for theConnectivity through vocations
  21. 21. I Love RotaryRotary shares their slice of happiness
  22. 22. I Love2012 No Rotary Polio Year in India!!!!
  23. 23. I Love RotaryThat’s Rotary for you
  24. 24. I Love Rotary I love Rotary forYou made this possible Thank You