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Are your assumptions about keeping up with SAP really true? How can you avoid making huge mistakes with your SAP system?
In this webcast, SAP mentor Graham Robinson leads the discussion on these hot topics and more! Watch it and learn:
*The top three myths about keeping up with SAP
*Best practices to follow
*Key pitfalls to avoid
*Top tips on market trends and proven strategies

This presentation includes a recorded demo and Q&A session. Don't miss this chance to learn how you can reduce risks and control costs while staying current with SAP!

SAP Mentor Graham Robinson:
Graham is an officially appointed SAP Mentor, top community influencer of the SAP ecosystem, thought leader and industry expert with over 30 years of IT experience.

Graham's specialties include: NetWeaver, ABAP Development, Adobe Flex, UI Design and SAP Infrastructure. Graham lives and works in Australia.

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  • Eliminate First Test Cycle
  • Thanks. We at Panaya have designed & built Panaya Testing for the unique challenges of SAP testing. I would like to demonstrate how this design-for-fit, coupled with seamless integration to HPQC, enables our customers to gain testing efficiencies and improvements in their quality of testing.Do you see my screen?<PRESALES DEMO> If you have no more questions, I’ll turn it back to <AM name> who will conclude our presentation<CLICK>
  • This platform provides IT with an easy-to-use Test Management application to easily manage all testing activities – across your SAP projects – including test scoping, test planning, and ongoing progress monitoring. The solution also equips your IT and business testers with Test Execution tools they need to quickly and collaboratively perform their testing activities.[click]And on top of this foundation, we have targeted SaaS solutions for SAP projects, encompassing your maintenance stream projects as well as your innovation stream projects. In addition, since our testing platform and solutions are cloud-based and so-easy to use, you can begin to realize a return on your investment within less than 2-days…[click] so that you deliver more of what the business demands from you, at higher quality.Transition: our session today will be focused on Panaya’s Test Management and Test Execution offering, which we call Panaya Collaborative Testing. Before we review its benefits and see a demo, I’d like to spend a moment to clarify which aspects of testing it does and does not cover…[click]
  • Staying current with sap

    1. 1. Welcome to the webinar
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters Graham Robinson Principal Consultant Avishai Shafir Director of Product Marketing Panaya Your Moderator Ayelet Glauberman Panaya
    3. 3. STAYING CURRENT WITH SAP Graham Robinson @grahamrobbo
    4. 4. INTRODUCTION @grahamrobbo
    5. 5. AGENDA Keeping your skills current Keeping your applications current Core or Context? – channeling Geoffrey Moore
    8. 8.
    9. 9.
    10. 10.
    11. 11. KEEPING YOUR SAP APPLICATIONS CURRENT Impediments?  Cost  Time/people/money  Risk  Unclear benefits Advantages?  Enables Innovation  Reduces support costs
    12. 12. MAINTENANCE STRATEGY 3 out of every 4 customers do know when their next SPS project is 84% 35% 35% 47%
    13. 13. CORE OR CONTEXT
    14. 14. CORE OR CONTEXT
    15. 15. THE CYCLE OF INNOVATION * Source Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore ©2006
    16. 16. THE CYCLE OF INNOVATION * Source Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore ©2006
    17. 17. THE CYCLE OF INNOVATION * Source Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore ©2006
    18. 18. THE CYCLE OF INNOVATION * Source Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore ©2006
    19. 19. THE CYCLE OF INNOVATION 2-Cliks
    20. 20. STAYING CURRENT WITH SAP Continual improvement requires  Continual Commitment  Continual Re-evaluation  Continual change Remember the Cycle of Innovation Invent Deploy Manage Offload
    22. 22. Staying Current with SAP: How? Avishai Shafir Director of Product Marketing
    23. 23. Panaya Snapshot 60+ countries 800+ customers, 2,000+ successful projects 500,000+ test cases in past year Selling globally in 08 08 09 09 09 09 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 12
    24. 24. 800+ Customers
    25. 25. Ongoing Business Change Rollout to New Sites Functional Enhancements Innovation Stream Upgrades Support Packs System Consolidation Enhancement Packages Migrations Mergers & Acquisitions New Business Processes Regulations Maintenance Stream
    26. 26. Essential Ingredients For Staying Current 1. Pinpoint exactly what to fix & test reduce risk and effort 2. Equip IT & business key-users with easy-touse testing tools increase key-user productivity and quality 3. Govern the business quality process gain control and visibility
    27. 27. 1. Pinpoint Exactly What to Fix “What will Break” Automated Discovery Saved 6 months in project duration
    28. 28. 1. Pinpoint Exactly What to Test Risk-based Test Scoping Saved 7 digit figure $ in Project cost
    29. 29. Regression Cycle Concept EHP4 EHP6 Capture Business Process Run Test
    30. 30. 2. Equip IT & business key-users to Test
    31. 31. 3. Govern the business quality process
    32. 32. Panaya Portfolio for SAP : Deliver More, at Higher Quality
    33. 33. Staying Current with SAP: How ? Avishai Shafir Director of Product Marketing
    34. 34. send your questions to Thank You! Special Offer All webinar attendees can enjoy an exclusive free test scoping trial for their upcoming EHP, SP, BFA or upgrade project. Simply send the coupon code WBNR-GR to: Offer ends November 1, 2013. All attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of our whitepaper: ‘SAP Manual Testing: How to Test Less, Faster & Better’.