Top 10 Reasons to Choose Panasas Storage


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Panasas enables enterprise customers to rapidly solve complex computing problems, speed innovation and bring new products to market faster. Read the top 10 reasons why you should choose Panasas.

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Panasas Storage

  1. 1. High Performance Scale-Out NAS TOP 10 Reasons to Choose Panasas Storage 1. Unparalleled Application Performance The combination of the Panasas object-based storage architecture and patented PanFS™ operating system delivers the fastest performance in the industry. In real production environments, Panasas storage has achieved 30GB/sec bandwidth performance. 2. Massive Scalability Storage capacity can be quickly and easily added and configured in less than 30 minutes. As capacity is added, system bandwidth scales linearly providing seamless scalability. 3. Lowest TCO Panasas storage systems give organizations easy to use, appliance-like management of a virtually boundless storage system. Competitive products require over twice the floor space to achieve comparable performance and scalability levels. The patented PanFS™ storage operating system provides a single namespace and mount point that reduces administrative complexity—saving time and money. 4. Superior Large-Scale Reliability With Panasas Storage there is no single point of failure and high availability software provide automated failover for maximizing uptime. In addition, Panasas’ unique Tiered Parity architecture delivers a comprehensive and scalable solution for data reliability and integrity that is unmatched by any other storage vendor. 5. Proven in Production Environments Panasas technical enterprise clients are successful leaders from Energy, Government, Finance, Manufacturing, Bioscience, and Higher Education. Hundreds of customers on 6 continents and in 51 countries have implemented Panasas Storage as a critical instrument in their IT infrastructure. 6. Storage Optimized for Real-World Applications The Panasas architecture accelerates HPC and technical applications, such as Ansys/Fluent, CD-adapco, Paradigm and Landmark. This gives customers higher performing applications and the power to make business-critical decisions faster. 7. Easiest Path to Parallel NFS (pNFS) pNFS (parallel NFS) is the emerging standard for HPC and technical computing and the next major extension to the NFS standard. Panasas was the first company to evangelize the need for a standard for parallel file systems. The parallel NFS standard is derived from the Panasas DirectFLOW architecture. Existing and future customers deploying Panasas DirectFLOW protocol will have the simplest upgrade path to pNFS when it becomes production-ready. 8. Flexible Solutions that Configure to Any Environment The architecture of the PAS family of scale-out NAS systems is comprised of modular building blocks that can be configured to provide one single pool of storage with distributed and balanced I/O paths that streamline and accelerate workflows. 9. Multi-protocol Support Panasas Storage enable a unified storage infrastructure by providing support for NFS and CIFS access to a single, shared storage pool. This approach simplifies storage management, reduces data duplication, and increases end-user productivity. 10. World Class, Personalized Service and Support With our personalized extranet,, flexible support packages, and our dedicated staff of storage and cluster experts, the Support Services Team will exceed your expectations for service and support. About Panasas Panasas, Inc., the leader in high-performance scale-out NAS storage solutions, enables enterprise customers to rapidly solve complex computing problems, speed innovation and bring new products to market faster. All Panasas solutions leverage the patented PanFS™ storage operating system to deliver exceptional performance, scalability and manageability. Panasas PW-10-10000 systems are optimized for demanding storage environments in the energy, government, finance, manufacturing, bioscience and higher education industries. | Phone: 1-888-panasas | © 2010 Panasas Incorporated. All rights reserved. Panasas is a trademark of Panasas, Inc. in the United States and other countries.