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  1. 1. Panasas® ActiveStor® Ease of Management PANASAS MARKETING
  2. 2. 2 PANASAS OVERVIEW §  Scale-out NAS Solutions for Enterprise and Research •  ActiveStor appliances in 5th generation •  Shipping Since 2004, with 19 patents issued (more pending) §  Panasas Management •  Storage-focused executive management team •  Highly experienced technical team −  Dr. Garth Gibson, Founder & Chief Scientist, Author of “Berkeley RAID Paper” §  VC Funded •  Mohr Davidow, Samsung Ventures, Intel Capital, Focus Ventures, Centennial Ventures Industry Recognition Faye Pairman, Panasas CEO Cloud Project of the Year Public Sector Storage Project of the Year
  3. 3. 3 Life  Sciences   Genomic  Sequencing    Computa1onal  Chemistry   Molecular  Modeling   Energy     Seismic  Processing   Reservoir  Simula1on   Interpreta1on   Finance   Por=olio  Op1miza1on   Credit  Analysis   Risk  Analysis   Manufacturing   EDA  Simula1on   Fluid  Dynamics  (CFD)   Acous1c  Analysis   Op1cal  Correc1on   Structural  Mechanics   University   Materials  Science   Life  Sciences   Climate  Modeling   High  Energy  Physics   Private  Clouds   Government     Weather  Forecas1ng   Defense   Intelligence   BIG DATA: DESIGN & DISCOVER Media   Digital  Post-­‐Produc1on   Rendering   Satellite  Imaging   Digital  Ac1ve  Archives  
  4. 4. 4 MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES AT SCALE §  IT Requirements: •  Speed of deployment •  Ease of use •  Ease of management §  Scaling Traditional NAS Systems: •  Increased scalability means increased complexity •  Greater management effort required •  Additional costs incurred §  True Scale-out NAS Solutions: •  Providing a single, global namespace to eliminate the need for multiple storage islands •  Require the same level of effort to manage hundreds of storage nodes as is required to manage a single node
  5. 5. 5 PANASAS ACTIVESTOR PLATFORM §  Powered by PanFS storage operating system §  122.4TB per shelf à scales to 12PB §  1.5GB/s per shelf à scales to 150GB/s ActiveStor Appliance §  Metadata access §  System management Director Blade §  Parallel data access §  Advanced caching Storage Blade §  Single global namespace §  Single system to manage §  Seamless scaling with no downtime §  Pay as you grow §  Linear performance scaling Panasas Architecture CPUs = RAID ENGINES COMPUTE CLIENTS PANASAS DIRECTFLOW PARALLEL + SCALABLE PANASAS ACTIVESTOR
  6. 6. 6 EFFICIENT LINEAR SCALABILITY §  Performance does not drop off as performance modules are added •  Seamless linear scaling by adding storage and director blades •  No performance “brick wall” or need for islands of storage §  Effective scaling for multiple protocols (DirectFlow, NFS, and CIFS) §  Network resources and bandwidth scale with the system Efficient Scaling = Outstanding TCO at Scale Performance scaling independently verified by ESG:
  7. 7. 7 EASY TO DEPLOY, USE AND MANAGE §  Easy to Deploy •  <10 min. to set up (ESG Lab Test) •  Automatic recognition of new storage makes scaling a breeze §  Easy to Use •  Compute nodes see a single, unified name space •  Files are automatically load balanced for maximum performance §  Easy to Manage •  Single management view via PanActive Manager GUI (or CLI) •  Snapshots and user quotas reduce administrator time •  SNMP for integration into third party management tools §  Single Point of Management §  Simple out-of-box experience §  Seamlessly deploy new blades §  Capacity & load balancing §  Snapshots §  1-touch reporting capabilities §  Scriptable CLI PanActive Manager •  Single Point of Management •  Capacity & load balancing •  Simple out-of-box experience •  Snapshots •  Seamlessly deploy new blades •  1-touch reporting capabilities •  Scriptable CLI
  8. 8. 8 NEW: ACTIVESTOR 16 WITH PANFS 6.0 §  ActiveStor 16: Platform for PanFS 6.0 •  50% higher density, leveraging HGST UltraStar® He6 6TB drives •  Faster director blade speeds RAID rebuilds •  Flash sized for RAID 6+ §  PanFS 6.0: RAID 6+ Triple Parity Protection •  Per-file, distributed RAID 6+ overcomes limitations of traditional RAID •  Reliability increases with scale, not decreases •  Extended File System Availability ensures business continuity when other systems would be down •  Quickly restore specific files for disaster recovery, not whole file system ActiveStor 16 HGST UltraStar® He6 6TB Drive
  9. 9. 9 ACTIVESTOR 16 PLATFORM §  50% Increase in Density •  Hitachi HGST He6 Helium-filled 6TB drive technology •  240GB SSD optimized for RAID 6+ •  122.4TB per 4U shelf §  Linear Scalability •  Field proven to 12PB and 150GB/s in a single, global namespace −  100 shelves, 2000 HDDs, 1000 SSDs §  Improved Director Blade Performance •  19% faster CPU (2.53GHz quad-core) •  4x more cache: 48GB memory •  Improves metadata, small file and RAID rebuild performance §  Strong at Both Throughput and IOPS •  Ideal for large file, small file, and mixed workloads •  >13,000 random 4KB file read IOPS per shelf •  1.5 GB/sec per shelf ActiveStor 16 Storage Blade 240GB SSD 8GB Cache 6TB HDD x2 CPU
  10. 10. 10 SUMMARY §  IT staff in technical research and enterprise environments need easily-managed high-performance storage that is scalable and reliable §  Selecting scale-out storage usually requires compromises •  High performance computing file systems deliver performance but compromise on reliability, availability, and ease of management •  Enterprise NAS systems deliver high reliability and availability but compromise performance §  Panasas ActiveStor delivers a no-compromise solution
  11. 11. 11 PANASAS ACTIVESTOR §  Easy Management •  Minimal management effort at scale •  Set up or grow capacity in under 10 minutes •  Single, global namespace §  High Parallel Performance •  Direct data access eliminates traditional NAS bottlenecks •  Capacity and performance scale linearly to 12PB and 150GB/s •  Flash accelerated hybrid architecture §  Enterprise-Grade Reliability •  Triple parity protection with RAID 6+ •  Reliability increases with scale •  Extended File System Availability “No Compromise” Hybrid Scale-Out NAS ActiveStor 16
  12. 12. 12 THANK YOU!!/panasas