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  1. 1. PANKAJ KAPILA Mobile : +91-9686576415 E-mail: OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry, a job where growth prospects are unlimited and individuality is recognized by work and to achieve professional satisfaction by meeting higher responsibilities and involving in competent work areas. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: 8+ years of IT experience, in the areas of Manual Testing, interop testing , Linux, Verification of NetApp Software products. Exposure to NAS and SAN, troubleshooting the NetApp filers. I have good understanding Linux and Solaris. • Good understanding of NetApp Filers and clustering products. • Good understanding of SAN and NAS. • Understanding of system testing, manual testing, regression testing and running tests using automation framework. CURRENT ORGANIZATION: Working as a ‘Magna Consultant’ @ NetApp,Bangalore. PROFESSIONAL QULAFICATION: • B.E (Industrial Electronics) from College of Engineering, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Univ, Aurangabad, Maharashtra with Distinction. TECHNICAL EXPOSURE: Operating System : Linux/Unix, Solaris, AIX, ESX, SLES Scripting Languages : Shell, Perl Hardware Platforms : IBM Server, NetApp Products Tools/Software : ALM, Bugzilla, Perforce Technologies : SAN, NAS, VMware, Virtualization, Zoning, Sanboot Oracle Solaris Clustering, FC, Brocade FC switch,KVM PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN: PROJECT NAME: San Unix interop ROLE: Unix Interop Engineer Environment: Solaris, Filers, Cisco Switches, Brocade switches, Sanboot, SAN, FC PROJECT DESCRIPTION Solaris interop qualification project for includes qualifying various Solaris standalone and cluster clients against NetApp-ONTAP for FC protocols and populating the compatibility in Interop Matrix tool. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Preparation of config sheet, test plan and project page • End-to-end test lab setup which includes Zoning, Server, Switch and ONTAP storage based on best practices document. • Test coverage across different versions of Solaris and Data ONTAP. • Oracle Solaris cluster setup on different Solaris flavors. PROJECT NAME: Client Interop Role: NFS Interop Engineer Environment: RHEL, SLES, Solaris, Filers, Cisco Switches, AIX, VMware PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client interop qualification project for includes qualifying various UNIX flavor including Solaris and AIX clients against NetApp-ONTAP for NFS V3,V4 and pNFS protocols and populating the compatibility in Interop Matrix tool.
  2. 2. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Configuring end-to-end test lab setup which includes Server, Switch and ONTAP storage based on best practices document. • Test coverage across different versions of RHEL, AIX, Solaris, SLES and Data ONTAP. • Covering NFS V3, V4 and pNFS protocols and clients and NetApp products as part of interoperability. PROJECT NAME: Qualification of Different RHEL Version on KVM with different releases of NetApp Role: Interop Engineer Environment: KVM, RHEL, Filers, IBM Servers, Switches PROJECT DESCRIPTION NFS Interop qualification project for KVM includes qualifying NetApp-ONTAP NFS protocol with Hypervisors and populating the compatibility in Interop Matrix tool. As part of Interop testing the Hypervisor features like VM Migration, Snapshot, Cloning and High Availability are tested with NetApp NFS protocol. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Designing test plan and test cases based on ONTAP technical documents and RedHat- KVM Release notes/technical documents. • Configuring end-to-end test lab setup which includes Server, Switch and ONTAP storage based on best practices document. • Test coverage across different versions of RHEL-KVM and Data ONTAP. PROJECT NAME: Development of framework and bug fixing Role: Technical Lead PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project involves development of RA Framework and fixing the bugs raised. Development of wrappers to connect to the Galeforce and perform multiple operations based on the input parameters. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Responsible for wrapper development using Python and delivery on time • Fixing the bugs. PROJECT NAME: NetApp SDU Feature Testing Role: Technical Lead Environment: SDU, DFM, NATE, Perl, Perforce , Quality Center, Linux, Review Board and NetApp Filers PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project involves testing of SDU(Snap Drive for Unix) feature of NetApp. SnapDrive for UNIX is Unix host based software that does storage provisioning (filer-LUN create/delete/resize), snapshot management (snapshot create/delete/restore/connect/disconnect) and Customer (Server administrator) uses SDU to manage storage without needing to know much about storage administration (filer/ONTAP administration) ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Responsible for automation and delivery of test cases on time • Involving in technical guidance for the team PROJECT NAME: NetApp Storage Lab Setup Role: Technical Lead Environment: NetApp Filers, IBM Server, Cisco Switches, ESX Server4.0, vSphereClient4.0, RHEL 5.0 PROJECT DESCRIPTION NetApp storage lab setup includes installation of ESX 4.0 server on IBM (x3650 M3), installation of the various VM’s Linux (RHEL 5.0) and Windows on the server. This activity also involves setting up the DNS, NIS and NFS server configurations. Filers (FAS3160) are attached to the IBM server via Cisco switch.
  3. 3. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Installation of the various VM’s RHEL (5.0) and Windows on the IBM server • Managing the VM’s with the help of vSphere client. • Customization of the VM’s. PROJECT NAME: NetApp Multistore Feature Testing Role: Lead Engineer Environment: Linux, NATE, Quality Center, Perforce and NetApp Filers, Perl PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project involves Automation testing of Multistore feature of NetApp Filers. This includes automating the manual test case with the help of Perl script. This project includes QA of different NetApp storage products as well in the roadmap. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Involved in testing of NetApp software releases. • Involved in system level testing as a part of storage and QA team. • Designing and uploading of the test cases and results in Quality Center. PROJECT NAME: UMS (University Management System) modules testing Role: Senior Project Engineer Environment: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project involves testing of different forms that is uploaded on Website and university management system of lovely Professional University. This project also includes give the quality to the website. The project includes testing of university management system that has to be changed according to the current requirement. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Involved in GUI, functionality and database testing of uploaded forms and also as a part of QA team providing quality for those forms. • Updating the bugs in JIRA testing tool. PROJECT NAME: EMC Clarrion Role: Systems Engineer Environment: Windows NT Server, Windows 2003 Server, WIN-XP, UNIX, HP-UX, Triage, Context and SPLAT PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project is based on CX and FC series. The different Hosts are attached to the Clariion to store data using SAN copy, Snapviews, Snapshots, Mirror Views and Cloning. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Troubleshooting and supporting the SAN connectivity on different Operating Systems. • Schedule and maintain the batch processes and Perform Root Cause Analysis. • Collects log and review them to check for issues on the array. PROJECT NAME: LCD Driver Development Role: Software Trainee Engineer Environment: C, Intel X86, Linux , Vim and Make utilities PROJECT DESCRIPTION The development of LCD driver involved enabling the device, initializing control and status registers to appropriate values and transferring data to driver buffer, various conditions and delivering data to parallel port. ROLES AND CONTRIBUTION • Involved in design and development of LCD Driver. • Supportive design and test execution document preparation. • Involved in unit and functional test process.