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RaaS & TM Interoperability


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One of the most significant problems companies encounter when trying to deliver goods/services to their customers is how to schedule and optimize their daily routes. The end-to-end solution must satisfy a big audience: the customer desires his order (product or service) in time; the driver should execute a productive, safe and optimal route; the company needs to utilize its resources in the most sophisticated way. In a few words the famous VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) bothers every company (not just 3PL/4PL ones) in its daily business and the predefined routes that have been created years ago by the most highly experienced ex-drivers and now senior-TMOs (Transportation Management Officers) may not be the optimal way of doing business nowadays. This is what RaaS (Routing as a Service) aims to improve! RaaS is the idea behind PowerFleetOptimo, an innovative application provided in a service model that can be partially of fully consumed, providing an excellent set of VRP solutions. It incorporates well established genetic algorithms (ruin-and-recreate) for approaching the solution, making the scheduling of routes, just one more trivial daily task, saving thousands of labor hours and travelling time. In order for RaaS to be successful and well established in a company's culture, accuracy in the results must not be questioned at all! Accuracy, though, is strongly affected by the traffic conditions on the roads. Real time traffic, as well as predictive models of future traffic, based on historical data, are vital components of the RaaS algorithm. Therefore RaaS and TM interoperability is not just a concept, it becomes a necessity.

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RaaS & TM Interoperability

  1. 1. RaaS & TM Interoperability Panagiotis Zikos Dipl-Eng NTUA, MSc CMU, MBA Mensa/WIN member Co-Founder / R&D Director
  2. 2. Software Company Founded in 2005 ITS member – 2017 Extensive know-how in Software Development  Mobile Workforce Management  Fleet Telematics Solutions  RaaS – Routing as a Service A significant portfolio of corporate customers in SE Europe ISO 9001 certified ISO 27001 certified
  3. 3. RaaS & TM Interoperability agenda ITS & Logistics1 RaaS (Routing as a Service)2 RaaS & TM3
  4. 4. Revenue 10% GDP (3% - land transportation) A strong ecosystem StartUps, Projects (Ten-T) 5% of total workforce Logistics in Greece
  5. 5. ITS in Logistics ITS Intelligent Routes Goods/Services delivery Logistics process WH P&P
  6. 6. Route A series of actions so as to satisfy the needs of successive nodes Intelligence: Resources optimization, QoS, cargo & driver safety
  7. 7. The Art of Intelligent Routes Customer Requirements Resources (Vehicles) Special Configurations • Demand (volume) • Time window • Service time • Location • Frequency • Capacity • Working hours • Break • Start – End point • Depos • Pick up & delivery • Restricted location • Tolls avoidance Scheduled Deliveries Optimized Routes
  8. 8. Key Concepts of Route Optimization NPC Output CPU Route Optimization VRP – mTSP Nondeterministic Polynomial Genetic algorithms Jsprit (GraphHopper) Ruin-and-Recreate principle Optimization of a resource • Travelling distance • Travelling time • # Vehicles • Emissions • Time in vehicle
  9. 9. RaaS – Routing as a Service RaaS Services • POIs handling • Workforce Scheduling • Routes Optimization • Driver dispatching • Real time monitoring • PoD (Proof of Delivery) • Pay as you Use
  10. 10. RaaS model POIs • Geolocating • Handling • Picking Route Optimization • Scheduling • Customer data • Vehicle data Driver dispatching • Mobile app • Route me • PoD Monitoring • GPS • Telematics • Feedback Reporting • BI • Customized • ERP integrated Pay as you Use
  11. 11. RaaS in action • 120 POIs (handling & selection) • Specific demand (What & When to deliver) • 10 available vehicles (Capacity, depos) • Special (Smart Tolls, restricted location etc) • Optimized Routes • Minimum resources (5 routes / travelling time) • 100% Service delivery • Customer exceptional experience
  12. 12. Emissions Productivity Resources optimization Customer experience Added Value Automation without infrastructure RaaS advantages
  13. 13. Traffic Management Issues Cultural modifications Last minute updates Picking & packing is crucial RaaS Challenges
  14. 14. TM necessity in RaaS Traffic Management • Real time data (TSP) • Historical Data (mTSP) • Predictive Model • Sadden alerts (TMO) RaaS algorithm
  15. 15. TM Interoperability 1 2 Alerts on zones based on sadden traffic modifications TM API consumable through Web Services Feedback about real time traffic through local FMS
  16. 16. TM Interoperability concept • Easily consumable Pull API • Restful Web Services • Real time data • Historical data • Predictive traffic TM API • Sadden traffic alerts • Registration on zones • Immediate feedback • Push API Alerts API • Real time traffic data • Local FMS • Vehicles GPS devices • Anonymous traffic data • Win-win scenario RaaS feedback
  17. 17. RaaS & TM - SWOT Analysis S W TO • VRP accuracy • ETA feasibility • Routes dynamic adjustments Strengths • Real time must be real • Alerts must be JIT • Speed is everything • Accuracy is essential Weaknesses • RaaS mature model • TMO optimization • Cultural modifications become easier Opportunities • Traffic data is a strong requirement for successful deployment of RaaS solutions Threats RaaS & TM
  18. 18. Who cares…
  19. 19. Panagiotis Zikos Co-Founder / R&D Director iLink Innovative Business Solutions -