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Accelerate your startup business. Reduce the risk of failure and get growing faster. Startup acceleration tips from a 20 year entrepreneur who works with startups and founders everyday helping them grow faster...

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  1. 1. PaStart up Accelerator Pam HoelzleWhat can you do to grow faster?
  2. 2. You Are A Genius, Brilliant & Incredible. But unfortunately you are not God. Blind spots & ego’s kill dreams.Get advisors and team to teach you what you don’t know; quite yet…
  3. 3. It’s not about your pet reindeer or yourgrandfather, neighbor or even your second cousin….Its about the CLIENTobsessed designed centric focused developed
  4. 4. market don’t prF Forget the 100 page embossed business plan GET A CLIENT Validate the marketBefore raising capital. Before confirming go/no go…
  5. 5. Your business model is nothing more thana vehicle to transport you from here tothere….if the ride is bumpy change it up…
  6. 6. Stop Wasting Your Life Get to GO or NO GO As fast as possible.
  7. 7. Premature launch is like all things premature… LESS THAN SATISFYING…Don’t go to market without the resources to succeed (go ahead stay in alpha and prepare)
  8. 8. If you’re secret sauce sucks Go back to the Drawing Board Attributes of differentiation value proposition USP
  9. 9. Who cares If you don’t like Numbers?track key activities & numbers ….daily, weekly and monthly. Period.
  10. 10. Everything changes Get USE to it embrace constant never ending tweaking and improving
  11. 11. OOnce your model is ready to scale -get your creative buns out of theirway…. Systems And Processes SCALE ventures Make sure your clients and employees are the success feedback system
  12. 12. What are you waiting for?Permission to live your dream…. granted!
  13. 13. Pam Hoelzle is a 20 year entrepreneur whosebackground includes: 15 years+ building an $18Mdollar company, a successful sale and exit, closing asocial startup, earning a Masters in Teaching, teachingentrepreneurship at the MBA level and working as astartup/business accelerator/consultant for hundredsof founders.Photos by Jules Frazier, Ashleigh Konopaski, AdamSilver and Jim Wilkinson Seattle Business Consulting