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Managing Social Media


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This presentation offers up some data on the 6 main social sites.

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Managing Social Media

  1. 1. Managing Social Media Pamela Muldoon
  2. 2. Industrial Model Marketing• Brand• Message• Person
  3. 3. Coca-Cola: Brand
  4. 4. Coca-Cola: Message 19521886 1928 1970 1963
  5. 5. Coca-Cola: Message1971 1982 1979 1993-Present1986
  6. 6. Coca-Cola: Person Muhtar Kent,Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer The Coca-Cola Company
  7. 7. Marketing Flipped 180 Degrees• Person• Message• Brand
  8. 8. Marketing Flipped 180 DegreesExample #1• Person: Denny Hecker• Message: What is the message today?• Brand: How do you feel about his brand today?
  9. 9. Marketing Flipped 180 DegreesExample #2• Person: Tom Petters• Message: What is the message today?• Brand: How do you feel about his brand today?
  10. 10. Marketing Flipped 180 DegreesExample #3• Person: Tiger Woods• Message: What is the message today?• Brand: How did many brands associated with Tiger Woods react to his scandal?
  11. 11. Marketing Flipped 180 DegreesExample #4• Person: Rush Limbaugh• Message: What is the message today?• Brand: How did many brands associated with Rush’s show react to his message?
  12. 12. Personal & Professional• Creating a personal brand alongside the Ford Brand• All social platforms, speaking, featured in books Scott Monty Head of Social Media Ford Motor Company
  13. 13. Personal & Professional• Billionaire Business Magnate• Author, speaker, humanitarian• Yes, he writes his own blog Richard Branson Founder, Virgin CEO, Virgin Media
  14. 14. The Social Consumer 90% of consumers 70% of consumers online trust trust options of unknown recommendations from users people they know53% of respondents say 61% of respondents sayAfter liking a brand will After following a brandlikely purchase they will talk about theproduct/service or company or productrecommend 50% of small business Owners report gaining new customers through social media
  15. 15. Level The Playing Field• All businesses can participate• The cost of entry is minimalAsk Yourself Two Questions:1. Can I Reach My Target Audience With This Social Platform?2. Am I willing to tackle the learning curve of this platform? (or do I have a team member who can?)
  16. 16. LinkedIn150+ Million Active Users Average User Age: 25-55 Median Age: 44 New Member Joins Executives From All Every Second Fortune 500 Companies 2 Million+ Company Profiles
  17. 17. Facebook833+ Million Active Users; Average User Age: Set to hit 18-44 1 Billion by August 2012 Median Age: 38 50% Log In Daily Average User Time: 55 Minutes 4/13/2012
  18. 18. FacebookFastest Growing Population: Women 2nd Fastest Growing Population: Seniors 4/13/2012
  19. 19. Twitter 475+ Million Average User Age: Active Users 18-44 Median Age: 3955% Use Twitter via 1 Billion Tweets Posted Mobile Device Weekly 4/13/2012
  20. 20. YouTube 800+ Million Average User Age: Unique Users 18-54 More video is uploaded in 60 Hours of Video 30 days than created by NBC,Uploaded Every Minute CBS, ABC in the past 60 years 4/13/2012
  21. 21. Google+ Users:90+ Million 70% MaleActive Users 30% Female Search Is Now Personal 4/13/2012
  22. 22. Pinterest 100+ Million 97% of Users Are Women Unique UsersAverage Use Time1 hour, 17 minutes Drive Traffic To Business Website Great Platform For Visual Business Models 4/13/2012
  23. 23. Connect With Pamela Pamela Muldoon Next Stage Media