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ISDN v. IP Alternatives #WoVoChat 3-11-15


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George Whittam and Joe Cipriano join the #WoVoChat to discuss ISDN v. IP Alternatives for VoiceOver talent.

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ISDN v. IP Alternatives #WoVoChat 3-11-15

  1. 1. ISDN v. IP Alternatives For Voiceover Professionals Twitter Chat Wednesday, March 11, 2015 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET #WoVoChat @WorldVoicesOrg
  2. 2. #WoVoChat Featuring Joe Cipriano & George Whittam
  3. 3. #WoVoChat Q1: How long will ISDN remain a cost effective choice for voice actors? #WoVoChat
  4. 4. A1: Not our decision. What matter is “what is cost effective for your BUYERS”. We have to have the technology our buyers are using. #WoVoChat @joecip A1: Voice talent need to use connectivity(ISDN/IP) that your buyers choose. Our business model should be to have all the technology. #WoVoChat @joecip A1: Voice actors need to be “versatile” in performance AND technology to work regularly. We need to have all options available. #WoVoChat @joecip #WoVoChat
  5. 5. A1: It won’t if telcos keep hiking the price and withdrawing the service at the same time to non city rural locals. #WoVoChat @rogeradw A1: It’s fast becoming NOT for many outside of NYC & LA – if service can be obtained at all. #WoVoChat @jodyvining A1: It’s my understanding telcos are trying to phase it out. They don’t want to service copper anymore. #WoVoChat @karndawn #WoVoChat A1: Hi all. Shireen in Maine. It’s pretty hard to get ISDN in many areas here. #WoVoChat @girlcanread
  6. 6. #WoVoChat Q2: What are the ISDN advantages in today’s world of digital remote recording choices? #WoVoChat
  7. 7. A2: Since 1994, ISDN advantage is rock solid reliability and a constant latency and delay. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A2: Latency predictability is why networks and vendors are slow to give up on ISDN. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A2: So far IP alternatives can’t offer that infallible dependability and consistency. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech #WoVoChat A2: As a legacy technology, it’s proven, installed, known and has it’s own proven accepted “Promo/Commercial/Affiliates” culture. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech
  8. 8. A2: Just a shame that they are sun-setting the tech w/o a new standard in place. #WoVoChat @stevenjaycohen A2: The argument always seems to be reliability – but for most a net connection and Source Connect are just as reliable. #WoVoChat @jodyvining A2: Familiarity in a complex studio setup. #WoVoChat @DnPSound #WoVoChat A2: Reliability in real-time: ISDN. With SC we can reliability in near real-time with Auto-Restore. New workflows. #WoVoChat @sourceelements
  9. 9. #WoVoChat Q3: What are the advantages of IP Alternatives compared to the copper wires of ISDN? #WoVoChat
  10. 10. A3: Talent can work from anywhere in the world at a low cost and deliver reasonably high quality. #WoVoChat @joecip A3: With a laptop, a mic and a decent Wi-Fi connection, VO’s can deliver quality product quickly arguably NO cost. #OneTimeFee #WoVoChat @joecip A3: Don’t need to install ISDN lines; no add’l/special equipment required beyond a laptop, a broadband connection & IP software. #WoVoChat @joecip #WoVoChat A3: Achieve higher bit rates than ISDN. I can send at 192kbps. #WoVoChat @joecip
  11. 11. A3: It expands the pool of talent. Right now very talented people are frozen out if they can’t get an ISDN line. #WoVoChat @jodyvining A3: Big advantage is universal access. #WoVoChat @jerrysvoice A3: Flexibility. ISDN is what it is. With IP-based services you can pretty much slap anything on top you can come up with. #WoVoChat @ipDTL #WoVoChat
  12. 12. #WoVoChat Q4: What are the top marketplace IP alternatives to ISDN? #WoVoChat
  13. 13. A4: Source-Elements (SourceConnect) (SC NOW) was first to establish in this area. #WoVoChat @CourVo A4: ipDTL (In:Quality) from the UK has functional parity with SC. #WoVoChat @CourVo A4: SounStreak, SessionLink Pro, Telos V/IP, AudioTX – even ConnectionOpen are contenders. #WoVoChat @CourVo #WoVoChat A4: Future? Don’t rule out SKYPE. They invented the OPUS codec. #WoVoChat @CourVo
  14. 14. A4: Connection Open is about to be. #WoVoChat @DnPSound A4: The web-based alternatives are great too – but there something to be said for just using an AU/AAX plug. #WoVoChat @jodyvining A4: While I don’t use it often, I don’t have any issues with ipDTL at all. Clients were happy. #WoVoChat @ElaineSinger #WoVoChat A4: All WebRTC products like @ipDTL share the same basic office function. #WoVoChat @rogeradw
  15. 15. #WoVoChat Q5: What are the disadvantages of IP alternatives compared to ISDN?#WoVoChat
  16. 16. A5: Does not yet have the confidence of majority of buyers, producers, networks, studios. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A5: Depends on location. Home studio? Then ISDN preferred. Away? Then IP solution. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A5: Latency (delay) (dropout) is variable depending on connection and can be vexing. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech #WoVoChat A5: Technology is still developing, leading to adoption reluctance by the prospective clients. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech
  17. 17. #WoVoChat Q6: What will convince clients/production houses to switch to IP alternatives eventually? #WoVoChat
  18. 18. A6: First consideration is reliability. ISDN has it. Most studios and my clients believe IP is pretty close. #WoVoChat @joecip A6: Second consideration is cost. As long as line costs are low for the client/studio, and ISDN already installed, why switch? #WoVoChat @joecip A6: The tipping points will be a REAL cost saving and confidence in the technology, AND if ISDN prices itself out of their budgets. #WoVoChat @joecip #WoVoChat
  19. 19. A6: Lack of service will soon be an issue. Less techs who know how to service ISDN at telcos these days. #WoVoChat @DnPSound A6: For my clients, it seems the smaller studios have been first to jump on something and drop ISDN. #WoVoChat @JasonRooneyVO A6: Call a telco and ask about an ISDN line – they’ll probably hang up on you. #WoVoChat @jodyvining #WoVoChat A6: The ISDN infrastructure is OLD and RUSTY…literally. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech
  20. 20. #WoVoChat Q7: What is the future of connectivity? #WoVoChat
  21. 21. A7: As far as I’m concerned…it has to be IP. #WoVoChat @joecip A7: We need people to help PUSH it forward. I was one of the first Telos Zephyr users for Fox. I was available at all hours. #WoVoChat @joecip A7: When I was hired by CBS in 1997, they didn’t have ISDN…I convinced them to get it. It’s important as VO to push it. #WoVoChat @joecip #WoVoChat A7: It comes down to this. I support ALL IP technologies because I NEED them to grow, be more reliable, portable and affordable. #WoVoChat @joecip
  22. 22. #WoVoChat Q8: Why does WoVo care about this issue? #WoVoChat
  23. 23. A8: Because members are being priced out of ISDN service if not East/West Coast. #WoVoChat @CourVo A8: More connectivity means greater pool of possible talent for studios to use. #WoVoChat @CourVo A8: IP solutions level the competitive playing field for those who don’t have ISDN. #WoVoChat @CourVo #WoVoChat A8: Because WoVo advocates for the best outcomes for its members, and has an eye on the future. #WoVoChat @CourVo
  24. 24. #WoVoChat Q9: Should a quality video signal be a standard feature on IP solutions? #WoVoChat
  25. 25. A9: Handy, but…necessary? Not until producers start asking for it. Depends who needs to see whom. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A9: Helps with taking cues for promo voices, working to picture ala, but a small audience. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A9: Enhances the client/talent relationship by making connection more personal during sessions. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech #WoVoChat A9: Video sucks bandwith, increases drop-out, but getting better. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech
  26. 26. A9: Yes and that might be the killer feature that helps drive adoption by studios. #WoVoChat @jodyvining A9: I could use a video capability for promo sessions, so I could SEE video I’m reading to – that would be a nice option to have. #WoVoChat @joecip A9: ADR, work to picture, client reviews. Video is the future for IP solutions. #WoVoChat @DnPSound #WoVoChat A9: Once you have audio working, video is a rather small step. We added video to ipDTL just because we could.  #WoVoChat @ipDTL
  27. 27. #WoVoChat Q10: ISDN’s death has been long heralded. It’s still here. Any predictions when the TelCo’s will drop it? #WoVoChat
  28. 28. #WoVoChat Join Us for the next #WoVoChat on Wednesday, March 11th 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET! Topic: Do I Really Need An Agent For My Voiceover Career?
  29. 29. A10: Earyl indicators on the East Coast and in Europe are warning signs. Remember the last telegram sent by Western Union? #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A10: Even Telos is moving aggressively into IP solutions. They must see the writing on the wall. Have for years…ZephyrIP ZIP. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech A10: Telcos are already losing money on ISDN and switching. AT&T users are getting booted off when buying Uverse service. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech #WoVoChat A10: As Joe said earlier, depends on reliability, cost and buyer confidence in IP. Reach that, and ISDN is done. #WoVoChat @vostudiotech
  30. 30. A10: Seems like they’re desperate to turn off ISDN right now. #WoVoChat @jodyvining A10: British Telecom is withdrawing ISDN at an alarming rate in the UK unless you’re in a big city. No ISDN in my locale for 5 years. #WoVoChat @rogeradw A10: Huge legacy clients like casinos and banking will keep ISDN active in certain markets. #WoVoChat @DnPSound #WoVoChat A10: In the major markets (esp SoCal) ISDN will be around for many years yet to come. #WoVoChat @Soundtrack_Pro
  31. 31. Check out the entire 3-11-15 #WoVoChat at our Storify: Join us every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month in 2015 for #WoVoChat at 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET! #WoVoChat January 14th & 28th July 8th & 22nd February 11th & 25th August 12th & 26th March 11th & 25th September 9th & 23rd April 8th & 22nd October 14th & 28th May 13th & 27th November 11th & 25th June 10th & 24th December 9th & 23rd