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Choosing The Right Microphone For Your Voiceover Business #WoVoChat 5-20-15


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Dan Lenard and Jordan Reynolds share their tips and technical insight into choosing the right microphone for your voiceover business.

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Choosing The Right Microphone For Your Voiceover Business #WoVoChat 5-20-15

  1. 1. Choosing The Right Microphone For Your Voiceover Business Twitter Chat Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET #WoVoChat @WorldVoicesOrg
  2. 2. #WoVoChat Featuring Dan Lenard & Derek Jordan Reynolds
  3. 3. #WoVoChat Q1: As a voice actor, is a microphone the most important equipment purchase & how do I pick the best one? #WoVoChat
  4. 4. A1: Equipment purchase? Arguably yes. Ideally you should try to buy 2-3. Try them in your studio and keep the best sounding one. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A1: It is very important but the audio interface that you connect the mic to must also be carefully selected. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A1: Every mic sounds different on every voice, preamp and recording environment. “The best mic” doesn’t exist. Sorry ;-) #WoVoChat @jordanreyn #WoVoChat A1: Part of the mic chain that’s often overlooked is the XLR cable. Mogami & @SweetwaterSound”s Pro cables are great. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn
  5. 5. #WoVoChat Q2: Should I use different mics for different projects/genres? #WoVoChat
  6. 6. A2: It depends on the needs of the client. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A2: Promo and imaging are popularly done with shotgun mic. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A2: Good condenser mics can handle everything. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman #WoVoChat A2: It has more to do with mic technique. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman
  7. 7. #WoVoChat Q3: Do I need to spend upwards of $1000 on a mic to sound REALLY professional? #WoVoChat
  8. 8. A3: Definitely not. But if you have the budget it certainly wouldn’t be a waste of money. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A3: If you can spend $300-$400 on your first mic for voiceover, you’ll be in good shape. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A3: It’s hard to pick a bad mic in the $800+ range. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn #WoVoChat A3: Within 2 weeks, I’ll be announcing a new pro microphone that I helped design specifically for voiceover. Priced under $1K. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn
  9. 9. #WoVoChat Q4: Why are large diaphragm mics recommended for most voiceover work? #WoVoChat
  10. 10. A4: They capture more detail. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A4: Small diaphragm mics are for instruments and are designed for higher SPL(sound pressure levels). #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A4: Large diaphragm mics are primarily designed for vocals. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman #WoVoChat A4: There are more choices of large diaphragm mics. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman
  11. 11. #WoVoChat Q5: Explain the difference between dynamic and condenser mics. Which is best for the job?#WoVoChat
  12. 12. A5: In layman’s terms, dynamic’s tend to be more ideal for live on-stage performances. Condenser’s are ideal for the studio. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A5: In general, condenser microphones are highly favorable/used when it comes to voiceover. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A5: Dynamics reject room noise much better than condenser’s. But they can sound a bit punchy and unnatural for voiceover. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn #WoVoChat A5: High quality dynamic’s are much less expensive than condenser’s. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn
  13. 13. #WoVoChat Q6: Should I consider things like puck up pattern, frequency response & bass roll-off? Sounds confusing. #WoVoChat
  14. 14. A6: It depends on the type of work you do. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A6: Bass roll-off is good to have in noisy environments. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A6: The pick-up pattern is only critical for multiple people on the mic. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman #WoVoChat A6: Frequency response should be flat. Not too bright, not too low-end sensitive. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman
  15. 15. #WoVoChat Q7: Can USB mics compete with the quality of XLR mics? #WoVoChat
  16. 16. A7: Of the many USB mic samples I’ve heard & tested, not many compete with mid-higher priced XLR mics. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A7: Some USB mics compete with the quality of $200 or less XLR mics. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A7: In my opinion, the only 2 USB mics that DO compete with XLR’s are the @apogeedigital MiC & @APHEX_AUDIO’s microphone X. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn #WoVoChat A7: Most USB mic’s don’t offer real-time hardware monitoring that audio interfaces(with a XLR mic) do. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn
  17. 17. #WoVoChat Q8: Are some mics better for men than women, and vice versa? #WoVoChat
  18. 18. A8: More critical for women and tenor voices. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A8: Men sound good on almost anything. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A8: Only engineers and geeks can perceive the difference. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman #WoVoChat A8: Again, mic technique is critical. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman
  19. 19. #WoVoChat Q9: Can a good pre-amp or smart processing cover for an inexpensive mic? #WoVoChat
  20. 20. A9: Sometimes it can. But most of the time a good pre-amp can’t compensate for a cheap sounding mic. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A9: Of your gear budget, spend most of it on your microphone instead of the pre-amp and/or audio interface. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn A9: The built-in pre-amps in most audio interfaces nowadays are good enough to record a professional voiceover sound. #WoVoChat @jordanreyn #WoVoChat A9: A good external pre-amp is really more of a luxury than a necessity. But they certainly aren’t a waste of money. ;-) #WoVoChat @jordanreyn
  21. 21. #WoVoChat Q10: What’s a good all-purpose mic for $300-$400? #WoVoChat
  22. 22. A10: CAD E100S! Great mic! #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A10: Sennheiser MK4. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman A10: AKG C214. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman #WoVoChat A10: Shure SM27. #WoVoChat @Homstudioman
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