Write At Your Service-a PowerPoint Show


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Write At Your Service: The Right Words Make All The Difference. Find out how I can help you transform chaos into collateral!

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Write At Your Service-a PowerPoint Show

  1. 1. Write At Your Service <ul><li>The right words make all the difference. </li></ul>
  2. 2. Has this happened to you? <ul><li>The copy your staff wrote just doesn’t feel polished. </li></ul><ul><li>You don’t have time to research and write your report, brochure, or web copy. </li></ul><ul><li>You can’t come up with fresh content for a newsletter each month. </li></ul><ul><li>You’ve got ideas, but don’t know where to start! </li></ul>You’re not alone . . . but what can you do about it?
  3. 3. Let me introduce myself. Pamela Kock, Freelance Copywriter http://www.wayswriter.com I started my business in January, 2005 with the goal of helping marketers and business owners build a bridge between their great ideas and the great results they dream of achieving. Before I wrote for business clients, I published articles on many topics in consumer publications--but marketing copy has become my passion.
  4. 4. Why Do I Freelance? People sometimes ask me why, if I’m so good at what I do, I don’t just “get a real job” at an agency, in a corporation’s marketing department, or string news items for the paper. Good question. As an independent contractor, there are many ways I bring value to my clients.
  5. 5. Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer <ul><li>Wisdom and insight gleaned from working with many other businesses, other industries </li></ul><ul><li>No need to train or supervise </li></ul><ul><li>Only pay for the hours spent on your project, no salary, insurance, 401K, minimal paperwork </li></ul><ul><li>Connections to other professionals in related fields (graphic design, PR, photography, etc.) </li></ul>
  6. 6. There’s No Substitute for Passion. Over the past six years I’ve developed a proven track record and a winning strategy. I match the style, tone, and content of your piece to the image you need to convey, the market you need to reach, and the results you need to achieve. Sounds simple, right?
  7. 7. Organize Your Project Clients say that one of my greatest talents is listening. Without that skill, no writer can possibly deliver upon lofty promises. Your project is important to me, and I’ll help you convert your notes, technical reports, memos, e-mails, meeting minutes, informal conversations, and previous marketing material into a polished, effective finished product. In fact, you could say that’s my specialty: transforming chaos into collateral.
  8. 8. My Portfolio Here are just a few examples of some work I’ve done: Champion Windows Quarterly newsletter Gainey Ceramics print ad The Equity Lending Mortgage Fund brochure More here: wayswriter.com
  9. 9. Testimonials Don’t just take my word for it. Pamela Kock of Write at Your Service helped us launch a quarterly newsletter to our customer base. She assisted in article ideas, was prompt in returning calls and met our deadlines. She is very open and flexible in listening to our needs and is very organized. She helped us get a project off the ground that had been stalling for a long time due to lack of time and resources. – Carolyn Knapp, Art & Advertising Director, Champion Window Mfg. Co. “ Pamela has helped Impresse Marketing on numerous projects. We have always been pleased with the level of writing we have received. We would recommend her for any writing assignment.” – Robert Nance, Owner, Impresse Marketing “ I have never seen this kind of traffic ever. Our website is producing over 50% of the leads. It has made a huge difference. We have achieved first page Google organic placement on all of our services in our local area. Our search engine leads are showing a consistent increase of over 65% every day over the prior months activity. I have one huge challenge to overcome though, that is how to keep up with all of the requests for our services! I thought there was a recession going on!” – Mike Hancock, Owner, Foundation Builders LLC
  10. 10. Let’s Get Started Get in touch with me today and let’s discuss your next great idea! I’m looking forward to working with you. Call me: 513-284-7124 E-mail me: [email_address] Visit my website: http://www.wayswriter .com