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  • Greet and welcome participants Introductions Before we get started lets get a few of our required paperwork collection done by passing in your tax forms Now as we begin, The first MFA Health Care Center opened in Salem Virginia in 1971 by Horace Fralin and Elbert Waldron. They were dedicated to designing healthcare centers that would be grounded in traditional family values and would be integral part of the communities they served. Today a second generation of Fralin’s own and operated Centers both in Virginia and North Carolina. William Fralin serves as MFA’s Chief Executive Officer and President. The principles of professionalism, integrity and quality care and service remains reassuring hallmark of our business. The company’s Corporate office is in Roanoke, VA Let’s take a look at this video giving us a brief company overview (VIDEO)
  • Now that we have a better understanding of MFA let’s learn more about Alamance Health Care Center more specifically….. On April 1, 1992 Alamance Health Care opened it’s doors to provide long term care services to the community. Our 180 bed facility has skilled, intermediate beds, and Medicare beds for qualified patients. We provide, physical, occupational, speech, and or respiratory therapy.
  • Alamance Health Care Center

    1. 1. WelcomeWelcome toto Alamance Health Care Center
    2. 2. Alamance Health Care Center 1987 Hilton Road Burlington, NC 27217 336.226.0848 m
    3. 3. Alamance Health Care Center Conveniently located near Alamance County’s Community Services (DSS)
    4. 4. Alamance Health Care Center Spacious Gazebo and Covered Patio
    5. 5. Alamance Health Care Center Large Welcoming Lobby
    6. 6. Alamance Health Care Center Home Like Atmosphere
    7. 7. Alamance Health Care Center Our Dining Experience provides many options
    8. 8. Alamance Health Care Center Electronic Mars, Tars, and Pyxis
    9. 9. ““Skilled nursing and rehabilitation careSkilled nursing and rehabilitation care that ensures your Lifeworks”.that ensures your Lifeworks”.
    10. 10. Alamance Health Care Center Scope of CareScope of Care Post Orthopedic Surgery Degenerative Joint Disease Cerebral Vascular Disease Diabetes/Endocrine Disorder Renal Failure Cardiovascular Diseases Cancer Nutritional needs (Failure to thrive) Dementias Vascular Diseases Acute respiratory Disease (Pneumonia) Chronic respiratory Disease (COPD) Wound care Infectious diseases Post-op Cardiopulmonary procedure Bariatric patients (450 lbs or less) Comatose AIDs/HIV Medication Administration IV Administration Wound care treatments Respiratory treatments Enteral tube feedings Isolation precaution Blood glucose monitoring
    11. 11. Alamance Health Care Center Scope of CareScope of Care Restorative Nursing Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapies Terminal care Respite care TPN Trachs (Un-cuffed) < 28% O2 Short-term NG tubes (<10 days) Flutter valve chest tubes PCAs Central lines
    12. 12. Alamance Health Care Center Scope of Services Scope of CareScope of Care Not ProvidedNot Provided Ventilators/Respirators Smokers who wish to smoke within the center In-house blood transfusion procedures TB in contagious state IV Chemotherapy Pregnancy Known documented wanderers/anyone requiring a locked unit Current drug/alcohol abuse Peritoneal dialysis Huntington’s disease List not all inclusive
    13. 13. Lifeworks RehabLifeworks Rehab Alamance Health Care Center
    14. 14. • 40 Health Care Centers • Family • 31 Virginia • 9 North Carolina Alamance Health Care Center
    15. 15. • 40 Health Care Centers • Family • 31 Virginia • 9 North Carolina Alamance Health Care Center
    16. 16. • 40 Health Care Centers • Family • 31 Virginia • 9 North Carolina Alamance Health Care Center State of the Art Equipment
    17. 17. Alamance Health Care Center Patient Discharge SurveyPatient Discharge Survey 99% Excellent Customer Responses
    18. 18. Alamance Health Care Center Alamance Health Care Center is dedicated to providing world- class rehabilitation services in an environment that’s comfortable, convenient, and close to home. We make it easy to stay close to your family and friends while you’re recovering, and our skilled team of nurses, therapists, and staff will make you feel right at home while you’re here. 1987 Hilton Road Burlington NC 27217 336.226.0848 Call Us Today!