Your Ebook is Calling


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Do you hear that? It's your ebook calling. That ebook you've been meaning to write. The one you may have started, but never finished. Click through to get fired up about getting your ebook done!

Your Ebook is Calling

  1. 1. YourEbookIsCalling 8ReasonstoGetFiredUp AboutGettingItDone
  2. 2. Hear that?
  3. 3. It’syourebookcalling.
  4. 4. Doyouhearthat?You’vethoughtaboutit.
  5. 5. Hear that?Youmay
  6. 6. Butit’snotdone.
  7. 7. Yet :-)
  8. 8. Youmight
 writingit. Timetolightafireunder
 yourebookdreams. Keep clicking for eight good reasons to get started now.
  9. 9. REASON #1 Yourebookwillestablish
  10. 10. Once your ebook is out in the world, you can say “I wrote the book on ____.” You can add the words “author of …” after your name. You’ll have earned them. Yourebookwillestablish youasanexpert.
  11. 11. Yourreaderswillenjoy
 aconvenientpackage. REASON #2
  12. 12. Blogs and newsletters aren’t the best vehicle for long-form information you’d like people to hold onto and refer back to for a long time. Ebooks live on. Yourreaderswillenjoy havingyourwisdomin aconvenientpackage.
  13. 13. REASON #3 Yourebookwillpromoteyour businessandwhatitoffers. REASON #3
  14. 14. When your reader needs the product or service you offer in the future, will they buy from the company they’ve never heard of, or the one whose book they read? (You know the answer to that one.) Yourebookwillpromoteyour businessandwhatitoffers.
  15. 15. Yourebookwillgrow
 yourprofits. REASON #4
  16. 16. Ebooks are an easy, low-cost, low- commitment way for prospects to sample your offerings. Chances are, they’ll come back ready to spend a bit more on a higher-priced product. Yourebookwillgrow yourprofits. !
  17. 17. Youcanuseyourebook
 yourideas. REASON #5
  18. 18. Going through the ebook creation process will clarify your thinking like nothing else. You’ll find it easier to speak and write about your area of expertise. Youcanuseyourebook toorganizeandcrystallize yourideas.
  19. 19. You’lltapintothe
 digitalbookmarket. REASON #6
  20. 20. Amazon sells more digital books than physical books. Writing your ebook means you can tap into the growing market of ebook readers and a vast digital future. You’lltapintothe digitalbookmarket.
  21. 21. Yourebookwillliveon…
 andon. REASON #7
  22. 22. Long after a blog post fades into memory, your ebook can “live” on the sidebar of your website. That means the time you spend now can pay off for months and years in the future. Yourebookwillliveon… andon.
  23. 23. You’llworkhardonce,
 andbenefitoverandover. REASON #8
  24. 24. Ebooks are a lot of work. But after the work is done, you can benefit from your ebook for months and years to come. You’llworkhardonce, andbenefitoverandover.
  25. 25. Firedupyet? Clicktogetstarted