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Email marketing best practices for 2017


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Email marketing industry standards have changed — and your subscribers' expectations have, too. Here's what's working now:

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Email marketing best practices for 2017

  1. 1. EmailMarketing BestPractices: What’sWorking in2017
  2. 2. Uh-oh …
  3. 3. Is your email marketing not working?
  4. 4. Email connects and delivers like nothing else
  5. 5. Get the essentials right and you’ll profit from your place in the inbox
  6. 6. Get them wrong and you’ll shatter the trust your subscriber placed in you
  7. 7. (no pressure)
  8. 8. Choose an email service provider that offers automation and tagging ESSENTIAL 1
  9. 9. Your subscribers will move through your information seamlessly (while you sleep)
  10. 10. Get new subscribers by offering an incentive … but not any incentive ESSENTIAL 2
  11. 11. Make sure your incentive delivers FAST RESULTS — subscribers don’t want to wait 
 to experience the benefits 
 your information offers
  12. 12. Play tag … endlessly ESSENTIAL 3
  13. 13. Carefully tag subscribers so you understand their interests and behaviors
  14. 14. Become a publisher ESSENTIAL 4
  15. 15. Create a regularly published missive your subscribers will look forward to receiving in their inboxes
  16. 16. Target relentlessly ESSENTIAL 5
  17. 17. Carefully target your email communication: send information that’s tailored to subscribers’ expressed interests only
  18. 18. Segment before a launch BONUS
  19. 19. Launching a new product? Create a separate “interest list” so you don’t annoy your entire list
  20. 20. Discover what’s working in email marketing in 2017