12 Ebook Ideas That Will Grow Your Business


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Ready to write your first ebook, but don't know where to start? Discover 12 unusual ebook ideas that are easy to create and share with your prospects and customers.

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12 Ebook Ideas That Will Grow Your Business

  1. 1. EBOOK IDEAS 12 brought to you by Big Brand System ThatWillGrowYourBusiness
  2. 2. Free ebook class here First, let’s address the obvious question: Whywriteanebook?
  3. 3. Gotideas? Free ebook class here
  4. 4. Ebooks will help spread them
  5. 5. Free ebook class here Ebookswillalso...
  6. 6. Free ebook class here Hello. My name is Buildyourbusiness orpersonalidentity Famous Author
  7. 7. Free ebook class here Establishyourperceived authorityonatopic “I wrote the book”
  8. 8. Free ebook class here Drive engagement Discover additional resources on my website.
  9. 9. Howabout12ideas togetyoustarted?
  10. 10. But first ... Most of these ebooks could be either PDFs or e-reader-style ebooks. E-reader ebooks: ebooks that are readable on a tablet device. Free ebook class here
  11. 11. 1. Easy to create 2. Simple to place on your site 3. Great for ebooks you want to make editable or printable PDFebookadvantages Free ebook class here
  12. 12. E-readerebookadvantages 1. Amazon ...enough said! Free ebook class here
  13. 13. Choose the style of ebook that will help you meet your business goals. Or, create both! 12EbookIdeasThatWill GrowYourBusiness Free ebook class here
  14. 14. 1 Recipebooks
  15. 15. You don’t need to be a chef to share your “recipes” for success. 1
  16. 16. 2 Buyer’s guides
  17. 17. What do your prospects need to know so they can successfully purchase your products or services? 2
  18. 18. 3 Tutorials
  19. 19. Show your step-by-step process for doing something important. 3
  20. 20. 4 101-style ebooks
  21. 21. Go back to basics with an ebook that covers the foundational knowledge your prospects need. 4
  22. 22. 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  23. 23. Gather all those questions you’ve been asked time and time again, and answer them in an ebook. 5
  24. 24. 6 Workbooks
  25. 25. Ask your prospects to fill in the blanks so they understand their needs and how your business can meet them. 6
  26. 26. 7 Exclusive interviews
  27. 27. Expand your network by asking well-known industry experts to answer a few questions for your upcoming ebook. 7
  28. 28. 8 “Bestof” ebooks
  29. 29. Do you write a blog or a newsletter? Mine it for ebook content! Collect your best writing in one place. 8
  30. 30. 9 Quizzesor selftests
  31. 31. Help your prospects to help themselves: provide a quiz or self test that gives them insight into their current situation. 9
  32. 32. 10 Blueprints
  33. 33. Free ebook class here 10If you’ve mapped out a path to success, share the tips you’ve learned with a blueprint-style ebook.
  34. 34. 11 Checklists
  35. 35. Free ebook class here 11Is there a process you follow that makes a task faster and easier to do? Share your exclusive checklists in ebook form.
  36. 36. 12 Miniposters
  37. 37. Free ebook class here Bust out of all-text ebooks and create a series of mini posters that can be printed and displayed. 12
  38. 38. Discoverhowtowrite, createandlaunchyour newebookidea… Free ebook class here
  39. 39. Free ebook class here Click to sign up for the FREE Ultimate eBook Kickstart online class. (You’ll get this ebook just for watching.)
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