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Cleaning lakes


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Cleaning lakes

  1. 1. Presented byProposal forcleaning lakes and ponds in and around Hyderabad city.With corporate partnership,As part of “Reviving The Life of Lake” campaign byGreater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.
  2. 2. Reviving The Life of Lake• The prime element of this campaign is to clean the lake and pond waters & elimination of water hyacinth weed in and around Hyderabad city.
  3. 3. Water Hyacinth• WATER hyacinth is considered one of themost notorious aquatic and most invasiveweeds.• This plant is a floating aquatic perennial,with distinctive bladder-like swollen leafpetioles giving buoyancy.• It has shiny rounded leaves with thickmasses of feathery dark roots which canreach 2.5m in length.• It proliferates rapidly in lakes, dams andirrigation channels and chokes them.
  4. 4. WHY Elimination• It promotes impurities to stagnate and makes lake look dirty.• It’s resulting in breeding of vectors and consequently causing endemic diseases.• They can impact adversely on irrigation.• They can clog waterways, making boating, fishing, recreational use and almost all other water activities impossible.
  5. 5. HOW Elimination• De-weeding/hyacinth control or removalis practiced with biological, chemical,mechanical and manual measures.• Most common practice is trying manualmethods but regeneration being fasterthan removal, lakes sooner than later getcovered with water hyacinth.
  6. 6. Best Method of Elimination• In recent years, imported harvesters areused for cleaning Dal Lake.• The Imported harvester vehicle equippedwith harvesting equipment.• It cuts the plant deep from the root andcrushes the plant and having the storagespace allowing to throw out of reach ofwater.
  7. 7. LET’s SEE HOW
  8. 8. About Weed Removal Aquatic Vehicle• This Vehicle is unique as the cutting depth up to 5meters.• Collection made easy including garbage thrown inlake.• High operation utility with highly effective andefficient usage of energy.• Motorized cutter bar which cuts the bottom of thehood to allow maximum collection of the cut weed.• Shallow Draft allowing to operate close to banks andincreases collection efficiency.
  9. 9. WHERE “Reviving The Life of Lake” Greater Hyderabad City Area : 260 Sq.kms 5th largest city of India Population : 6.8 Million(1991census) Ranked 6th in population among the metropolitan cities of India Lakes: Managing by both GHMC & HMDA 400 Big & Small Lakes under HMDA 89 Lakes are being treated since 2004 176 Lakes under GHMC
  10. 10. Hyderabad population & it’s impact onwater density Land Use During 2010: Urban 93% [including During 1989 During 2000 industrial]; Agriculture 1.7%; Water Spread 5.3% During 2005 During 2010
  11. 11. Lake cleaning Projects in IndiaS.No Name of the Location Sponsor Company Type of Support Type of project Achievements lake Executed1. Ulsoor Lake Bangalore Praxair India - Financial and employee Cleaning, rejuvenating and restoring the On-going Pvt. Ltd volunteers ecology Deloitte - Employee volunteering Cleaning and removal of weeds program Thomson - Employee volunteers Cleaning Reuters2. Uttarahali Bangalore Deloitte - Employee volunteering Cleaning and removal of weeds On-going Lake program3. Kachrali Lake Thane,Mahar Govt. Clean Flo Financial and executed by Cleaning, rejuvenating and restoring the Finished astra third party ecology In 19964. Katraj lake Pune Govt. - Financial and execution by Cleaning, rejuvenating and restoring the On-going govt. staff itself ecology5. Pichola Lake Udaipur Hyatt - Financial and employee Cleaning, rejuvenating and restoring the On-going International volunteers ecology6. Kapra lake Hyderabad Govt. & other EFI NGO & Volunteer Work Cleaning and removal of weeds June, 2012 corporate Municipal7. Kaikondanah Bangalore NGO & Govt. Corporate Employee Volunteer s Cleaning and removal of weeds On-going alli lake8. Durgam Hyderabad Govt. & APIIC Private Financial and executed by Cleaning, rejuvenating and restoring the On-going Cheruvu third party ecology Bits Pillani & Art of living, Employee volunteering Cleaning and removal of weeds Oct, 2012 ICFAI Deloite program university
  12. 12. Reviving The Life of LakeRequirementsAmenities & PermissionsLake clearance for cleaning purposeParking facilities for the vehicleElectricitySecurityAdvertising FacilitiesSupport staff for cleaning the remainingdebris and dumping the debris.
  13. 13. Why Corporate SponsorshipCorporate Support How it works What they get Almost all corporate  Bringing Back the Blue is  It reduces the a right platform to organisations are giving engineering & something back to the promote cleaning and maintenance cost conservation of lakes in world as part of their burden of GHMC social responsibility. around Hyderabad.  The sponsor company  30% Promotional display Most of their activities may also offer the hoardings and flexies add value to the following kinds apart will be given to the main biodiversity from cost sharing sponsor (70% on conservation directly or Bringing Back the Blue indirectly. • Infrastructure campaign) • Manpower • Logistics • Stay & Travel • Corporate Partnership
  14. 14. How it’s useful for sponsors?Magnificence of Reviving The Life of Lake First time ever in Hyderabad to take this initiation as PPP.Whole country visibility through media and social media.Strategic Brand & Community GainingImproving community relationshipsBuilding brand recognitionFostering trust with communityAdopting lakes will positively enlarge the impact “eco-friendly”tag to your brandCan leverage the business benefits from government andsociety connectionsIt would help to initiate & foster social media success bycoverage of these SCR activities. Suit your company as a Green Company of India By participating in this great value added program in “Reviving The Life of Lake”
  15. 15. Promoted by Vast experience in installation and maintenance of inflatables Playing key role in COP 11 awareness campaign in association with GHMC Known for innovative OOH campaign 10 years in advertising 5 years in urban outdoor advertising Serving the top brands in various Telecom, Electronics & FMCG Industries
  16. 16. Looking forward toyour support.Thank you.Thus, we support social synergyinitiative to help GHMC reducethe burden of financial andadministrative responsibilitieswith CSR spirit of corporate