Twitter Hashtag 101: #GetRealChat, Twitter Hashtag & Tweet Chat Overview


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Pam Moore CEO MarketingNutz, Full Service Social Business, Experiential Brand, Digital Marketing Agency provides a tutorial for how to participate in a tweet chat using Includes overview of #GetRealChat, hashtags, tweet chats, engagement, retweets, tweets, best practices and more!

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Twitter Hashtag 101: #GetRealChat, Twitter Hashtag & Tweet Chat Overview

  1. #GetRealChatOverviewPam MooreCEO / Founder Marketing
  2. Who Are We? Pam Moore CEO /Founder @PamMktgNut Josh Moore CCO /Founder @JoshROINut
  3. why Marketing Nutz? “CEO, best selling author recognized by Forbes as Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer + Top 10 Social Media Women Founders have 30+ years Influencers! combined experience in digital marketing, corporate brand, startups & platforms. “Experience helping brands of all size bridge complex gap to social success.” “PHD in acronyms not required. We help you fit social business in a nut shell so you can focus on what you do best, your business!”
  4. What is a #hashtag• The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.• It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize. #GetRealChat #SocBiz #CMChat #SM #BlogChat #Brand #ToolsChat #CMO #MediaChat #BigData #LinkedInChat #SmarterCommerce #SMManners #IBMSCGS #PinChat #Orlando
  5. Why the #hashtag?• Connect with people who have similar interest in specific topic, hobby, or brand.• Keep track of conversations and tweets.• Can help search, organize and filter content on Twitter.• Enables measurement, summaries and reporting by social reporting and display tools.
  6. people don’t buy things, they join things
  7. What is a TweetChat?• A fun way to get tweeps (people who tweet) together at a determined time to talk about a pre-determined subject via Twitter.• Hashtags help the tweet chat participants organize the conversation and connect with one another.
  8. Format for Tweetchats• Vary based upon preference by host, participants, topic and industry.• Example formats – Specific question and answer sessions – Open forum – Open Mic• Many hosts will invite special guests and subject matter experts to share knowledge, best practices etc.
  9. What is #GetRealChat Every Tuesday 9pm et• We “Get Real” on everything from social business, Facebook, Twitter, Random Acts of Marketing, conversion funnels, people and life!• We have “thick skin” and believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.• We welcome a good, healthy (kind) debate.• Highly discourage lurking as you can’t make new friends & build relationships if we don’t know you’re there!• 18-25+ million impressions per chat• Past Guests: – IBM Smarter Commerce – SHOPdotCA – UPS – AT&T Wireless – SAP – Webtrends – Walgreens – Argyle Social – Whirlpool – Klout – ING – Kred – Forrester Research
  10. Community tohelp you meetyour goals in biz& life!#GetRealChat 10
  11. Tweetchat Tools•• TwebEvent• SeeSaw• Hootsuite• Tweetdeck• ChatNutz
  12. TweetChat Success Tips• Take it slow.• Will take time to learn.• Things move fast.• Connect with a few folks at first, not everyone.• Pre & post chat discussions.• Leverage supporting communities
  13. Questions?
  14. How Do I Stay Updated?• – Subscribe for updates via email – Private Facebook Groups – Google+ Community – Pinterest – LinkedIn – Facebook – – And more…
  15. bring it!
  16. Still want more? Check thispresentation out on video! Watch this presentation on video!
  17. #GetRealChatOverviewPam MooreCEO / Founder Marketing