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Optimizing multi channel fundraising with etapestry 2014


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Optimizing multi channel fundraising with eTapestry presented at the 2014 Blackbaud Users Conference BBCON.

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Optimizing multi channel fundraising with etapestry 2014

  1. 1. Optimizing Multi-Channel Fundraising with eTapestry PRESENTED BY PAM DECHERT, CFRE SENIOR CONSULTANT ETAPESTRY
  2. 2. How you can optimize your online giving page? #bbcon 2 #bbcon Tweet this now
  3. 3. Take-away from today’s session • What does multi-channel fundraising look like in 2014? • How are eTapestry customers doing? • How can we optimize eTapestry tools for multi-channel fundraising? • What we know about optimizing • Donation forms • Email • What steps can you take to improve your donor’s multi-channel experience when you get back to the office? 3 #bbcon
  4. 4. Multi-Channel Fundraising in 2014 4 #bbcon
  5. 5. Multi-channel is:
  6. 6. And they want online engagement • More than half of donors received information from their favorite charity via Web site (51%) and by email (52%) • Donors preferred to spread the word about their favorite charity by email (51%), Facebook (15%) and in person. • When looking for information, the web is a donors’ top choice • Donors aged 50+ preferred visiting the web and receiving email to stay in touch Did you know? • 86% say they visit websites before making a gift • Half say giving online is their preferred method NTEN Donor Engagement Benchmark Study 2012
  7. 7. 2013 CHARITABLE GIVING TRENDS – KEY TAKEAWAYS Online Giving was up 13.5% in 2013, compared to the overall giving increase of 4.9%
  8. 8. 2013 Charitable giving trends – key takeaways • Large organizations had the greatest increase in overall charitable giving in 2013, while small organizations had the greatest increase in online giving during 2013. • Online giving accounted for 6.4% of all charitable giving in 2013. • Faith-based organizations had the greatest increase in online giving in 2013 (18.1%) 8 #bbcon
  9. 9. 2013 Charitable giving trends – key takeaways • More than one-third (33.6%) of overall charitable giving happens in the last three months of the year, with the highest percentage (17.5%) coming in December. • February is the slowest month for overall giving. • January is the slowest month for online giving. • December is the biggest month for all online and offline giving.
  10. 10. How are eTapestry nonprofits doing? 10 #bbcon
  11. 11. Some key take-away numbers: • Over 5400 DIY pages live! • $187 average gift • $77,152,473 raised • 414,620 transactions In 2013: • $171 average gift • $41,130,000 raised • 255,926 transactions Through June 2014:
  12. 12. What if we optimized? Sample eTapestry nonprofit (real customer) • Assuming a 1% conversion rate on their online giving page. • They raised $41,224 last year from 289 donors, $153 average gift What if? • Optimize giving experience and raise conversion by: • 2% - could raise over $88,000 • 3% - could raise over $132,000 Wouldn’t you do it?
  13. 13. Optimize DIY and Email by:
  14. 14. Are you optimizing YOUR DIY pages? • Is it branded? • Is it easy to find? • How many clicks? Click away? • Landing pages? • Is there a clear Call to Action? • How much info is gathered? • Is it mobile responsive? • Recurring gifts? • Targeted Gift Amounts? • What happens after the gift? • Are communications after targeted? Source: Dunham + Companyy
  15. 15. Start with Branding - Embeddable form
  16. 16. If you already have embedded forms: • Republish your forms! Our DIY pages are now Mobile Responsive as of the last release!
  17. 17. Embedded Branded pages
  18. 18. Embedded DIY to match website
  19. 19. Embedded DIY to match website
  20. 20. Create Confirmation to Match Website and DIY form – for each page or Call to Action
  21. 21. Create follow up email ‘Welcome Series’ at the same time! • Create branded welcome enewsletter series in eTapestry • Create a dynamic query for all online gifts, or all new online gifts • Schedule ahead of time and change the time of delivery C • Invite them to volunteer, tell them about another donor, ask again, invite, engage • Drive to social media, multiple touchpoints
  22. 22. Location and Position of DIY page • On average it takes 4 clicks to get to a nonprofit donation page! • Eliminate multiple ‘clicks’ through before they can actually make the donation!
  23. 23. How strong is the Call to Action? • What’s the goal of an online giving page? • TO GET A GIFT!!! But less than 50% of pages have a clear call to action on the landing page! • Only 14% of landing pages create a sense of urgency • 17% have conflicting calls to action • What gift amounts are you suggesting? • Only 22% of pages have suggested giving amounts • Select the one you’d like the donor to choose • Change the Ask Amounts throughout the year • Are you offering and encouraging recurring giving?
  24. 24. Use Landing Pages and Directed Asks
  25. 25. Which would you donate to?
  26. 26. You have lots of pages you can create
  27. 27. Encourage Recurring Gifts & Pre-Select what you’d like the donor to choose
  28. 28. Ask Amounts & Holiday Giving Strategy • Online Average Gift Size has Seasonality • Do you change your ask amount? • Can you test and change your ask this year? • Online Average Gift Size More Than Doubles in December
  29. 29. Use Advanced Email to build an active strategy
  30. 30. Basic Segmentation Group supporters based on common characteristics (you already know). • When starting out, try to create a “BEST” segment (based on “best” offline segment). • Others may include: • New/Prospective • Current/Major • Lapsed • Build a basic communication plan/goal for each segment. • The better you know your audience, the more "personal" your message. • Gain trust…greet the reader by name. • Reference past interactions or observed behavior when possible. • When in doubt, segment your email list like you would for direct mail. • Try similar segments to your Direct Mail program; test out new segments at low cost.
  31. 31. Segments Organizational Goal Suggested Message(s) New/Prospective  Introduce yourself; engage prospect  Capture interests/preferences for future communication/cultivation  Solicit some type of participation/activity (donation, membership, event registration, etc.)  Send Website "Welcome" Message  Share useful information; increase interest in your cause (via newsletters/fact-based emails)  Provide opportunities to participate at various levels (events, volunteer, advocacy, etc.)  Soft asks/appeals Current/High  May be considered your "BEST" supporters  Need to be kept happy/engaged  Need to feel like they are valued and that you "know" them  Send (regular) eNewsletter / Annual Report  Send status/thank you emails often  Showcase successes; regularly communicate benefits of supporting your organization  Survey 2-4x per year to capture preferences and user feedback  Send regular appeals (targeted ask amounts)  Include in Planned and/or Major Giving communication Current/Middle  Need to upgrade these supporters; goal is to move them up the ladder  Need to be kept happy/engaged  Need to find out what they really value – leverage this to increase ask amount/frequency  Send (regular) eNewsletter / Annual Report  Send status/thank you emails after user action  Showcase successes; regularly communicate benefits of supporting your organization  Survey 1-2x per year to capture preferences and user feedback  Send regular appeals (upgrade ask amount) Lapsed  Need to re-engage or remove  Don’t waste paper/postage if possible  Find out what level of interest and what topics of interest they have  Let them go if they are not interested – focus on those who are  Communicate 2-4x per year (remind of available subscriptions/upcoming events, etc.)  Survey 1x per year to capture interests  Send message with option to remove self entirely and/or options for increasing/decreasing participation ("Don’t you like us anymore? If not, we’ll stop bugging you")
  32. 32. Monitor and Adjust: eTapestry Reports
  33. 33. Optimizing Multi-Channel Fundraising with eTapestry • You have the DIY pages, Advanced Email and CRM tools to optimize your online giving. • Online Giving grew 13.5% this year, imagine how much you can grow your giving by optimizing your pages. • Use best practices of embedding, landing pages, ask amounts, recurring gifts on your pages. • Query and segment your database; using Advanced Email and other channels to engage donors. • Test, adjust and PowerOn!
  34. 34. Optimization Resources • NP Experts – Webinars & eBook: npexperts?utm_source=blackbaud&utm_medium=website&ut m_content=homepage&utm_term=corp&utm_campaign=npEXPERTS201 4#.VDHFPPldXhA • eTapestry Resources for you: etapestry/resources • NEW eTapestry User Community: • eTapestry Consulting Services:
  35. 35. Are you pumped up and ready to go? Don’t forget to complete a session survey! Each completed survey enters you into a drawing to win a complimentary registration to bbcon 2015 in Austin, Texas*. *Blackbaud reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time, without advance notice. Promotion has no cash value and may not be exchanged, applied to, or combined with any other offer. 35 #bbcon