Practicum at grupo boston presentation


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This is a description of the work I am doing at Grupo Boston for the Practicum course.

This work is part of the work a student has to perform in order to graduate at the Universiversidad Latinoamericana en Ciencia y Tecnología.

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Practicum at grupo boston presentation

  1. 1. Practicum at Grupo Boston Best Intensive English
  2. 2. Description of the Institution  The Colegio Boston is an institution of 55 years of experience in the instruction and the actualization of professionals.  It has a wide academic offer in technical levels of instruction, such as : business, secretarial and Englis, call center, technology, design and decoration, cosmetology and “open education” as well.  More than half of a century, it has achieved outcomes that have marked the lidership in the market.  The institution has the objective to maintain the permanent search of excellency through the twelve venues among the Costa Rican territory.  It is located in downtown Heredia.
  3. 3. Brief historical account  In 1955, the Boston Group arose as the first institution recognized by the Consejo Superior de Educación, that has provided training opportunities for those persons who have not obtained a diploma in a faster way in order to get a job iimmediately.
  4. 4. Contac Information  Contact information:   You can call free to the phone number 8000-BOSTON (8000-267866) or to call to the following venues:  San José  2248-9192Liberia  2665-4629  Cartago  2551-1515  Puntarenas  2661-5656
  5. 5. Contact Information  Alajuela  2440-1212  Guápiles  2711-3885  Orotina  2428-2629  Turrialba  2556-8017  Desamparados  2259-0662  San Ramón  2445-2187  Heredia  2560-2251  Belén  2293-0745
  6. 6. Detailed description of students  Total number of students: 5  Approximate ages: between 21 and 27 years old.  Level : Basic II and II (Best Intensive)
  7. 7. Group´s characteristics  Group weaknessess: ◦ People work and do not have enough time to practice ◦ They are not involved in a biligunal setting ◦ Pronunciation issues ◦ Grammar is learned by infering it.   Group strengths: ◦ Motivation ◦ Interest ◦ Perseverance
  8. 8. Group´s characteristics  General aspects found during observations: ◦ Pronunciation issues ◦ Grammar is learned by rules and in context ◦ Reading and writing are practiced using the exercises ◦ They learn a lot of vocabulary every day  Official teacher´s name: Marta Castro.   Contact info:
  9. 9. Description of classroom and equipment Textbook   Description of classroom and equipment available:   The classroom has enough chairs to have a large class. It is very modest however; it has an acrylic board with its corresponding white board markers and the eraser. The institution provides teacher with laptops, video beams and a recorder to play the compact disc they use for pronunciation exercises.   Description of bibliographical resources in use:   They use a textbook called Stand Out II.
  10. 10. Topics  Description of contents to be covered during practicum:   Welcome to class: feelings, classroom instructions using simple present, possessives, adjectives, questions with can combining it with pronunciation exercises /m/  Every life  Let´s go shopping  Food and Nutrition  Housing  Our community  Health  Work  Goals and lifelong learning  Getting to know  Balancing your life
  11. 11. Goals  Consumer smarts  Getting hired  On the job  Citizens and community  Description of at least two goals concerning student´s learning during the practicum (what you expect to achieve at the end of the teaching practice):  To improve pronunciation and fluency by having them talk as much as they can.  To enhance fluency by asking them questions, presentations, writing a paragraph and read texts aloud from the text.
  15. 15. THE STUDENTS
  16. 16. THE STUDENTS