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Fashion since 20th century


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Fashion since 20th century

  2. 2. Introduction Early twentieth century (1900-1910) Golden Age of French Fashion (1920- 1930) Mid-twentieth century (1940-1970) Late twentieth century (1980-1990)
  3. 3. Early twentieth century Originated in Paris. Department stores sent buyers. Fashion style magazines.
  4. 4. 1900-1910s Radical change was unthinkable. The Maison Redfern offer a tailored suit. 1910s silhouette more fluid and soft
  5. 5.  Changes in dress dictated by necessity. 1900- Giovanni 1910- Paul Poiret Boldini design
  6. 6. Golden age of French Fashion(1920-1930) After the First World War, fashion changed. Coco Chanel was a major figure in fashion. 1930s not time for experimentation. Female body was remodeled.
  7. 7. 1930’s PatternsFashionableHollywood actressLouise Brooks - 1920
  8. 8. Mid-twentieth century (1940-1970)  In 1940’s Fashion houses closed.  Fashion of the 1950s were from the previous decade.  Designers of Hollywood created a particular type of glamour.
  9. 9. 1960-1970s Between 1960 and 1969 radical change on fashion. 1970s began with a continuation of the hippie look. Developments in Italian fashion.
  10. 10. Late twentieth century (1980-1990)  1980’s society interested in ‘the spectacle’.  Appearance was related to performance.  In 1990’s new standard, minimalism.  Fear of been overdressing.
  11. 11. Summery Fashion was originated in Paris. History had a strong influence in fashion. During the world war fashion was dictated by necessity. In the 1990’s emerged a new standard.
  12. 12. Questions: Where was fashion originated?a) Parisb) Milanc) London
  13. 13.  Who was a major figure in fashion?a) Paul Poiretb) Marc Jacobsc) Coco Chanel
  14. 14.  What new standard emerged in the 1990’s?a) Minimalismb) Ready-to-wearc) Haute couture