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Russia presentation


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual

Russia presentation

  1. 1. RUSSIABy Ana Garrido
  2. 2. Russia• It is the biggest country in the world.• 142.000.000 inhabitants.
  3. 3. MOSCOW• Capital city: 11.000.000 inhabitants.
  5. 5. 100languages:• Russian - Tartar - GermanGeography:•North Eurasia.•Huge plain: Siberia. Climate: Freezing in winter, cool in summer.
  6. 6. Society and Culture:• Politics: Empire until the 20th. Century. Czars. Communist Revolution: Republic. URSS. 90’s Russian Republic. Putin and Medvèdev.
  7. 7. •Religions: -Russian Orthodox Church. -Islam. -Buddhism. -Jewish.• Traditions: Shoes. Flowers.
  8. 8. •Food: Pelmeni. Borscht. Prianiki.
  9. 9. Places to visit:• St. Petersburg: The Hermitage Museum.• Moscow: The Kremlin. The Red Square. Bolshoi.