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Valspar Case Palm Havas


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Valspar Case Palm Havas

  1. 1. Valspar: Putting Digital At The Heart Of A Brand Launch Version 5.0
  2. 4. Set out to create a consumer desired brand of paint available only at Lowe’s
  3. 6. Two People Involved
  4. 8. “ I want my room to be…. … Relaxing …Tranquil …Energizing …Peaceful …Warm …Comforting” “ I want to be proud of a job well done …something I can show to my family and friends”
  5. 9. A Beautiful Home A Beautiful Job Real anxiety over performance and beauty
  6. 10. A Paint Brand That Understands My Needs
  7. 11. High Performance Beauty
  8. 13. <ul><li>Beauty And Durability Only Nature Can Rival. </li></ul>
  9. 17. TV
  10. 19. NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JULY AUG SEPT OCT Awareness TV Brand Awareness PRINT Brand Awareness Engagement ONLINE Brand Interaction EXPERIENTIAL USTA PR Brand Launch News Brand & USTA News WEB Worldclass Site – the Ultimate Brand “touchpoint” INSTORE Educating Paint Buyers & Differentiating Valspar vs. Signature Colors EMPLOYEES Educate on Brand Launch
  11. 20. 48 Air Cover Ad Groups & 28 MOD Ad Groups Over 13,000 keywords in the Air Cover Ad Group Over 3,000 keywords in the MOD Ad Group Approximately 17,000 keywords in the campaign
  12. 21. wareness Digital
  13. 37. <ul><li>In the last year, overall awareness grew 31% while unaided awareness grew 150% </li></ul><ul><li>After two years, reputation scores are on par with Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore </li></ul><ul><li>Market share grew 35% last year </li></ul>The Fastest Growing DIY Brand In America