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Audience Engagement (1)

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Audience Engagement (1)

  1. 1. Audience Engagement @ News Corp VCCircle June 11
  2. 2. ● the art and science of getting our journalism to readers ● enhancing the reach and impact of our work ● expanding our loyal and engaged audience ● packaging and promotion; two-way relationship with readers, loyalty What is Audience Engagement?
  3. 3. Catch them where they are! Go Door to Door
  4. 4. With the endless upheaval in technology, reader habits and the shifting business models, New Corp VCCircle needs to pursue smart new strategies for growing its audience. It’s URGENT because digital media is getting more crowded, is owned or funded by companies with deep pockets and innovating fast Why do we need Audience Engagement Today?
  5. 5. ● data to inform decisions ● digital first strategies ● digital experiments and results back to the newsroom ● new areas, new learnings ● constant mapping of new digital trends Key tasks
  6. 6. Audience Engagement @ News Corp VCCircle What lies ahead
  7. 7. Daily notes and engagement for Editorial
  8. 8. Digital first, social news desk
  9. 9. Being part of conversation, sparking conversation
  10. 10. journalism that keeps the conversation going
  11. 11. Key themes for VCC, few examples: ● funding constraint for startups ● Flipkart Vs Snapdeal ● Nikesh Arora, Softbank ● startups closing (India Homes etc) ● devaluation (Zomato, Flipkart etc) ● Audience mapping and insights ● Digital experiments and results back to the newsroom ● Data to inform decisions ○ A/B/headline testing ○ identifying themes/snackable content ○ audience insights/ behaviour/trends ○ content personalisation & Lots more….
  12. 12. 4 million monthly users (2013) 22 million monthly active users Snapchat Close to 4 million per month. Popular among 15-25 year olds 5.9 million Indian monthly active mobile users (July 2015) 90% users below 30 years of age 18-24 age group most active In India, over 70 million people monthly users New areas/platforms, new learnings Packaging on platforms, theme based/periodic experiments, test, measure, report
  13. 13. ● Monthly magazine of Infographics on Startups ● Monthly issue of entrepreneur profiles ● VCCEdge research reports ● Whatsapp, LinkedIn Pulse for VC+TC+Infra Whatsapp experiments ● Relevant content for event and training delegates ● Event coverages. Eg. Budget live coverage Snapchat: ● TC Videos on product reviews ● TC Tim Cook in India (by reporter covering his press conference) ● TC The day Apple released the latest iphone (Coverage from the store with user reviews) ● TC audio-visual stories around these such as a day with a Startup Founder ● Instagram: Primarily TC + all infographics from VC, TC, Infra + All interesting images + Showcase work done by Design for various VCC initiatives ● Flipboard/DailyHunt: ● Weekly issues on notable Infra columns, Monthly compilation of sector specific stories Packaging on platforms, theme based/periodic experiments, test, measure, report
  14. 14. Audience Engagement @ News Corp VCCircle What lies ahead Social Media
  15. 15. Social Media: Key goals ● daily distribution and engagement ● influencer and community management
  16. 16. Social Media: Key goals
  17. 17. ● Weekly and monthly campaigns for engagement ● Content Customised for Social (Inspirational Investor Quotes, Memorable dates in the deals ecosystem, Key innovations in startups, Silent, visual videos, Facebook Live, Twitter polls on stories of the day, notable influencer quotes from stories ) Expanding Scope ● FB page for infographic only stories from VCC, for example
  18. 18. Newsletters and Mailers ● expanding newsletter subscribers ● experiments with free newsletter platforms ● getting back unsubscribers into the fold ● run audience surveys (with TA and unsubscribers), prepare reports, revise strategies and action ● reaching out to target audience, communities, influencers ● digital outreach through mailers and emails ● one-on-one outreach through meetings, attending events
  19. 19. TA & Influencers
  20. 20. Quarter 1: VC, TC, Infra ● Daily engagement with Editorial ● Identifying, building on and founding communities for all three platforms ● Influencer management – Reach out to relevant ones, build relationships Work on aggressive promotion, share of social to site traffic ● Weekly social campaigns as shared for Q1 ● Work on recommendations for newsletters Action Plan & Budget ● Mailer campaign for Infra on the existing database ● Mailer campaign for VC + TC, to be sent to D&B and other sales databases 2-4 one-on-one meetings a month with influencers/ TA ● Attending in-house events ● Share monthly reports on competitor strategies, trends and innovations in digital
  21. 21. Quarter 2 ● Report on learnings of Q 1 and evolve strategies ● Work on news product suggestions on the basis of audience data ● Exploration of new publishing platforms for packaging and distributing content ● Mailer campaign for all three platforms on new databases ● Infra launch campaign on Social Action Plan & Budget
  22. 22. Infra, VC, TC Paid promotions on social (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook): ● promote exclusive stories ● promote high-profile op- eds ● a/b testing on infographic only stories ● Posts for free newsletter subscriptions Budget Infra campaign on LinkedIn (brand building for InfraCircle) ● Inmails to top industry veterans, government officials, influencers ● Banner ads for Infra ● Sponsored updates ● Newsletter subscriptions ● Premium subscriptions ● All of this will reach out to the TA of Infra. Budget & Resources – listed with Finance and HR Tools - Chartbeat subscription, Hootsuite subscription.