Income and expenditure ac for marketing strategies in library


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This document gives you information about how will make a budget i.e. income and expenditure a/c for library marketing strategies. Marketing strategies such as book exhibition and arrange refresher courses,etc.

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Income and expenditure ac for marketing strategies in library

  1. 1. N. P. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY MUMBAIPREPARING BUDGET FOR MARKETING STRATEGIES Books ExhibitionArrange Refresher Courses Note: N. P. University Library, Mumbai is not an actual University in Mumbai. It was a part of my assignment. N. P. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY MUMBAI
  2. 2. N. P. University Library is a multiunit library located at Mumbai. N. P. University have around9,000 students with undergraduate and postgraduate level. The college library provides a rangeof services and facilities through the distributed network of its units. These include: Readingfacilities on the premises, Inter Library Loan services, etc.Since marketing is seen as an important part of the library, so that the users become more awareof the services, let us look at some of the marketing strategies that are applied by variousUniversity libraries.The university library should provide wide publicity to the products and services it offers byvarious advertising methods such as, extension activities, seminars, book displays, monthlybulletins, promotional literature, bibliography list, current awareness service, online research,information literacy program, books exhibition, arrange refresher courses, etc.BUDGETThe development and execution of the library budget is one of the librarian most important tasks.N. P. University Library arranges two activities i.e. books exhibition and arrange refreshercourses (Seminar/Workshop).There are 50 students who are participating in books exhibition and refresher courses.The book exhibition is organized every year by the library. The library calls the publishers andbooksellers to put up stalls in the library for the students and staff of the college. Books Exhibition Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31stMarch 2013 EXPENDITURE ` INCOME `Electricity Charges 3000 Book Discount/Commission 10000Water Charges 2000 Banners 3000Advertisement Charges 5000 Sponsors 4000Miscellaneous Expenditure 4500 Miscellaneous Income 8000Surplus 10500 TOTAL 25000 TOTAL 25000The University library arranges refresher courses for the past students of the university. Presentlythe library has arranged for a refresher course for 50 working professionals who are past studentsof Library and Information Science.
  3. 3. Refresher Courses (Seminars/ Workshops) Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31stMarch 2013 EXPENDITURE ` ` INCOME ` `Development Budget Registration Fees 50*400Exps.AV Material 200 Certificate Fees (50*200) 10000Computer (50*150) 3000 3200 Computer Fees (50*100) 5000 Stationary Fees (50*100) 5000 20000Establishment Exps.Photocopying 1000 Past Students Association 5000 FundsPrinting & Stationary 1500 Donations 8000Internet Charges 700 Income from Banners 5000Certificates (50*100) 5000 Sponsor for Meal 2500Room Charges 4000 Miscellaneous Income 5000Gift for Resource Person 1000Flower Charges 500Advertisement Charges 2500Travelling & Conveyance 1000 17200Refreshment ChargesTea & Biscuits Charges 1500Water Charges 1000Food Charges 1000 3500Miscellaneous 15000ExpenditureSurplus 6600 TOTAL 45500 TOTAL 45500