Induction 2013


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India's First Financial Helpline.

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Induction 2013

  1. 1. Corporate Update
  2. 2. Promoter BackgroundName : Gaurav Singh KhuranaEducational Qualification : MBA – IMT Ghaziabad (1997)BBS – Delhi University (1995)Work Experience : National Sales HeadING Investment Mgt IndiaVice President & National Sales Director - Cross SellGlobal Consumer Bank, Citibank N.A.Asst Vice President & Branch HeadGlobal Consumer Bank, Citibank N.A.Named Account Manager – Sales & DistributionXerox
  3. 3. Line of BusinessFinancial Services : Dialabank.comTravel : Dialatrip.comSocial Media : Tweetface.coE-Commerce : Shopia.inEvents :
  4. 4. What is Dialabank ?1. India’s First Financial Helpline2. Available to consumers online – and on a local number“600-11-600” across 18 cities in India (the number is available to us in 240cities)3. Tie-Ups with leading Banks / Insurance / Inv Mgt companies4. Offers the client the option to reach a “Single Relationship Manager” whorepresents multiple manufacturers (therefore helping the client save timeand effort in comparing products to find the best offer)
  5. 5. Why Dialabank ?1. High Customer Need : Clutter of Product Manufacturers therefore need toCompare & Buy2. Domain Expertise : 11 Yrs experience in Fin Service – DistributionManufacturing Banking / Insurance / Investments3. High Scalability : Ability of the model to operate at a Pan-India levelTap overseas markets with similar distribution models4. Large Market Size : Middle / Upper Middle Class consumers5. Increased Remote Channel : Higher use of Online and Phone Channelservices6. Usage : 110 Million + Internet Users600 Million + Mobile Users
  6. 6. VisionTo create India’s Biggest Financial Helpline onPhone & Internet, that together make us the LargestFinancial Services Distribution Platform in the country.
  7. 7. Operating ModelCustomersDial-A-Bankwww.dialabank.com600-11-600Banks / NBFCsInsurance CosInvestment Mgt Cos Pan Country Complete Life CycleFind the right productfor the client 110 Million Internet Users 600 Million Phone Users Multiple Products Multiple Manufacturers Find the right client for themanufacturerB 2 C B 2 B
  8. 8. Product Portfolio Home Loan (Axis / PNB / Stanchart / Reliance / Firstblue / Indiabulls) Loan Against Property (Axis / PNB / Stanchart / Reliance / Firstblue / Indiabulls / Fullerton) Business Loan (HDFC / Stanchart / Fullerton / Reliance Capital) Personal Loan (HDFC / Stanchart / Fullerton) Gold Loan (HDFC / Reliance ) Car Loan (HDFC / Reliance Capital) Education Loan (Credila) Credit Card (HDFC / Stanchart) Life Insurance (all leading players) Non Life Insurance (Max Bupa / Appollo Munich / United India) Fixed Deposits / Bonds (all leading players) Mutual Funds (all leading players) BSE / NSE Trading (signed but not active) Commodities (signed but not active)Banks / NBFCsInsurance CompaniesInvestment Mgt Cos
  9. 9. Business Strength / USP Very Strong Online Financial Distribution Platform India’s First Financial Helpline Tie-Ups with Leaders in the Financial Services Industry Complete Product Portfolio (Banking, Insurance and Investments) High Scalability (Pan Country / International)
  10. 10. Web Statistics Alexa Traffic Ranking : 2720 (India) / 70298 (Global) Total number of pages : 23638Product Break UpContent(Web pages) LeadsPersonal Loan 12250 2700Home Loan 4800 1400Life Insurance 2723 100Auto Loan 256 500Gold Loan 243 900Education Loan 21 240Credit Cards 317 400Investments 1413 20Others 1615 NATotal 23638 6260
  11. 11. Competition Landscape Limited players with Manufacturer Tie-Ups All leading players with presence in the market over 5 yrs We have gained significant traffic leadership in last 6 months (from 30000 Indian Alexa)- New Premises / Increased Staff- High Quality Internet Marketing workPlayers  Services Alexa Traffic Ranking Approx Yrs in Business Retail Assets Insurance  Investments Global 6 27,783 7 + (Different portals)  37,337 8 + 20,400 5 67,649 5+ (Mkt Leader) 11,990 1.5 57,297 3450
  12. 12. Competition Landscape Each player leveraging single / multiple ways to get traffic Some competitors leveraging their basic portal with no differentiator in the market High Opportunity for increasing spend and leveraging each factor to gain market leadership  Whats Working ?Any DifferentiatorPlayersContent (Pages Indexed) SEOPaid Traffic - Internet Paid Traffic - 1,530,000     Online 20,400 217,000 231,000 11,030 TV Online 15100 Local Financial Helpline
  13. 13. What is SEO ?SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors the sitereceives from search engines. There are many aspectsto SEO, from the words on your page to the way othersites link to you on the web.Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure yoursite is structured in a way that search enginesunderstand.
  14. 14. Why SEO ?An important aspect of Search EngineOptimization is making your website easy forboth users and search engine robots tounderstand. Although search engines havebecome increasingly sophisticated, in manyways they still cant see and understand a webpage the same way a human does. SEO helpsthe engines figure out what each page isabout, and how it may be useful for users.
  15. 15. SEO – On Page•On-Page SEO Checklist:• Always start with keywordselection, research and testing• Meta Description tag• ALT tags• H1 tags• URL structure• Internal linking strategy• Content• Keyword density• Site maps, both XML and userfacing• Usability and accessibility• Track target keywords• Expect results in 6-12 monthsAvoid common on-page SEO mistakes such as:• Duplicate content• URL variants of the same pages• Off-site images and content on-site• Duplicate title tagsAvoid spammy SEO tactics such as:• Hidden text• Hidden links• Keyword repetition• Doorway pages• Mirror pages• Cloaking
  16. 16. SEO – Off PageOff-Page SEO Checklist:• Always start with keyword research, testing and selection• Use Keywords in link anchor text• Obtain links from high ranking publisher sites• One-way inbound links (not link exchange or reciprocal links)• Different keywords in your link-ads from the same site• Gradual link building technology (no growth spikes)• Use relevant keywords near your inbound link (contextualrelevance)• Deep linking (from multiple pages to multiple pages)• Target a large list of keywords (5-500+)• Link from sites with a variety of Link Ranks• Track all active keywords and refine strategy as required• Discontinue campaigns if ranking does not improve• Expect results in 1-2 months (Bing) 1-9 months (Google, Yahoo)
  17. 17. DAB SEO Team
  18. 18. Future of SEOInternet has grown, and today it has spread out to become a Mass-medium. Statisticssay;Total search spend has risen from $15.6 billion in 2006 to $44.5 billion in 2011. Thatsnearly triple the money in only five years.What fuelling the growth of SEO industry:• Increased use of search engines. (more sites - nearly twice as many people usesearch engines to navigate to web as those who use bookmarks)• Direct marketers are increasingly adopting SEO• Large brand advertisers are using SEO actively• Growth in the number of local search request.• Improvised technology allows companies to aim their advertising to specificaudience, who are really interested in their messages• Leaner and meaner Search Engines like Google are fast evolving and makingdemographic targeting and Geo targeting a solid reality.In India the internet users are growing every passing day, and so are the numbers ofbusinesses competing for these internet users attentions. So comparatively in IndiaSEO is still in nascent stages. Join the bandwagon right away to reap future benefits.
  19. 19. SEO – Career Opportunity !!I have already expounded on the ever changing nature of SEO. And for this reason youcan be certain that the SEO field wont look the same as today, 5-10 years down the lineOpportunities in this field are growing at a very fast pace. As more and more companiesare becoming aware of the crucial role SEO plays the number of agencies offering SEOservices is mushrooming fast.Larger companies are opting for in-house SEO, but the end result being the same, everywebsite is looking to procure SEO services for itself either internally or externallydepending on its resources and expertise.SEO has very bright future for you if you have great analytic skills, and you are dynamic.You need to keep up with the latest in the field, keep researching and be able to chiselout a mind-boggling strategy to beat your competitor, and have an edge over all others.
  20. 20. Thank You