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  1. 1. The outcome of work report, the project of conservation, development, maintenance and promotion of art, culture Identity. To AEC in 2014. Date 1-2 September 2014 At ubonratchathani Sports school and important Archaic places. Ubonratchathani Sports School.
  2. 2. Institute of physical Education. Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Preface The project of conservation, development, maintenance and promotion of art and culture identity to AEC has been held at Ubonratchathani Province Sports School. To improve the students, knowledge and perceive good character and image. They can spend free time in useful ways to conserve, develop, maintain and promote art and culture identity of Ubonratchathani province forever. On 1-2 September 2014 at Ubonratchathani province Sports School, aims to students who participate can improve virtue morality and values of satisfaction. In consciousness of conservation and development environment, work skill, enjoy working and be able to work with others in studying, self-development, be good physical and mental, health, love in art, to the guardians, community and society. Now the project has been completed, to Conclude the outcome of work to continue, planning and to improve and develop for better work in the future Board of Organizers September 2014 A
  3. 3. Contens Titles Page Preface A Contents B Source and Priority 1 Conclusion and Discussion the outcome (result) 3 Appendix 4 - Participations of activities Salty pineapple (Kem Buk nut) - Candle carving - Pottery Earthen wares - Weaving Karb Bua cloth - Julakratin (making yellow rob for Buddhist monks) B
  4. 4. 1 Source and Priority The act of National Education in B.E. 2542 has been assigned the Education Management to hold on the learners, art to study, to improve themselves. The learners must have the most priority in the education process in nature improvement with extremely ability, by full contents in text and full activities, must be in accord with their ability, concern of individual differcences. The process of skill must face with the situation, apply the knowledge for protection their lives, be able to solve the proldom, learn from nature and real experience. The skill must cover allthe quickly change of society. New technology has both good and bad way (positive and negative way ) to carry on our lives, in now a day is too much complicated. We have to change our lives to stand on present society with pride, value and happiness. The centralige curriculum of National Fundamental Education in (B.E.2551) has been submitted for local school to make frame to build local curriculum. For learning and teaching to improve children and youth with high quality of knowledge and skill which necessary for life in changing society, seeking self development forever. National Economic and Social Improvements No 10 (B.E.2550-2554) indicate that it is necessary to improve, develop quality of life. In Thai social, be moral, vitue and full knowledge in physical, mental, and good emotion. Be able to catch up with global knowledge in sustainable way. Learners must be sacrifice minded and basic knowledge to survive for ever. Many regulations in (B.E. 2547, B.E. 2542 and B.E. 2545) have been assigned the way, process to educate, the main point, we have to state with children in principle. National Education must change to catch up with new coming social. Along with Ministry of Education policy, people must be pride, valve and happiness, on sustainable sufficiency economic. Educated population can improve or develop sustainable economic for their lives. The main cause of studying management to promote, support the student to have improved the knowledge, to understand the community in Ubonratchathani Province. They must learn from real experience will organise learning activities indoor and outdoor. Aims to make students to be happy, good manner, able to continue studying and work in their career. Ubonratchathani Sports school has concerned about the importance of development, promote the identity the theme on conservation of culture and Thai local wisdom. They must do the useful and good deed to live together with other. Ubon I dentity will stay for stay forever with pride to new generation.
  5. 5. 2 Objective 1. To improve knowledge to students how important of local wisdom. 2. To set good character, image for students. 3. To improve their behavior to spend free-time in useful way. 4. To conserve, improve, maintain and promote art and culture, Identity of Ubonratchathani Province. 5. To spread the art and culture of Ubonratchathani forever. Advantages 1. Students have knowledge, value of local wisdom. 2. Students have good character and fine image. 3. Students spend their free time in useful way of art and culture. 4. To remain, inherit of Ubonratchathani art and culture.
  6. 6. 3 Conclusion and Discussion the outcome (result) With 91 questionairs we found out that : the most satisfication on context evaluation is atmosphere of environment on this project. Average 4.09 = 81.80 %. The second is suitable of project. Average 3.92 = 78.40 % total of project management average 3.92 = 78.36 % the range is great satisfied. From Input Evaluation the evaluatrrs satisfied with the most. Including the lectures or (specialists) are able to give us all the instruction of activities. From Process Evaluation the participants. Kem bug nut (salty pineappleis) the way to preserve food. Candle carving, pottery earthen wares, Junla Kratin (making yellow rob for Buddhist monks) all these activities have most satisfication at average 81.80. From product evaluation the participants have improved moral, virtue, social value-need, conscious in preservation and improved of environment. Be able to analyse, observe have vision and knowledge on curriculum.Enjoy studying and have good attitude on honest career. Love in art music, sport, responsible and sacrifice. The everage 4.61 = 92.20 % is most standard range.
  7. 7. 4 Appendix - Participations of activities Salty pineapple (Kem Buk nut) - Candle carving - Pottery Earthen wares - Weaving Karb Bua cloth - Julakratin (making yellow rob for Buddhist monks)
  8. 8. 5 Mr. Narongsak Kuruphan,Prinoipal of Ubonratchathani Sports school is taking a ploce as the leader for opening the Preserving, Developing and Supporting Identity and culture to ASEAN Community .
  9. 9. 6
  10. 10. 7 Participations of activities Salty pineapple (Kem Buk nut)
  11. 11. 8 Ingredient of Fermented pineapple
  12. 12. 9 Beginning Students are slioing fish in pieces The seniors are helping the youngers to peel the pineapple
  13. 13. 10 M.1 students are slicing fish, intentionally M.1 students are chopping pineapple in to small pieces
  14. 14. 11 Instructor are guiding how to mix the ingredient
  15. 15. 12
  16. 16. 13
  17. 17. 14
  18. 18. 15
  19. 19. 16 Candle carving
  20. 20. 17 The Great candle Candle carving project
  21. 21. 18 opening the Preserving, Developing and Supporting Identity and culture to ASEAN Community . Sutdents participate on Carving Method
  22. 22. 19 Students are igniting for wax boiling
  23. 23. 20 Wax boiling container Students are peparing Wax boiling container
  24. 24. 21 Students are peparing the Wax boiling container Instructor is showing wax boiling method
  25. 25. 22 Sticking condle print
  26. 26. 23 Instructor is teaching how to boil the wax Wax boiling method
  27. 27. 24 Students and teachers are boiling the Wax
  28. 28. 25 Pouring the wax to the mould
  29. 29. 26 The instructor is showing how to pour the wax in to the mould Pouring boiled wax in to the mould
  30. 30. 27 Testing mould from enviroment
  31. 31. 28
  32. 32. 29 Students are learning printing
  33. 33. 30 Students and teachers learning printing from Rocky printing
  34. 34. 31 Monk is teaching carving print method
  35. 35. 32 Rocky print printing
  36. 36. 33 Candle Carving
  37. 37. 34 Print Carving
  38. 38. 35
  39. 39. 36
  40. 40. 37
  41. 41. 38
  42. 42. 39
  43. 43. 40
  44. 44. 41
  45. 45. 42 Pottery Earthen wares
  46. 46. 43
  47. 47. 44 2-3 day composted soil is prepared for threshing
  48. 48. 45 Forming soil step
  49. 49. 46 Formed soil
  50. 50. 47 Forming the mortar
  51. 51. 48
  52. 52. 49
  53. 53. 50
  54. 54. 51
  55. 55. 52 Student success
  56. 56. 53
  57. 57. 54 Preparing putting products in to the brickkin
  58. 58. 55 brickkin
  59. 59. 56
  60. 60. 57 Weaving Karb Bua cloth
  61. 61. 58
  62. 62. 59
  63. 63. 60
  64. 64. 61
  65. 65. 62
  66. 66. 63
  67. 67. 64 Julakratin (making yellow rob for Buddhist monks)
  68. 68. 65
  69. 69. 66
  70. 70. 67
  71. 71. 68
  72. 72. 69
  73. 73. 70 Operations Committee Steering committee 1. Mr. Narongsak Kuruphan president of Steering committee 2. Mr. Supakit Chantree committee 3. Sgt. Botchan Phanyak committee 4. Msgt. Supit Chantasit committee 5. Ms. Ratchaneewan Santawong committee and secretary Operations Committee 1. Ms. Ratchaneewan Santawong president of Operations 2. Mr. Supakit Chantree committee 3. Mr. Swing Nor-kaew committee 4. Miss. Rawiwan Chanthorn committee 5. Miss. Yeowalak Silata committee 6. Mr. Satsawat Kantapha committee 7. Mr. Phaphan Thongsuk committee 8. Mr. Weeraphong Chaiyaphan committee 9. Miss. Jaruwan Jantathorn committee 10. Miss Preeyanut Monthanoy committee 11. Miss Jariya Promsrimai committee 12. Miss Uraiphorn Promsrimai committee 13. Miss Phaksuda Sutaphuk committee 14. Miss Porngkhan Krorngyut committee 15. Mr. Prawit Aomkaew committee 16. Mr. Sumit Chuenta committee 17. Ms. Lakkhana Aomkaew committee 18. Miss Patchimanon Meephathet committee 19. Mr. Natee Sopha committee 20. Mr. Pitipong Muangsong committee 21. Miss Sureerat Kuruphan committee 22. Miss Chompunut Wannaphan committee 23. Miss Petapaphorn Naponngam committee 24. Miss Phayong Kunsing committee
  74. 74. 71 25. Miss Nonglak Darachu committee 26. Mr. Supparat Moon-to committee 27. Mr. Pongsakorn Mitsida committee 28. Miss. Rungtiwa Un-ar-mart committee 29. Miss. Kantinan Sochaiyant committee 30. Mr. Bulakorn Kongka committee 31. Miss. Surattikarn Janprakon committee 32. Mr. Koyong Silachai committee 33. Miss. Lamduan Saikum committee 34. Miss. Waraporn Kaowiset committee 35. Mr. kritsakorn Pratchayapibarn committee 36. Mr. Poowanai Jantama committee 37. Mr. Suwit Kaewbuaken committee 38. Mr. Sangworn Mor-ya committee 39. Miss. Chanidapa Pilachan committee 40. Mr. Jirat Suwannarin committee 41. Miss. Kamolchanok Pradabjan committee 42. Miss. Sunisa Konthon committee 43. Miss Kingkaew Pratan committee 44. Miss. Hataichanok Dermpan committee 45. Miss. Laddawan Chasen committee 46. Miss. Apinya Petpong committee 47. Miss. Benjamas Ngarm-panya committee 48. Mr. Songdet Somrak committee 49. Miss. Tanawadee Benmart committee 50. Miss. Maneerat Thong-su committee 51. Miss. Sasiprapa Thong-utum committee 52. Miss. Apinya Yonsook committee 53. Miss. Jutamas Janjeang committee 54. Miss. Somruedee Tan-si committee 55. Miss. Panjaporn Pratom-nam committee 56. Miss. Penprepa Sompong committee 57. Mr. Winai Prachoomdeang committee and secretary 58. Miss. Duangjai Phadungsamai committee and sub secretary