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Elaine Tindill-Rohr DIY Zombie


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basic zombie

Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Elaine Tindill-Rohr DIY Zombie

  1. 1. Do it yourself ZOMBIEElaine Tindill-Rohr
  2. 2. Why? Why Zombies? Why does a zombie look the way it does? How do you recreate that look?
  3. 3. Safety first
  4. 4. Use Makeup!Crème or GreasepaintWaterbased and Powders
  5. 5. Tools Sponges Makeup Brushes Paper Towels Powder Puffs
  6. 6. Bases
  7. 7. Shading
  8. 8. Additional Shading
  9. 9. Details
  10. 10. Set the base
  12. 12. Some things just need a littleBLOODFake blood pros and consOr make your own Photography by Phil Brown
  13. 13. CostumingWhats your zombie character?Old clothes
  14. 14. Zombies! Photography by Phil Brown