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Production schedule and call sheets3


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Production schedule and call sheets3

  1. 1. Production Schedule and Call Sheets By Megan Robinson and Paige Ward
  2. 2. Date:Thursday 28th FebruaryStart time:1:00pm-3:30pmLocation address:Eccles Campus, Salford City College.
  3. 3. Contact InformationName of crew member: Megan RobinsonPhone number: 07515894958Email: megrobbo1995@gmail.comJob role: Cameraman
  4. 4. Contact InformationName of crew member: Paige WardPhone number: 07544392164Email: Paigeward96@gmail.comJob role: Director
  5. 5. Contact InformationName of crew member: Michael GreentreePhone number: (doesn’t use his phone)Email: role: Production runner and Producer
  6. 6. Schedule of the dayScenes being Script pages Address of the Safety Notes Transportshot being shot location for the day (0.16-0.31) 2 Classroom and N/A front of the college. (0.32-0.47) 3 Classroom N/A (0.48-1.03) 4 Classroom N/A (1.04-1.19) 5 Classroom N/A Only for 5 seconds.
  7. 7. Planned Table Scenes being shotScenes being shot 9am 10am 11am 12pm Tuesday • N/A • N/A • N/A • Medium shot: Jamie and her friends are putting 26/2/13 their makeup on and doing each other’s hair. • Medium shot: Olly and his mates are crossing a street with cars coming past. • a close-up of Olly walking across the road singing but from all the different angles. Wednesday • N/A • Extreme close-up: • Medium Shot: Olly • Medium-Long shot: Start introducing Olly walking past Salford Filming sections of the 27/2/13 walking down the street Quays. buildings on the way there with his mates. • Medium-Long Full body . • Video some parts of the shot: They are still • Medium Shot: Olly was sections where they are walking by Salford Quays singing while walking with walking to before seeing and Olly is messing around his mates. Olly’s face. by dancing in a funny • Pans Medium-Close Shot fashion (Gangnam Style). while panning: Olly steps • Low angle: Filming up the steps into a shop. sections of the buildings • Long shot: They went for on the way there. lunch, and then they went around to shops. • Close-up: When they came out with their shopping bags. (Just close-up of shopping bags.) Thursday • N/A • N/A • N/A • N/A 28/2/13
  8. 8. Scenes being shot 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm Tuesday • Long shot: Jamie and • Close up and high • Hand-held shots: Jamie • Medium shot: Jamie’s • N/A 26/2/13 her mates are putting angle: Jamie looking and her friends came mum is telling Jamie’s their dresses on and out of her window. downstairs very dad that she’s not in looking in the mirror • Long shot: Olly looking quietly. her room. looking happy . up and saw Jamie. • They sneak out of the • Low angle: Olly and his back door. mates are stood • Long shot: All of them outside Jamies house. started running and • Olly starts to find some messing around. stones and starts throwing them at Jamie’s window. Wednesday • Long shot: They are • Medium shot: They • Long shot: Their mates • Extreme close up: • N/A walking into the are crossing a street dancing with each Olly’s lip saying, ‘I 27/2/13 other. Barbers. with cars coming love you’. • close-up of Olly and • Close-up: Their past and a • Close-up: Jamie’s Jamie dancing. faces coming out of • Close-up: Olly face. • Long Shot: Jamie’s the Barbers. walking across the father went to the • Close-up: Jamie’s • Multiple-shots: road singing but prom. dad’s face. When they are from all the different • Went black for a while • Dolly shots: So he let angles. for two seconds then her go. He can see showing each other went back to prom Jamie is happy she what they bought scene, after it all had then ran up to Olly. outside the shop. happened. • Long shot: All of them dancing together. Thursday • (0.16-0.31) Medium • (0.16-0.31) • (0.48-1.03) N/A N/A 28/2/13 shot outside of Mixed shots which includes Close-up of both Eccles college the close-ups, medium shots Jamie and Olly, who teacher walks up to and full shots. Jamie and are still sat Olly, Jamie and her Olly are sat in the college separately in the parents. in a classroom. They’re classroom inside of • Medium shot The both sat separately. the college. They’re teacher talking to • Olly and Jamie start still pulling faces at Jamie and Olly telling pulling faces at each each other them to go inside of other. Close up of both • (1.04-1.19) the college. of their faces. Close-up of both • Medium shot The • (0.32-0.47) Jamie and Olly, who teacher talking to Camera zooms in on are still sat Jamie’s dad trying to the classroom white separately in the calm him down at board. The white board classroom inside of the front of the says ‘5 hours earlier…’ the college. They’re college. still pulling faces at each other
  9. 9. Planned Table Scenes being shotTime Scene: shots being shot Location (Inside or Outside) (description) 9am N/A N/A 10am N/A N/A 11am N/A N/A 12pm N/A N/A 1pm (0.16-0.31) Outside and (medium-shot) The teacher walks up to Inside Olly, Jamie and her parents. She sends Olly and Jamie to the classroom, she stays outside talking to Jamies dad.
  10. 10. Time Scene: shots being shot Location (Inside or Outside) (description) 2pm (0.16-0.31) Inside (Mixed shots of Close-ups, medium and full shots) Jamie and Olly are sat separately in the classroom pulling faces at each other. (0.32-0.47) (Camera zooms in) The classroom white board which says ‘5 hours earlier…’ 3pm (0.48-1.03) Inside (Close- up) Jamie and Olly still sat separately in the classroom pulling faces at each other. (1.04-1.19) (Close- up) Jamie and Olly still sat separately in the classroom pulling faces at each other. 4pm N/A N/A 5pm N/A N/A